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  1. Bucs logo without black and mildly cleaned up. ( I guess I haven't posted in a photo in while.)
  2. That's interesting, since I remember reading somewhere years ago JR was requesting his team to be in the NFC. so makes you wonder if an Arizona expansion team would've changed that.
  3. i'm just going to have to disagree with you as matter of principle that it's a bad idea, But indeed in that scenario Jax is out city out.
  4. Absolutely going modern, they have an emoji in the wordmark.
  5. I still don't understand how there isn't a team in the NFL isn't Red & Silver when a number of clubs used it at one time or another. MLB is missing red & Black NBA could use more silver and i'm not talking about the commissioner. I've always wanted to see Garnet and Teal and and Columbia Blue and Garnet. ( University of Nashville ) in pro sports or even on a bigger scale.
  6. Simplicity sometimes is the best.Insert other media
  7. I like the current red much better IMO, it's closer to the original. I don't mind the silver on the swords because it makes since, they just went overboard. Now if they only had a metallic like color on the helmet they could use instead. agree on everything else
  8. The Silver was understand as in what they were trying to represent but way too much for a football uniform and logo, already too many colors to start with.
  9. I agree in some aspects but still money supersedes all that. The Rams aren't going anywhere for a long time ( never say never, especially when it's happened before) I understand about Kroenke isn't a young fellow but he didn't spend what is looking like well over 5 Billion for LA ( Stadium and relocation ) just to be gone by the end of the decade. Sofi will still have plenty of life in it and it's design makes it applicable for many other sports and revenue sources. So point being Rams definitely will be there and unless they force Deano out or the Chargers in Sofi is even worse somehow they will unfortunately be there as well because .
  10. But Stan Kroenke has a different level of wealth compared to some of his counterparts.
  11. That's a shame, But unfortunately it's about keeping up the joneses...literally.
  12. and yet they are the ones that decided to change to a navy helmet after about 40 or so years and at the time just under 20 of being the titans. They used the throwbacks during the AFL50 ( two helmet rule). point being they had plenty of time with the white helmet to do so as well.
  13. I would like to think they ( Nike ) would at least highly advise clubs about aspects of others projects in the same league they are doing. So they don't come out looking similar, and they're supposed to be the latest and greatest in uniform tech and design so of course they're gonna wanna know how they measure up to their counterparts.
  14. Curse of Bobby Layne and that's quite accurate, or the Bengals last playoff win coming against the Oilers, I definitely acknowledge we could have much worse. It just compounds the issue when it's a newer market with less success and small market at that which had pretty good success in the first 5 years ( which probably spoiled some folks) and since has found non double digit losing season seldom. Makes building that next generation of Jag fan more difficult.