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  1. First off is the Arizona Cardinals. I was born in Arizona, and I loved football growing up, so I naturally gravitated towards the Cardinals. Football is my favorite sport and the Cardinals are my team. I literally bleed my team's colors. First and foremost, I am a Cardinals fan. Secondary to them is the Phoenix Suns. I didn't follow basketball very closely until about two years ago, but I remember early on in high school for me was when the Suns were in that last championship push with Nash, Stoudemire, and Grant Hill. They're obviously not as exciting as then, but Steve Nash is my all time favorite athlete in any sport and I have a buddy who helps out with the team's training camp every year, so my love for them persists. Next is college football, where I love the Bayou Bengals. Geaux Tigers! My father is from Louisiana, and I have a lot of family out there - who've even got me on the field at Death Valley (not during the season, unfortunately) I even have a Fleur de lis tattooed on my forearm, but that's because of the family ties. The number of times I've been asked if I'm a Saints fan is getting out of hand by now. I'm sort of obligated to root for UNM sports teams, being from New Mexico. It's the university I most recently attended and I went to high school with a couple guys on the football, basketball, and track teams. The basketball is pretty big locally, the atmosphere at the Pit is great, and I enjoy going to those games, but I don't love love the basketball (or college basketball in general really) The football team is generally garbage as well, though trending - slightly - up recently. It's more of an obligation, really. I'm more of a casual baseball fan. I watch the World Series and that's about it. That being said, I'm a Diamondbacks fan. I went to my first game this year, a 1-0 loss to Pittsburgh but I really enjoyed the experience. I left that game with two new hats, and I'm not a hat person. Hockey I know nothing about. I guess by default it would go the Coyotes because I love me some AZ. But I just recently moved to California, just north of Anaheim. One of the friends I made out here is a HUGE Kings fan, and hates the Ducks more than I hate Alabama or the Seahawks. He's already bought me Kings merch, and is trying to get me to go to a game, so I suppose that if I do ever start following hockey, I'll start rooting for the Kings because of this guy. TL;DR Cardinals first. Everything else second.
  2. This isn't just "He has a new team, so it's wrong." I don't know if it's me or not, but doesn't something just look...off about Sam Bradford in this Eagles uni? The sleeves look too big, the helmet looks too big, and the jersey looks too baggy. I don't know how to explain it, because he had a kind of big helmet and did the baggy sleeves in St Louis, but it didn't look this...off. For comparison's sake, here he is in St Louis. He still has the baggy sleeves, but he actually looks like he fits in his uniform. Or one better, here he is back in college. He looks great here, like a quarterback, not like a little kid in large pads.
  3. I really like the Oilers influence on the Titans, and they do look especially good without red, and with the number font. I think I would add navy pants for the powder and white jerseys; I'm a big fan of thier current powder jerseys with the navy pants. Houston's helmet looks great with the red mask but I'm not 100% sold on the contrasting colors on the stripes. Also, Jacksonville is a little out there but I understand that's the look you were going for, and I love that the helmet is not two toned.
  4. Caron Butler was traded from the Clippers to the Suns in the deal that sent JJ Reddick to the Clips and Eric Bledsoe to Phoenix. Soon after that, the Suns released their new uniforms and Butler was part of the group that released them. Less then a month later, Butler was traded to Milwaukee. He never played a game for Phoenix.
  5. Personally, I don't have any problem with the MLB font you have now, but I think if you were going to choose a different font to go with it, I'd probably pick D, so it gets the serif but is not bold, to better match the wordmark. But good work on Cali, it does look better with the lightened cream, and the cap is very well done.
  6. I'm really liking the color scheme you have here, but I'm not 100% sold on the yellow home alternate. However, I absolutely love the dark grey alternate (the first option you have there is my favorite) I really like how you worked the stripes on both sets, but I do think they might look better if the pattern on the bottom of the shorts wasn't wider than the stripe itself. But excellent work here, miles better than what they currently wear.
  7. Sandwiched between his stints for the Rams and the Cardinals, Kurt Warner played for one year for the Giants, during Eli's rookie year.
  8. Great job on New York! The logo is really strong and I love the color scheme! Really no complaints here. And just out of curiosity, what architectural firm designed GNB Stadium? Was it Swedish firm Sven?
  9. I'm not quite sure how unpopular this is going to be, but the general consensus seems to be the Jacksonville Jaguars redesign went well with the exception of the two toned helmet. It is my opinion that, with the exception of the logo, the redesign was a complete downgrade of what they had before. I do not like anything about their new uniforms. Sometimes a look will grow on me over time (Tampa Bay and even Cleveland's new looks don't bother me as much as they did when I initially saw them) but that has never clicked with Jacksonville. I actually really liked the uniforms Reebok did for them before Nike got their hands on the NFL. The piping on the sides is weird, but I didn't hate it. In fact, their black alternates are one of my favorite looks!
  10. Interesting to see that. Do you know off chance how long they've owned it? I didn't look into it any, but perhaps I could say a lawsuit was filed and the two sides reached a settlement of some kind To my knowledge they've always owned it. I don't know how the symbol got its use on the state flag but I think they were a part of that discussion. And actually I just read recently that the Eastern New Mexico University women's volleyball team was called the Zias and used the Zia symbol as their logo up until a few years ago and dropped the logo and the name out of respect to the tribe. As far as I know that's the last sports team to use that. And maybe you could do that! I think it also might be interesting if you said the tribe was a part of management/ownership. That could create a really interesting local tie.
  11. Regarding the cap logo, it is very very cool to see that logo on it! I am also a native New Mexican and I would absolutely love to see that logo on some of the local teams here. The issue is that the Zia Pueblo owns the symbol, which is why it's not currently in use by any teams - college, minors, etc. But I love the symbol, and I always wanted to see it on a football helmet, or a baseball hat. So seeing it here is thrilling, the look exceeded my hopes for it. Besides that, the color scheme is fantastic, the field is excellent, and the presentation is wonderful. No complaints here, keep up the good work!
  12. It's amazing how much small tweaks like that can improve a look. This is a lot better than what the Bucs currently wear, and I actually don't even mind that you kept the chrome mask. The numbers are obviously a huge improvement, and I think the creamsicle works surprisingly well with pewter in the alternate set. I like the set with the pirate ship much more than the set with the stripes (which I like more than their current unis) The only thing I'm not 100% buying is the pants stripe. I can't quite put my finger on it - possible the bold, black outline - but it doesn't quite fit, to me. That being said, I can definitely see why you did what you did, and I can get behind it. Keep up the good work.
  13. I love the retro feel to the Saints. The shield on the shoulders especially is a nice touch. I've never been a fan of their black pants, however. That being said, the gold stripe improves them a lot.
  14. As a Cardinals fan, none taken. I actually tend to 'forget' any QB we've ever had that's not named Plummer, Warner, or Palmer. Most of what I see wrong in these are minor and because, as you say, you are learning the software. But I won't get into that as I am inexperienced with it myself. From a design standpoint, these are solid starts. I'm not sure what you're trying to do with the pants for the Cardinals; they don't match anything else on the uniform and don't really fit on the pants either. I think with some tweaking, they could have a feather-y appearance which could potentially add something unique to the identity. I would get rid of the helmet stripe entirely, however. They added a stripe to the quarterbacks' helmets (so they could better see which way they were looking on film) but I didn't think they looked good because the logo actually wraps pretty far around the helmet, and wound up almost in contact with the stripe. It looked cluttered to me and I wasn't a fan. Also, why did you change the number font? I like what you changed it to, I'm just curious. The 49ers are solid, it's a good clean look that is consistent and fits the team well. Same for the Seahawks, I also like their new look, and your tweak on the shoulders makes the look better. I would just remove the weird feather pattern thing on the helmet, pants, and numbers. The helmet stripe on the top doesn't appear on the back of your template also. The socks for all three teams have the same design though, and it only really fits the 49ers. The Cardinals and Seahawks need different socks. Solid start though. Good work so far.
  15. If the uniforms the Suns currently wear were half as good as these, I'd be thrilled. Huge improvement on almost every level. That court especially is a thing of beauty.
  16. "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

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