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  1. Looks good ..But the shoulder stripes are sliver & would be on a Red Alt with the Navy outline around the white numbers on Crimson jerseys . from what i heard they are changing them anyways , the lightened the sliver alt or whatever .because of the 5 years no Major change period . so i think 2007 or something Red alts .
  2. The only thing i would redo is the NFL/NFC sheild you have i would flip the colors around make the sheild red with a Blue N in the middle with 3 stars inside ... The AFL/AFC is good but you need the 6 stars going around the outside of it .. like the A today .
  3. Yeah , I wont disagree "cardinals" does not make me piss my self. But I am just looking at it from a heritage point . The team has held the name for so long , I would really hate to ever see it change ...even for a "Cleveland-Baltimore deal" that would still defeat the purpose . That Franchise should keep that name period. but then again talking about weak names , Dolphins are right up there at least you have to worry about a card shytting on you .
  5. For the last time, the Indionapolis Colts ARE the Baltimore Colts. Same exact team. They're allowed to use any uniform from their past that hey want to, and that includes years in Baltimore. YES!!! I know they are the same I was not born last night , but the heritage and passion of those uniforms were all in Baltimore when they were staying there . My point is they should not try to run off the ORA of the colts of old , & in famed history books . but Indianapolis should try something different , no XFL but try be a bit different . Look at the Rams & how they have changed over the years yet still are the same . & have been in 4 cities .
  6. Thats a Brown , or a Cleveland Brown , he is the founder of both the Browns & Bengals (Bengals are the only ones he owned) be he is a key person in Ohio football in the 20th century , all the way by to high school & ohio state . Mr . Paul Brown
  7. Awesome , works for me ...maybe when the Magic get up to move , Pittsburgh can bring them in & rename them & recolor them .
  8. I like it , the only think is i would put the Jet's logo from the 80's on the helmet over the oval NY or just in the Green Oval & have it say JETS , Because of the Giants with there NY look right now it just would look as a bit of a copy . Besides that it looks good , interesting maybe a 3rd color could come into play .
  9. What else would they have as a logo? A tree? I think I would prefer the Cardinals to be the color instead of the bird, in name and logo. Nothing against the bird but the NFL has Falcons, Eagles, Seahawks, etc., would be cool to have a team that was simply a color (I know, I know the Browns but we all know they are the Paul Browns and not the color brown). I understand what you mean there , But the logo is just as much a part of the name & color . Just Because there are other "bird" teams in the NFL ..will i would have to say the Cardinals have seniority because the next closest Bird team in age to the Cards are the Eagles , they came in the NFL in 1933 & the Cards are 35 years older then they are . So if anything one of the newer teams should have to change first. like the seahawks or ravens .
  10. They Started up on Racine St in Chicago as Morgan's athletic club & later picking up the nickname "Normals" until the founder / owner o'brian pick up some ole hand me down faded marron Jerseys , from U of Chi . Well he later said they were faded to a cardinal red . & from that point on they have been known has the Cardinals . That was 1901 . so dont change something the is that tradinal , plus they logo got picked up with adds on game programs they just put a bird on the cover and different things like this early logo . & later this one of course you look at the head of the last one that's the one which ended up on the helmet . in 61 or whenever .
  11. The L.A. Rams were the Cleveland Rams before they moved. Franchise history 1 Cleveland Era (1937-1945) 2 L.A. Rams Part 1: Los Angeles Era (1946-1979) 3 L.A. Rams Part 2: Anaheim Era (1980-1994) 4 St. Louis Era (1995-Present) P.S. since you know all of that they started in 1936 as a Member of the AFL then joined the NFL in 1937 replacing the st louis Gunners i believe .
  12. Falcons : I just simply miss the red helmet/ unis before glansville got there . even if they did look like UGA but what do you expect . Bucs: I do miss it sometimes as a Bucs fan But there are just so many bad memories with the creamiscle uni's But if they do come back I want them with the New logos and all because it is a part of the Buccaneer tradition I would like to see more of the citrus back in the Uni . Fins: I like the new logo & fonts they have now but ....they can drop the Navy any time now . Jags : Take out some of the Black & put more Gold into it ( not saying make a jersey or anything gold) But there is far to much Black in the team from when we started , Plus put some stripes on the Black Pants not the logo & if it must be a logo make it the sheild . Titans: has much as a miss the Oilers I know they are gone & dead so are there Uni's But if they have the 40 colors why dont they use them . & before the end of the Decade ., go back to a modern Culembia blue uni and make the navy a out line or something with more Red,& Silver to key Oiler colors . plus Navy is just over used . Panthers : fine Washington : need to go back to the post Vince .L look / 70th Throwback Baltimore : all & all pretty well fine . Eagles : Black Goes ....Silver comes back .... other then that it's fine NYG the logos/uni's they had up until this year were good now they just are all to bland. NYJ : the throwback look didn't work , even thou i like it it's time for something new but still old school ...also . Pats: DROP THE SLIVER 3RD ... & go with a Modern red with today's fonts & logo Bills : Move to the CFL or go back to the days of the Juiceeeeeeeeeeee Lions : I would say Drop the black because im not used to it , but it was part of the uni's back in the day then again so was scarlet ....yeah go back to sliver & Blue. Browns : Orange numbers on the away jerseys & orange pants ... Bengals : New Jerseys are ok ... they work for them ... they are not the rip off's Steelers : A Gold Jersey ...hahaha kidding Colts: bring back the Blue Pants & put sliver back into the Uni your not in Baltimore. so stop trying to rip off there traditional look also . Saints : i want the the state back on the jersey & the gold not to be so dull . Rams: bring back the LA look ...even if you do darkin the yellow gold a bit .. the idea was all it's own. Bears: just fineee ...But the all white is a good road look Packers: Go back to the Starr look with the G's on the sleeves
  13. Because they look crisper on TV . Thats part of the reason the Lakers came out with a White Uni finally .
  14. I like the sheeves of course the would have to be shorter now because most NFL jerseys now days dont have them ... but they whole stripes and G logo is a bit of a throwback to when Starr was Coaching i dont know about 3 pants but 2 is good .
  15. I have to agree with vitamin D , it's the same logo for all proposes the Tampa one even with ships on top . I mean just think how often they change so much year to year to avoid from looking alike . like Jacksonville lasts year had the Main St bridge as part of the background or something that represents that's city or age & event .
  16. It's like the Jaguars of 97 they redid the numbers but they were extremely small & even had to be redone again before the middle of the season , & widing
  17. I am not going to dis anyones stuff all in all it looks good . but my opinion is those colors are overused & the uniforms kinda have a MLS feel to them .
  18. The Uni's look good I like the update , it maybe to much of a jump from what they have now , but still non the less nifty. The only thing I would change is the KC logo with the different colors on the shelves it is changing colors on the different uni's , I would keep it like that on the helmet thou but bring back the "Running Chief" logo from the 60's that was a 2nd logo and would be seen on programs & merchandise. and put that on the shelves..never know a idea ? ...
  19. I just wanted to put my 2 cents in 1st beatnik , all of your designs are awesome you have a future if your not doing it for a living . 2nd Tampa Bay in 2003 floated around with a number of different uni's for a 3rd , but it end up being norrowed down to a pewter jersey and pants with a option of white . But the NFL Rejected it saying we could not use it saying pewter is a neutral color, which i have never understood , but there is not a 3rd uni at this point . anyways happy to join .