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  1. Kansas City was planning on doing this a few years ago. In fact the baseball stadium in yourr picture looks very close to Kauffman.
  2. I like an eight team playoff only because it is easier to distinguish between 8-9 than it is for #'s 4-5.
  3. Kemper was my thought too but it looks like it will be getting redeveloped into an amateur sports hub. Im not sure how that will affect the ability to host minor league hockey. https://www.google.com/amp/s/kansascity.relaymedia.com/amp/news/local/article101135212.html?client=ms-android-verizon
  4. If this AHL expansion team is to play in the Sprint Center that would be a huge suprise to me. For the last 10 years all that I have heard is that the Sprint Center was profitable enough without a NHL or NBA team taking up 41+ dates so they didnt want a team. Now they are gonna let an AHL team in?
  5. I really really hope those are just fashion jerseys. I prefer the powder blue to stay on the alternate jersey (which I want them to wear on the road with matching pants). I cant even really give a good explanation as to why I dont like this. I just dont. All I would like to see them do to differentiate from LA would be to go back to thick cuff stripes like they had in 85.
  6. For only the 2nd time in 28 years K-State is wearing a different helmet design. White shell with a grey camo pattern. Purple powercat and 2 purple stripes with a grey facemask. Also Oklahoma State going Orange-White-Black
  7. Great move by FOX to just have the sound from the stadium singing"Go Cubs Go". That was awesome to hear!
  8. KC wont get a NBA or NHL team for two reasons. No viable owner and the Sprint Center is already a very profitable arena without a NBA or NHL team taking up 41+ dates.
  9. Very disapointed in the Patriots jersey here. It will be awful with silver helmets as well. Was really hoping that they would introduce a red jersey that is basically just a recolor of their main set.
  10. Awful new AS Roma third kit. The shorts and socks are that yellowish color near the bottom of the jersey.
  11. Wow they did manage to make their helmets worse again....btw what was up with Ohio's pants "stripe". How long have they had that?
  12. I will agree that they never should have worn it in the first place but that doesnt mean that it is bad by default.
  13. I get that almost all people hated black for the Royals but it has never really bothered me. None of those uniforms using black look bad to me. I actually kinda like them. I love the vest/colered sleeve look for KC as well.
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