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  1. FYOU RAMS. I just don't get why folks feel the need to overthink and overdesign . BONE...just I can't.
  2. at least some Florida team wore creamsicles
  3. Well i'm just gonna say if the Rams can use some bull "bone" which is a light grey as an away uniform. it's time for some team and probably one in the division to embrace cream.
  4. Headquartered, in Jacksonville, FL. I remember when it started as a brick and mortar place in a local mall around the time the Jags did.
  5. I'm still emotionally traumatized from the Jags terrible two tone helmet, The execution was beyond awful.
  6. Well the obvious case is Jacksonville got the team instead of St Louis because they had a more organized ownership group and the unknown factor of being the only game of town. Also remember StL was still less than a decade removed from a relocation. The Rams would've still moved even if The Stallions were in existence, just like the Browns would've as well. just the destination would change. When the Rams were approved to move in the 95 offseason the Raiders were still trying to work a new stadium in Hollywood Park, they didn't move back Oakland until almost the cusp of the 95 season.
  7. It's the county in which Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach (FL) & Baldwin ( old rail community ) reside. The other 4 communities are the ones that chose not to join in the Consolidation of 68. Much of the city’s tax base was dissipated, leading to problems with funding education ( accreditation), general maintenance, sanitation, and traffic issues within the city limits.because suburbia with new developments took so many outside of the city limits ( I.E.bridges being built to new areas of the county. ) But residents had difficulty in the new unincorporated suburbs obtaining basic municipal services such as sewage, waste disposal and building code enforcement.
  8. DUUUUVAL is something that has been around for years in the urban community but didn't start making to the team general popularly until the mid 00's and later in the mid 10's after it was rejuvenated by the Bold City Brigade (BCB) - an local independent, grassroots supporters of jaguars organization. It became a bit of an us against the world rallying cry. Jaguars being the only major league franchise in the north florida area, being a longshot in getting the club in the first place, untrue rumors, always being told we shouldn't have the team and folks assuming hearsay to be facts about the area/city/franchise based on the national media perception. That being said, I never wanna see DUUUUUval on the outside of the jersey.
  9. Always found it interesting that they added and even embraced ath gold after the move, yet after the rebrand gold is just a supporting color again.
  10. I mean I wore a Jags hat to yankees stadium and Citi Field. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We will see a variety of different jerseys at Jags games, even the different eras of Jags jerseys a well lol, It's the pitfalls of being a navy town with a mediocre franchise.