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  1. While im not a fan of the NBA this still sucks because I know that the rest of the big 4 are watching this closely. I have never had a problem with the manufacturers logo on jerseys. I see it like how car manufacturers place their logo on their cars. I dont really see a difference. The CFL was the first league that I started watching that had sponsers on the jerseys and I got used to it pretty quickly. It is to the point that I couldnt name the sponsers on Calgary or Hamilton's jerseys (the 2 teams I watch most). Im hoping that there is a similar effect when NFL, NHL, and MLB do it.
  2. By 2013 I had completely lost faith in Daniel Moore to ever build a winning team with the Royals. Midway through 2014 I was done with Ned Yost as well.
  3. I liked the Royals gold uniforms last night but I would not want to see them become the primary. I still like the current primarys better. Would not mind these being used as an alternate though.
  4. They could end up just making the big video board but designating the corners/sides for ads. It seems really stupid but it happens.
  5. The Rome derby would be great as always this year except both curva's are boycotting the game over barriers in the stands.
  6. Does anyone have any idea what this is? I have been told circus but after checking it does not look similar. Thanks in advance.
  7. They have in the past. The baseball team still uses this cap. And the basketball team had a K on their shorts in the 80s.
  8. Actually if Sean Snyder takes over(which I hope doesn't happen) I could defenetly see him keeping the old look. Although I wouldn't mind an alternate purple helmet or a pair of purple pants to be occasionally worn.
  9. Is chase field(or whatever it's called now) really that bad? It didn't seem so when I was there in early 2013.
  10. Kansas City, Kansas has a 10 or 11 thousand seat ballpark by the Kansas Speedway and Sporting Park. Maybe 40 minutes or so away from the K. Better than San Antonio.
  11. Vanderbilt really needs to switch to black numbers on their white jerseys. The gold ones are unreadable.
  12. Both of them look great to me. I never saw a problem with the white circle.
  13. Bracket name should be ICTknight. I think the username is sedgwickcountyhawk
  14. These look great but I would specify regular season/tournament champions.
  15. I actually like the white over powder blue look but not for the Crew.
  16. For me 47-47 is a much better game than some 120-117 snoozer of a NBA game.
  17. Really it was tried before? I wasn't aware. I just think it's ridiculous that in places like Portugal there has only been 2 years ever where one of the big 3 clubs hasn't won it.
  18. I have thought for awhile that the top 20 or so clubs in europe should just break away and form their own league. There would finally be parity in the domestic leagues instead of only 3 or 4 teams winning the title EVER.
  19. Wichita State is once again unable to exorcise their arch madness demons which puts them on the bubble.
  20. With Todd Butler they will have more than enough time to figure this out. Also I'm not sure if those are MVC tournament championships or regular season ones. It's been awhile since I've been there. Edit:Yeah that's tournament titles. I wonder why they don't show the regular season ones.
  21. I like all 4 of these better than the one they released. I think its the white background that ruins it for me. I really like the ones here with a yellow outlne.
  22. I can't decide if I like the Europe white jersey. I do love the logo. Hopfully they release shirts or something. Not sure if i want to go all in on a jersey.
  23. Just saw the shirt. Looks like i got my wish. Plus no ugly faux collar!