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  1. Denver is just a really annoying team for me. That ending sucked. Anyways go NE and KC!
  2. Emporia looks great! Cant wait for Fort Hays State since I am attending this year.
  3. The Arkansas helmets looked pretty good in person today. The way the reds did not match was a little weird but i thought the chrome effect looked nice in person. Also a question on the new nike template. Can the collar support collar stripes such as those the Packers use? I know that the last one (mach speed?) could not.
  4. Well K-State lost again. I think that it is time for Snyder to retire. He is a great coach and I am thankful for all that he has done for the university but his style of play is no longer working. It may do just fine against inferior teams and against some in the Big XII but on a national scale it does not work. I have watched darn near every game for the last 6 years and I can see that they peaked with the conference championship in 2012. I am not saying I expect national championships or 10 win seasons year in year out but a bowl win more than once in six tries would be great. It is time for some new blood. And NOT Sean Snyder. I would like an outside hire. Hopefully one of his old assistants.
  5. Does anyone know if they have a TV deal yet? I would like to get into this league but if there is not any teams close by and its not on TV I will probably just stick to my local D-III and overseas clubs.
  6. Not really liking the beveled logo on the Oregon helmets. Oh and an 8 Team Playoff is the answer.
  7. ^That would look GREAT with Navy pants!!
  8. They did not play for the right teams to be named Heisman finalists.
  9. This would be the best the Flames ever looked! Great work.
  10. Haha thanks. I kinda guessed on the size irregularity. I don't by caps online anymore.
  11. What are the main differences between US and Chinese made caps? Any details easy enough to find by just looking/feeling at the caps?
  12. That game was awesome to watch even as an Iowa fan. That's why I love Big 10 football. Although 2 of my favorite teams are in the big 12 I still hate big 12 football. Anyways as an Iowa fan that was the most painful drive I've ever had to watch.
  13. Oh. Now it makes sense. Still wierd though. Especially for football.
  14. One more thing on the Patriots. In your previous version it looked as if the red stars signified super bowl wins and the 4 white stars represented the 4 AFC championships where they didn't win the superbowl. Im not sure if this is what you were going for. In the new version there is only 3 white stars not 4. Also. What happened to colerworx?
  15. Turf and grass was the wierd thing I got outta that. Along with the end zones.
  16. Love the cream. Looks good on a footvall uniform too.
  17. That Patriots concept is great. I like the bigger wordmark and love the stars reflecting the super bowls. Great job!
  18. To KU. SHRINK THE DANG JAYHAWK! On another kinda random note, does anyone else hate the new helmet designs? The vents and holes seem to get in the way too much. I would like to know if there is a way to have all the nice modern technology along with a smooth shell.
  19. ^On that subject who had the Mustang logo first? Ford, SMU, or Calgary? I've looked around but couldn't find anything.
  20. I'd put last year's game up there just for the amazing finnish.
  21. I wish the red jersey was like the blue and white ones and not that crimson chrome monstrosity.