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  1. Wow thats an amazing crest! Love how the trunk forms the C
  2. Yeah I don't like this. I can't wait until a 0 or 1 loss team looses to a 3-4 loss team and we're left out of the playoffs...
  3. I love the throwback you did. Nice use of the helmet logo. I don't like the update of the primary though. I've never seen anyone update it well. The current version is too good to me.
  4. For championship games I'd reverse Super Bowl XLII-Pat's get the 19-0 Season! 2014 World Series Gane 7-So close.... 2003 NCAA MBB Championship Game-Roy actually gets one at KU
  5. If I could trade some of KU's conference championships for 2-3 more national championships for 7-8 total I would do it in a heartbeat. I'm starting to feel as if KU basketball is like the 90s Braves.
  6. Ice_Cap pretty much took the words out of my mouth there. I will say that this is the best they have ever looked with the original set being a close second.
  7. I would be fine with it but what about the players who don't wear compression sleeves?
  8. Thanks. That makes a lot of sense. And just to be clear all 6 of them were good. Maybe it could be because I don't have a truly bad one to compare it with like Tropicana.
  9. Honest question here. Who are they building them for then? I don't understand.
  10. So far I have been to 6 MLB parks. Kauffman, Fenway, Coors, Miller, Chase, and Safeco. To be honest I really felt no difference. When I go to a game I go to watch baseball. The atmosphere really has little affect on me. And what little it does that's more the crowd than the park. The stadiums are nice to look at but it never has really affected me.
  11. Was just about to post this. Great Example! It also helps that they change it with each jersey so it never really looks that out of place.
  12. 2015 Kansas City Royals: Keep the Line Moving
  13. Here is the Kansas schools minus Pittsburg State which was mentioned in an earlier post. Newman Jets (Wichita, KS) Washburn Ichabods and Lady Blues (Topeka, KS) Emporia State Hornets and Lady Hornets (Emporia, KS) Fort Hays State Tigers (Hays, KS) I love that Kansas doesnt do something stupid like University of Kansas at Emporia, Hays, Wichita, ect. It bugs me to see athletic identities like that.
  14. They have before. Last year they did them for the 30th anniversary of the world series champions.
  15. I do think Calgary's new black helmet is better than the one last year. Still not good but better. And I really hope Hamilton still has the yellow pants and just aren't showing them.
  16. That sounds good and all but it will never work unless everyone is forced to wear sleeved undershirts. I remember last year Boston College had a really great design for the ND game but the stripes were on the undershirt. In the actual game I barely saw anyone wearing am undershirt that had the sleeves thus removing what was in my opinion the best part of the uniform.
  17. Really adidas? You cant even make the stripes go all the way around on retail jerseys?
  18. I guess id say Calgary is an upgrade. The pants and black helmet suck but it could be worse. I actually really liked Edmonton's previous set and to me this is a total downgrade. Hamilton got worse also. It's not bad but it could be better. Winnipeg looks awesome though.
  19. Hey Wichita State has not lost since 1986....
  20. Luckily for Wichita State they already have a stadium. Even if it needs renovation it is a good start. Plus we have the Koch's to bankroll the team.
  21. So I guess that I am more case by case than what I said in my other post. I'll just go through some examples. The Cleveland Browns deal is what i think usually should happen. The north stars and Dallas are the same franchise. The wild arent trying to go to their 3rd stanley cup finals. I do think Winnipeg should have gotten their history back from Phoenix and left their Thrasher history in Atlanta. I do not count the Twins as having 3 world series, only 2. I would combine the 2 Washington Senators histories but not put them with the Washintgon Nationals. Just because you move into a city doesnt mean you get all of its history. It would be a different story if the Nats had called themselves the Senators back in 05. Then I would give them the 1924 title to them.
  22. You know the yellow doesn't look bad at all for the Chiefs. I really like it! I'd reverse the colors on the numbers and stripes.
  23. Since this is sports I'm totally fine with changing history. For me if at least one(nickname, location) stays the same then the history stays. I can go case by case though. Cincinnati Royals history is with the kings now but if the NBA expanded to Cincinnati and they wanted to be the Royals I would be fine moving the history to the new team.
  24. I'd the Chiefs elect to get a new hersey I'd rather it be black than yellow. I still want them to get a new Jersey seeing as how they have already don't the all red, or close too it, look already.
  25. Maybe because they stick out more on the green background than white? I know that doesn't make much sense but adds on football fields do look odd to me as well. Especially when it's a solid block of color with the add inside. I see your point. But so far I haven't seen a manufacturer logo that has bothered me on a jersey so I'm fine with it.