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  1. Not an expansion team but here is an article talking about the options they had before landing on the Titans. Oilers to Titans "A “name-the-team” contest brought forth thousands of nicknames. The finalists were Stingrays, Sharks, Jaguars, and Panthers. With "Jaguars" the choice, fan Ray Potts was randomly selected as the contest winner." Touchdown Jacksonville
  2. I'm at work so let me better elaborate my thought. I'm not saying I like the change or move to navy because IMO it's very drab for the color scheme they have and options they could choose from, I'm simply saying this could be ownership looking for a change beleving the previous was getting stale after having white for so many years right or wrong.
  3. First time since 75 or 76 they've changed the shell ( which was columbia) so it was due for a change.
  4. I do enjoy how the teaser was posted 10 mins after the Titans finally unveiled their set.
  5. It oddly looks like a matte or semigloss metallic or at least to me it does.
  6. Yeah, they have been shockingly consistent even with only being changes in the cut due to manufacturer changes and the addition of the Columbia blue jersey. Oddly the most consistent period in Oilers / Titans history.
  7. If Nike can get the Titans get Shiny silver pants tonight, Raiders and Panthers need them also.
  8. Yes and that's the only time they've done so since their rebranding so they've never used them as legit throwbacks or 3rd uniforms.
  9. it's evident the Titans are trying to seperate themselves from the Oilers completely if they hadn't already.
  10. What we seen was prototype but im still not expecting gold.
  11. I'm fine with this. it's a good accent for the Marlins but as a primary is just too much. Ocean Blue would nice upgrade but teal would be ideal.
  12. I think it's obvious you see more color change in the NBA and MLB but MLB is over the span of the AL and NL which is well over 100 years so options over time are more plentiful. I'd say the NFL has been more consistent over the last number of decades.
  13. Doug Marrone on the #Jaguars new uniforms:  "I love them...I'm fired up..I'm not a big clothes/uniform guy, obviously by the way I dress. you wouldn't want me picking it out. It would be very blah."
  14. She said some elements of the uniform are specific to the state of Tennessee. “Titans fans are going to be proud of what they see,” she said. “They are going to kind of honor our great state. … That gives a little bit of something.”
  15. "Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk shows @TaylorLewan77 our new uniforms".
  16. Yeah, This change has been in the making for a minute has you've pointed out the lack of gold is very noticeable from the graphics above to 2017 tickets and promo items. Shad's wife doesn't teal which is why it almost went away and now a 180 because Tom doesn't like gold. and the logo isn't gonna be the snow leopard, that's just for graphics.
  17. The cap is the crummy honeycomb 39thirty. So it's def last years stock, but look at the graphics.
  18. That's the only way I'd deal with any spots on the uniform because other than that they would look pretty hideous.
  19. i LOVE those because i did an updated crawler myself a few years ago. I was hopeful we would see something like this that would be a mix of both worlds. But I knew the gold was gone early so sadly those plans were crushed.