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  1. Love it! Will you be making it available for download?
  2. One and two are looking good. If you are sticking with the gull, keep it in flight. In the second, the circle evokes a sunset, and the gull in silhouette reinforces this. It's telling me that this is place I should go to after work and get a good fish sandwich and a pint. You could use both the first and second interchangeably. Any way of moving the last 's' over so that it touches the apostrophe?
  3. Fun fact: the flag arrived during a time that is now looked upon as a golden era of graphic design in Canada. There was a modernist feel to a lot of the work that was produced, with flat art, clean lines and overall simplicity. Check out this resource if you're interested in some of the more famous Canadian logos, and pay special attention to the ones created in the late 50's, 60's and into the early 70's. http://preserve.northernarmy.com/
  4. Learning how to scale my stroke lines when re-sizing an object changed my life.
  5. I love watching this logo develop as you apply people's suggestions! Coming from a branding perspective, I have a few questions: Why the seagull? Are you located near water where the gulls would be present? I think that would be the only case where it would make sense. Otherwise gulls are known for hanging around fast food parking lots and garbage dumps, neither of which have positive connotations with restaurants.Try a standing gull as well. It's not necessarily better. Just wondering!Are you set on a color pallet? Depending on your target demographic you need to pay close attention to what colors you choose. Think of the McDonald's, Arby's, and Applebee's logos. Also: Wendy's and A&W's. All use warm colors like red, yellow and/or orange. These warm colors evoke comfort and stability, and appeal to the family demographic. You'll notice almost every chain of fast food places use these colors somewhere (even bloody White Castle uses orange!). Conversely, if you are looking into an older, pub-oriented clientèle, then you have more flexibility. Also consider your location in your color decision. If you were in Boston, for example, you might want to use vintage looking tones. Miami: pastels. The midwest: full-on Americana. Look to what your major sports teams are doing. They pay experts ungodly sums of money to choose just the right pallet for the region, based on history, geography and culture, to name a few.Keep it up! I think you're getting close!
  6. It looks as though the 1798 is aligned to the person. Both would need to be rotated a few degrees up; it's fine if he's looking slightly upward. Some things to try: -try the 1798 below the person. -try 17 on one side of him, the 98 on the other. -leave the 1798 as is, and put "Est." or "ESTD" on the left side. None of these are necessarily better, just different ways of approaching the same problem. BTW: Love the color pallet!
  7. Ugh. I hate these non-pluralized, esoteric sports team names. What sport is this anyway? Water Polo? Full-contact Windsurfing? Good logo, though.
  8. What font is that? I've been looking for that one forever.It's called Geared, and it's available at the Lost Type Co-op. Go check them out! There's a great type face called Liberator that is awesome for sports gear. Also, Homestead. Aw, there's just too many to list! Literally my favourite place for fonts!
  9. Hey again! Another one of my creations. Although it's not a sports team, it will be going on some sporty merch!
  10. Great work! Now: Do a fantasy concept where the table were turned. Do a contemporary Nordiques set and do an Avalanche tribute in the alternate.
  11. THANKS SO MUCH! This is an actual logo that will eventually be embroidered, so it's so cool to have a proof of concept to present! You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.
  12. When you get the time, good sir! I thank you in advance!
  13. Just... wow... I'm relatively new to the forums in general, and I just stumble upon this last night. You, sir, are a madman. And I love it! I have some suggestions for re-aligning the Canadian divisions, making the travel a little easier and exploiting some rivalries. Apologies if these suggestions were made before, but I didn't have the time to go through 139 pages! WEST: Vancouver Calgary Edmonton Winnipeg (suggestion: Mosquitoes. They're huge out there!) -Sorry, Saskatoon, you didn't make the cut. Or, why does Alberta need 2 teams? Why not situate them in Red Deer, which is half way between Cal. & Edm.? EAST: Halifax Charlottetown (Why the Chill? PEI is known for lobsters, beaches, potatoes and Anne of Green Gables) St. John's Moncton (Makes more sense for travel) SOUTH: Toronto Ottawa (suggestion: Parliament. Since we already have Senators.) Montreal Quebec City (suggetion: Patriotes, using a green, white and red colour scheme. There's already a few minor league teams using the nickname, but trust me, they'll love it!) -We call this "Main St. Canada" or the Windsor-Quebec corridor. Easy for travel, and the possibilities of a mini tournament of Ontario vs. Quebec. NORTH: Yellowknife Whitehorse Iqaluit A fourth team is tricky. Without transferring an Alaskan team, I'd suggest a coalition team made up of members of the indigenous communities of the north: the Inuit and the Dene. Or maybe Fort McMurray (Alberta again?!) or Churchill, Manitoba (known for polar bears!) The problem is that Canada's north is huge and sparsely populated! -With regards to Yellowknife, you should re-think the scimitars. The yellow knives in question were actually made of copper. Hey! Here's a little copy+paste history lesson: In 1770, when Samuel Hearne was exploring the Great Slave Lake area, he encountered a tribe of Aboriginal people who used copper-bladed, yellow-coloured knives. Fur traders soon began to refer to these people as the Yellowknives, and the tribe’s home become known as Yellowknife. -Want a picture? go to http://ykdene.com/. I think the blade looks cooler! Thanks for really entertaining thread!
  14. It's soccer time! Thanks to this awesome template, it was easy! f The home kit takes the chevron from the academic/corporate shield logo. The secondary is a throwback to the 1930's and 40's. The alternate uses another element from the shield: the lion rampant. C&C's, yo!
  15. Yeah, totally agree with these last two. DIY screen printing is only good for a few shirts before the screen is unusable. You'll never get a crisp, clean product, but like I said, if vintage is your thing, then by all means. If you're thinking of doing a whole run of shirts for sale, or trying to outfit a team, get the pros to do it.
  16. I happen to like the colours; I see that those are your school colours any way. Something to bear in mind when it comes to school logos: 99% of the time there are two distinct identities, one for the educational/corporate brand, and one for the athletics/spirit brand. I suggest you do a quick search for "athletics branding guides." You can learn a lot from what other colleges and universities are doing, especially those in the U.S. The Washington Huskies, Dartmouth Big Green and Arkansas Razorbacks are a few that come to mind as having comprehensive logo guides and branding standards. That said, your shield logo could work, but it needs to be simplified to the point that it is instantly recognizable. The school motto is probably best left to the corporate logo, as well as the full name of the school. IF you use any text, just go with KING'S. Or a capital 'K'. Consider this: A shield with a cross. Two crossed cavalier swords behind. A fancy "K" on top. You are looking to use elements that are common in the study of heraldry, and this is a thorough (if rather dull) guide: http://www7b.biglobe.ne.jp/~bprince/hr/foxdavies/index.htm . Chapter 9 has a section on using crosses on a shield. You are probably going to need either a standard heraldic cross or a "passion cross". Good luck!
  17. Sorry, couldn't resist! Keep in mind that this is a super rough draft! I don't think that's the sword you want, either. Unless your team name is the Cavaliers. Otherwise look to a more medieval sword, and think about inverting it.
  18. Quick questions: It the name of the school "King's" or is the team name "The Kings"? Just want to make sure that apostrophe is ok. Do you want to emulate a cross on the shield? If so, you should make the post the same width as the bar, and place the sword (which should be smaller) inside. Is this a bishop's cross? If so, again, make the bars the same width.Advice: One border, made thicker. Split the motto on either side of the sword; OR Place the motto on a scroll underneath. Be concious if this is meant to be a corporate logo or an athletics logo. Keep going!
  19. Are these legit? I have no time or patience to check. If they are for realz, then I can see what they're going for. Easily divisible geometric shapes to appeal to simplicity. However, in order for the logo to work, the public must be familiar with all the visual elements of the brand, which isn't always the case. At any rate, as 'consumers' we aren't always concious of the overall brand, but designers often use the brand umbrella to excuse bad decisions in the isolated elements. I agree on the red on blue clash 100%. Bottom line: needs more work.
  20. I did some t-shirts a few years ago. Lots of work but nice results, especially if you like the vintage look. My method was really old school, which involved stretching a screen over a frame, placing it over the logo, then 'painting out' the negative spaces. Once the template was complete I used a flat blade spatula to press the paint into the fabric. I'll see if I can dig up the shirts and post some images...
  21. And here are some alternates: (edit: try to ignore the fact that I placed the "A" letter mark too high! OOPS!)
  22. Good advice, thanks. Here is the result (Homestead is the name of the font, not part of the logo!):
  23. Type to path. I've tried converting to outlines and then arching the result, but the top serifs end up way to chunky.