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  1. Have you looked at my list? You are one of the newest requests, I have to get all of the older requests completed first. Sorry for being impatient there.... That being said, all of these are great. You really do great work.
  2. Disagree. I actually loved the simplistic look of the Franchise Set (as I like to call them). The new sets piping just looks awful, and the pinstripes do not work with the font they chose.
  3. Hmm... the top half (Up to around the eye), on the 2nd one looks better to me, but I like bottom part of the 1st one more.... that seperation just allows the logo to flow more, but the top part of the 1st looks cooler.
  4. It's a bit too crazy for the Pistons, IMO. The look is nice, but it's kinda over the top.... but that 2nd alternate is a beaut.
  5. Gonna admit something here: Why the use of a cursive script for Omaha? I feel it doesn't work.... I'd much rather a sharp font for the Cyclones. Alas, the logo and hats are perfect. But the font.... it's a miss for me.
  6. How much longer till mine's done? If you need any help with any of the pieces, I can find some.
  7. I'd keep the black cuffs on the Canes Home jersey. Looks better that way, and would look better with the pants IMO. That Beej set..... I want to like it, but alas, the pantom yoke. It just does not work here, sadly. Plus, I think the red pants don't work with this set.
  8. Tampa used a lighter blue in the past called Hawaiian Blue.
  9. Wow.... this.... this is just utterly beautiful. I love the vast majotiy of the designs..... you really went and hit the nail on the head with most of these. I love that Soncis set the most, though. Hoops and soccer just works in my eyes. But seriously, you plan on doing more? Afterward, I'd suggest doing the D-League for the fun of it.
  10. I'm liking B as well, but I feel the orange should be lightened up just a tiny bit.
  11. Kings: Love everything except the logo used. It looks off with everything else too. Canucks: Hot Damn!!! That is utterly beautiful.
  12. I think it's just goregous.........
  13. I just hope we see the Maroon jerseys used. I'm indifferent about the navy ones. It's out of left field, but they actually look really nice besides that.
  14. Can I see the bottom one with the script on it instead? I like the look of the bottom one more, but I love the scirpt myself.... it just looks better and differenciates itself with the Home and the Away.