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  1. Wasn't there talk when one of them ( Giants or Jets ) moved to Jersey they were gonna take on the NJ moniker but obviously decided against it.
  2. I like the breakaway, that is a new twist. I do remember Jalen Ramsey when he was at Florida State would wear ( Charlie's ) 17 on returns but was 8 on defense. Wonder if we will see more of this? https://twitter.com/melinasphotos/status/640597558713286657/photo/1
  3. This going to work out well. Can't wait 20 years from now when they have 4A/ 8B because singles are being used and retired. Joking, somewhat.
  4. Ads have gotten a bit more aggressive but I understand the need so I am fine with them. Overall I like the update with everything I've messed with so far and the overall cosmetic appearance. I will agree wish photo uploads were easier.
  5. So I am guessing if players snatch most of these up available single digits so be it? What happens to the next crop of rookies coming into the league in (22) and (23) that are gonna want those singles as well not to mention other QBs, Punters and Kickers who are locked into those numbers.
  6. Why are the seats in PB stadium teal/green and not orange?
  7. Very well done, touches much of the clubs history and isn't gaudy. Cardinals you are on the clock.
  8. Remember this isn't just about the folks sitting at home on their couches. You've got announcers, coaches, spotters, officials not to mention fans in the stands that much prefer legible numbers.
  9. Love when a thread is Jag Jacked!
  10. I remember you used to have the GM logo on the keys, seat belts, dashboards.
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