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  1. Washington Senators ( II ) replaced the previous club of the same name and colors but still considered a new franchise with separate records from the twins. That or a shared history is ideally the way to do it. The Cleveland deal doesn't really bother me but it did open pandora's box, with the CHA/NO deal is a cluster Something my teenage self (and even a bit now) couldn't understand at the time was why the league did not just give Modell the expansion team ( the actual one that requires an expansion draft.) or even let him take so many players with him and find new ownership for the Browns for building a new stadium and moving forward instead of playing with the history books. That being said i've come across some people in their 20/30's in recent years that were not aware of the browns being 2.0 and not the OG's
  2. Unpopular opinion • the Brown's helmet needs to go in a different direction. Historicalish - White helmet w/ thick seal brown center stripe bordered by two burnt orange stripes with brown facemask. drastically different - Seal Brown helmet w/ thick burnt orange center stripe bordered by two white stripes with white facemask.
  3. Thought I remember reading somewhere the seats were color changing or perhaps that was in the concept stages. But the odds are good for the navy and yellow imo.
  4. I thought they wore Red and Black for 1936/37/38 give or take? Obviously I'm in no way arguing for them to be a red team just because they wore it for a few seasons. I always felt they did it in 49 to identify closer with SC and the LA area. Just an opinion I have no idea why they did. .
  5. @dont care Ideally I agree wouldn't want them to leave the pewter helmet but it is unique to them. But as we all know the NFL's one helmet rule has effectively eliminated Bruce so moving to a white lid would open things back up to throwbacks .I'd Pewter, red & creamsicle tattered stripes and make the logo normal sized. @Ice_Cap your concept is pretty on point with what i'm thinking just switch out the black for pewter or at least keep it on the uniform with the big stripes and facemask.
  6. I'd be happy if they went back to the Modern Classics but with white helmets add striping with the current/classic red & creamsicle and the prev pewter as your pallet, little if any black. The white helmets would be ideal for throwbacks as well it would set them apart in the division. Perhaps a modern block if ya wanna get fancy but besides that i'd say it would be perfect.
  7. Never thought i'd say this but NEED MORE ORANGE on all of them.
  8. So correct me if i am wrong but it looked like the Dolphins throwbacks had satin numbers, But it could've been the lighting perhaps ? if that is the case why can't they do pants in the same material?
  9. They really should've had the niners and browns in AAFC throwbacks for NFL 100 & 70th anniversary of their final AAFC championship game but thats in a perfect world.
  10. Nice logo, just not for NESN.
  11. Well it seems pretty clear they are trying to slowly phase out the silver with their most reason combinations. I thought they did look clean yesterday, but the combo they wore against Houston the week before is pretty bad IMO because of the helmet being so light it kinda made it unbalanced. I'd stick with Silver or white pants with the white jersey in their case.
  12. Hear me out, What if you did an inverted set of these? Even if modernized still get the idea with updated Bucce logo. Red jersey trimmed in creamsicle & white, White trimmed in Creamsicle & red on the red, The above ones as throwbacks/3rd jersey with an option of creamsicle pants because monochrome creamsicle.
  13. I agree with the @Gothamite needs more contrast. Creamsicle, Bucs red and I guess the Maroon or something even darker say garnet with the dash of pewter. Generally I like the direction a lot..
  14. The 97-13 set is one of my all time favorite sets. I also see it as one of the perfect modernization updates to a uniform we've seen IMO. I loved the Creamsicle because it was what i knew as a kid and it had a very unique color in it's scheme creamsicle and the update with pewter as well. That being said the only redeeming thing about the current set was going back to the traditional shades of red and orange but the pewter has gone to crap because of the materials. Ideally what needs to happen go with the white shell w/ previous logo in current colors with similar helmet stripes found on 97 concept with a pewter facemask. Red jersey with orange outlined in pewter and creamsicle alt outline in red & trimmed in pewter, white jersey outlined in red & trimmed in pewter. Two pants options being red and white. The Pewter will almost act like black did the super bowl set.
  15. I still feel the Rams could go yellow as primary and it look good but only if they were to go navy to offset which is probably not the case. So they will stay safe with royal & yellow.
  16. Just what @Clintau24 said, I've thought it was quite interesting that font and previous word is everywhere, I still feel that font will make its way back on the uniforms at some point. Also disappointed we didn't get a throwback and found it interesting the only two jerseys they had on display were teal and white.
  17. What do y’all think about the Jaguars Silver Anniversary logo ?
  18. Agreed, And that was where I was going. Since Houston is supposedly talking about making some small adjustments to possible bigger changes to their uniform. Well If they don't wanna make drastic color palette changes ( which they really shouldn't ) I guess all it takes is letting Nike make the swoosh columbia and possibles are open, I mean that's how it works now right?
  19. I definitely understand what you are saying, my wording is slightly out of context or i should've elaborated. I am old enough to remember the Oilers and the once walking douche noodle which was Bud Adams. In fact I was at the 96 Jags game in Houston and 97 in Memphis both were pretty sparsely attended and understandably so.With that being said he put the city through hell constantly and i think Harris County just got done paying off the 67 million renovation, I remember reading at one point supposedly they said he regretted it later in life idk how true that is.( moving the team that is ) But back to my point the articles about Adams Strunk said no to the Texans using Oiler uniforms which of course are the logos and design the luv ya blue colors, but as i said they should be a way to get around it wearing their own logos and a darker shade of columbia blue so it's still distinctly different than the titans blue and just use their own Battle red which is different enough from the titans red or scarlet. I feel it could still be an issue but a way to get around it and make some people happy. Just my thoughts
  20. See personally I don't see why there should be any issues with the Texans making this their color rush ( Call it Houston football Classics or some nonsense ) They can bring back some Oiler greats for those games use the current battle red and a more proper version of the columbia blue ( Not Titan Blue which is lighter ) and I think for the most part everyone is satisfied even though i'm sure Adams family will still be pissed.
  21. If the Texans went with a silver helmet they wouldn't be the first Houston team to do so.and not to mention this gem i came across Texans Silver Helmet
  22. They just updated the logo a few years back it's fine only thing I could logically see them doing is going to a black helmet and minimizing the silver but I also wouldn't be shocked it if the silver in gone in 2020 but i'd leave the Electric/Process Blue and Black as it. But perhaps the new guy wants his own stamp on the club?
  23. I'm not on here near as much as used to be, but damn Teal must've ruffled feathers in the past few years.