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  1. I will probably leave my DMs open for a few weeks and check periodically, and then I may just set the account to pr…

  2. I'm sorry I'm trying to remove it* - - - - *my account

  3. Mayonnaise is the best pizza topping

  4. If my contact name in your phone isn't Lou Easy, then desafortunadamente no

  5. Re tweet me, while you sill can

  6. @yerpalmildsauce Ok

  7. Freedom looms, on the horizon, which nears

  8. @bromanconsul Better than mashed potatoes

  9. @clit__romney Permission to unfollow

  10. If you have a gun, please destroy me

  11. Add me to your group DM so I can link every tweet I've ever written that starts with "Add me to your group DM" back…

  12. @ascendingcarl You have now entered stand up comedy twitter. You live here now

  13. Part II

  14. @adiablo20 That makes one of us

  15. @dansmellyoul8r

  16. I'm very tired, but in a good way. Thinking about deleting this account soon

  17. Today I told someone "I'm just spitballing here" and their response was "It's your job to spitball"

  18. Ever have pizza so good you have to shower afterwards? My life is a soon-to-be-over sojourn

  19. I feel like Anakin in Revenge of the Sith right when Palpatine reveals himself as the Sith Lord

  20. @markhoppus Pass away

  21. *tries to throw a grenade to the opposing side but it just recoils off the back of the backboard, killing me*

  22. *waking up, hungover-like* I was the one who started the clapping

  23. I can now with confidence say that I am from Boston