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  1. 3 hours ago, charger77 said:

    There was talk years back about building separate venues for the Tigers and Lions next to each other in Pontiac with a shared roof.


    Image result for tigers lions pontiac concept concepts

    Image result for tigers lions pontiac concept concepts

    Kansas City was planning on doing this a few years ago. In fact the baseball stadium in yourr picture looks very close to Kauffman.

  2. 3 hours ago, jp1409 said:

    Anyone with insider info can confirm that these are only fashion jerseys?



    I really really hope those are just fashion jerseys. I prefer the powder blue to stay on the alternate jersey (which I want them to wear on the road with matching pants). I cant even really give a good explanation as to why I dont like this. I just dont. All I would like to see them do to differentiate from LA would be to go back to thick cuff stripes like they had in 85.

  3. 13 hours ago, Dolphins Dynasty said:


    I could see one of these cities being a viable option as I think the state of Missouri can support at least one NBA franchise. People in Kansas City wouldn't have to travel out of state to see Thunder games and I don't think St. Louisans would want to support a Chicago team.

    KC wont get a NBA or NHL team for two reasons. No viable owner and the Sprint Center is already a very profitable arena without a NBA or NHL team taking up 41+ dates.

  4. 6 hours ago, VikWings said:

    The black looked awful on the whites. But didn't mind it on the road or the black alt. But the Royals should've never been wearing black to begin with.

    I will agree that they never should have worn it in the first place but that doesnt mean that it is bad by default.

  5. 5 hours ago, Seadragon76 said:

    It's the best move. Having the semifinal games on a Saturday just makes sense...


    Anyhow, I guess it's time to throw out a few thoughts of my own...


    -This season might have the best opening week of games to date. The first week brings us these games...

     -Oklahoma at Houston (They treat this game as a neutral site game, but come on... you know that crowd is going to be pro-Houston)

     -LSU vs. Wisconsin at Green Bay

     -UCLA at Texas A&M

     -Georgia vs. North Carolina at Atlanta

     -USC vs. Alabama at Arlington

     -Clemson at Auburn

     -Arizona vs. BYU at Phoenix

     -Notre Dame at Texas

     -Ole Miss vs. Florida State at Orlando


    You can't tell me that slate of games doesn't get you excited for the season.


    -Who will be this year's Houston among the Group of 5? It might be Houston once again, but I wouldn't count out Boise State or even Appalachian State.

    A little off topic but it is really sad to see that only 3 of those games are at on campus stadiums. It makes the atmosphere so much better.

  6. I still dont want the Big XII to expand. Nobody they could add would make the conference better money wise. I also think it would be just fine if they stuck with 10 teams and a championship game. Althlugh I dont like the championship game either since it could harm a teams chances just as much as it could help them. Although if the conference blew up i could see KU in the Big XII and K-State in the AAC. Which I would be happy with so whatever...

  7. 48 minutes ago, ShinyHubCaps said:

    I'm actually quite bummed that Houston got rid of Tal's Hill.  The little variation that exists in MLB today is just that -- too little.  Why does every CF fence have to be 399 or 400 feet?  I'd love to see one field out of 30 that's like 425 feet or farther, like the old Polo Grounds (which was 483 feet to center and between 260-275 down to the fair poles in either RF or LF, respectively).  Unique stadiums is part of the charm in baseball.


    Other sports could take a hint.  I really don't think results would change that much... for example, even if one soccer field is larger than the next, the goals are the same size and the rules are the same, so aren't goals scored in the same frequency?  And as long as you can't change the dimensions on a whim, it'd be cool.  If a poor-passing NFL team suddenly gets an accurate QB and can make the sidelines wider the same season, that wouldn't be fair.

    Im with you on the hill part. Although I was happy to see the flagpole go.

  8. 20/20 vision in hindsight but anyways. The Royals chose  Bubba Starling over George Springer in 2011. Also took Luke Hochevar first in 2006 and the Giants found Tim Lincecum about 10 picks later.

  9. AS Roma. I know it is just another template fill (really hope they quit this crap next year) but it really does not look bad. I especially like the yellow shoulders on the home. Sorry for the crappy quality.