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  1. I get what you are trying to do but never at any point did Plymouth have to denote its parent brand. I don't see why that would change unless the brand was sold and resurfaced with another company. Also nowadays it would be FCA. Think the ideal route would be a modified 64-94 wordmark or even a new twist on the old pentastar,
  2. They could've added a small touch near the end of the double stripes just to set it apart and tie it in to the style.
  3. I do believe it's the 25th anniversary of the 96 championship, so if anything you will see more commemorating that on the field. Though the uniform hasn't really changed since but for the swooosh!
  4. or....... given Modell the expansion team in Baltimore and Al Lerner or whomever the Browns 1.0 on agreement they had to build a new stadium.
  5. Fantastic job! Glad somebody went back to the red and yellow, simplistic and clean.
  6. Realistically i'm expecting something close to that even if for just 2020 before getting a proper new set next season, with just the decals being changed and wordmark removed.
  7. I can confirm after trying to date someone from Corvallis a few years ago they were much more redneck than I was used to around JACKSONVILLE lol.
  8. Well if the WaPo's article on the organization goes full scorched earth as some are expecting, Snyder and company may not get the opportunity to complete the rebrand.
  9. Definitely lean toward Red Wolves. It is mildly generic but since they reportedly want to retain the color scheme, it would allow for it be a legitimate successor if they wanted to keep any tie ins, also there is a lacking of canine mascots in the NFL. PS they can keep HTTR with a tweak.
  10. FYOU RAMS. I just don't get why folks feel the need to overthink and overdesign . BONE...just I can't.
  11. at least some Florida team wore creamsicles
  12. Well i'm just gonna say if the Rams can use some bull "bone" which is a light grey as an away uniform. it's time for some team and probably one in the division to embrace cream.