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  1. i like, not quite a streetwear logo
  2. Texans vs. Patriots will be interesting... Red vs Columbia Blue?
  3. I think the Lions will go with either a new blue as an alternate, or a silver. Whichever isn't their new alt will probe be their color rush
  4. I do like how it is more streamlined, but I do not like how quotes are simply indented.
  5. What if they go with gold chrome horns on the helmet to represent award-winning celebrities? This is a good point. I didn't chrome was an option before, but now I absolutely do. If they go futuristic, they are gonna go chrome
  6. The Los Angeles Coliseum. If the Chargers come nobody knows where they would play because it cannot be the LA Coliseum who said only one team temporarily, Rose Bowl, Dodger Stadium, Angels Stadium, Stub Hub Centre, all said no. So at the present moment that's the big mystery should the Chargers decide to pick up and move before 2016 season. I like the wordmark in 1994 http://content.sportslogos.net/logos/7/188/full/grfbe07kghepvedhhyr2.gif I don't believe that is true. I believe it was John Clayton who reported on ESPN Radio that USC had agreed to let 2 NFL teams play there next season if needed. Yeah, I've not heard that the Coliseum won't be open to two teams. The Rose Bowl is never going to allow a pro team to play there again, and is far too small and old for the NFL, save for the occasional Super Bowl. There's really no other viable venue right now other than the Coliseum, and it can temporarily fulfill two pro teams. The Rose Bowl is too small? It holds 92,000 people which would be the highest fixed seating capacity in the NFL. As far as age the Coliseum opened only after the Rose Bowl. So it is just as adequate if not more than the coliseum; However, for the reasons the Rose Bowl would not accept an NFL franchise is unknown to me. The Rose Bowl can simply not keep up with the demands of a high amount of fans 8 games a year. The town of Pasadena, if they have any say, will not allow an NFL team to play 8 home games a year. Also, I'm pretty sure the neighborhood the Rose Bowl is in only allows a certain amount of games at the stadium
  7. I want one of these teams to change one color. At least so they have unique brands
  8. I feel Like the Rams and Chargers, if they move, will brighten the colors up
  9. It has. And im aware of it. I mentioned it in the first post. I'll post a link to the original. Its the exact same. I just wanted to show my opinion on things. Ok, go on
  10. Patriots in silver could be decent
  11. Ravens wearing gold pants, possibly a preview for next year's color rush
  12. For the record, they actually did wear Oilers throwbacks for a couple games in 2009. If my memory serves me correct, didn't the Titans dress as Oilers vs the Jets dressed as Titans? Yup. God that Oilers set is a thing of beauty. I think this was 2009 but I also know the Titans wore the columbia blue throwbacks as well. I do not think they wore both versions during the same season though. 2009. They were allowed to wear two throwbacks as part of the 50th anniversary of the AFL
  13. The Panthers just wore their normal blue jersey, which of course is as readily available as the black ones. However, the Panthers have only worn one uniform their entire history, so they had nothing to base a fauxback off of. I guess the test will be the Bronocs and Bengals, who could both introduce orange pants to be worn with existing jerseys. The Titans used an existing jersey and pants. Were the Columbia Blue socks new? The only thing special about the event was that particular combination. Pretty sure that, aside from Color rush, they won't wear these anymore.
  14. Not really. Might of already been covered but look at Atlanta. The Gold of the Saints and the Blue of the Titans meet right over the dome. No red or black at all to speak of... They used to have gold in their color scheme, right?
  15. On the initial marketing, there was a map that showed colored regions. Wondering if the region's unis possibly are related to the color. EX: Carolina was colored in Light Blue
  16. Was wondering what you guys thought which jerseys certain teams will wear. Packers in yellow? Bears in orange? Raiders in Mono- Black? would love to hear what you guys speculate
  17. According to a website cited by Uni-watch, Diamondbacks are getting new uniforms next year http://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/heat-index/2015/11/06/diamondbacks-set-unveil-new-uniforms-2016/75229662/
  18. even ESPN uses the old logo... no one cars enough
  19. I like the celtics GFGS because it is breaking the tradition that so may of you value
  20. If you're on a mobile device like I am, simply copy the url of the photo and paste it in betweenFor example, _https://sullybaseball.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/sh-tycobb.jpg_ becomes (Take out the underscores) thx but I'm on a mac
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