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  1. I strongly agree. Why is it so hard for USM to just get clean, modern-throwback style uniforms that would last for a decade. This is now 3 uniform overhauls I’m a row that have been terrible.
  2. Can't wait to see the Vikings. Would love your take on a black or gold alternate.
  3. The Vikings Look Fantastic! So wish the Black could have been our color rush. Thank you sir!
  4. I haven’t commented on here in a long time, but for this thread, I had to. So far these have been damn near perfect. I have a request when you get around to doing the Vikings. Please try to incorporate a yellow or black alternate if possible, hell, both would be a bonus. A lot of people are like “no, black isn’t a Vikings color” but we added a black face mask when we redesigned our uniforms, so it would match the helmet. And half of our players wear black sleeves and accessories. If done properly, which you definitely have the ability to do, it could be amazing.