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  1. MOD EDIT: That's not necessary. You're free to disagree with your fellow posters, but do so in a civil manner.
  2. so the colts hung a conference finalist banner, that was stupid. they didn't win anything, I can see my Saints doing that thanks to the "Louisiana Screwjob" in the 2019 NFC title game vs the Rams just as an act to defy Commissioner Good-hell. WHO DAT! Rams are not the fair NFC Champs. (THE NFL IS RIGGED!!!) Dear New Orleans Saints, On Behalf of Who Dat Nation, Hang a 2018 NFC Champions Banner to show off to The NFL so the canes if they hang something for division playoff champion will be as laughable as the Predators Regular season banners?
  3. so y'all are saying that regular season division champions are more important than postseason division champions (if they are not the RS division champion) if they represent their division in the Conference finals and lose?
  4. 2018: New Orleans Saints: NFC South Champions not going to say anything about the NFC title since we didn't win it "(Word that I can not say on the forms) You Goodell!" we got robbed! Quick Question: "On NHL Divisional Titles, Does/can Postseason Division (I.E. divisional representative in conference final under 1970s-1992 and 2014-present playoff format) count as well or is it just Regular Season Division Titles?" Thanks, Mybug
  5. Should NHL teams hang a banner if they won their Division in Postseason Play? (Real life example question: Should the 2018-2019 Carolina Hurricanes put a banner for Metro Division Postseason Champions since they represented the Metro in the Eastern Conference Finals)
  6. so for example take the 2018-2019 Hurricanes who represented the Metro in the Eastern Conference finals, It would NOT be correct to put up a postseason divisional champions banner? I just don't get that one. You did Represent your Division in the Conference final, You won your divisional postseason rounds (the Division Semi and Divisional Final Rounds Respectively) so why can't we put up banners that say for example: "2018-2019 Metropolitan Division Playoff Champions"? those are more prestigious than regular season divisional championships since the postseason means more.
  7. the saints should put up a banner as NFC Champions 2018 just to spite the NFL and give the bird to Roger Goodell. ALSO, WHAT IF NHL TEAMS WERE ABLE TO PUT UP DIVISIONAL PLAYOFF CHAMPION BANNERS?
  8. hello @Silent Wind of Doom is it possible If I can get New Orleans Saints NFC West (1988,1991,2000) NFC South (2006,2009,2011,2017) NFC Champs (2009) Superbowl Champs (2009) Hartford Whalers/Carolina Hurricanes Hartford WHA Eastern Divison (1972-73,1973-74,1974-75,) WHA Champions (1972-73) NHL Adams Divison (1986-87) Carolina Southeast Divison (1998-99,2001-02,2005,06) Eastern Conference (2001-02,2005-06) Stanley Cup (2005-06) Houston Astros NL West (1980,1981(2nd half),1986) NL Central (1997,1998,1999) NL Wild card (2004,2005) NL champions (2005) AL Wild Card (2015) AL West (2017,2018) AL Champions (2017) World series Champions (2017) New Orleans Buccaneers(ABA)/Hornets (NBA)/Pelicans(NBA) Buccaneers ABA Western Conference champs (1967-68) Hornets NBA Southwest Division (2007-08) As of the end of the 2017-18 season, the pelicans have NO championship banners of any type (Divisional, Conference, League). Updates to this list will be made whenever a championship of some sort is won by one of these teams. thanks
  9. What about Gordie Howe's no 9 retired by the Carolina/Hartford Franchise?