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  1. Which I am aware of, but gold will always remain in some aspect because of the logo, just depends on to what point it gets relegated to and I am getting told that Gold is dead. So to what extent that is remains to be seen. I just hope it's not as dull as the dark ages uniforms, I'd like to see some gold remain in the uniform.
  2. I keep getting told that the gold has been killed, To what effect that means or all gold period is TBD. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Well Jags Today just had Mark Lamping ( Jags pres) He talked about ticket prices going up, the two remaining tarps coming off permanently, Also got asked about the new uniforms, gave few details just would be unveiled in April and there would be new helmet and Tom Coughlin was very involved in the redesigning of the uniforms.
  4. Steagles would be awkward because i'm pretty sure that was just an eagles jersey of the time.
  5. Agreed since it's been those designs since 2013 and the understanding is they are more conservative than the current set.
  6. I still don't understand why Atlanta is blue and silver, Unless they are trying to push conference colors on the host cities.
  7. It's supposed to be a glossy black shell with current logo unless something shocking changes.
  8. Well I can say the helmet isn't gold so nip that one now, Back in Black baby.
  9. Some of our most popular gear is still the copyright jumping jag that's on teal and gold more times than not. I normally would not want to see a teal and gold Jags but if you were to do it like this it prob wouldn't look bad but still would take a lot for some people to buy into.
  10. Florida, Miami and FAMU all wear orange with the last two both wearing orange in green. FSU, UCF, USF all have some shade of gold. There are only so many colors and it's all about pairing and seeing what fits, Because you're not gonna mistake any of the above schools for one another even if they share colors. and you definitely won't confuse JAX and Miami with one having black & gold and the other having orange & white.
  12. Jaguars are not teal, but the Jacksonville Jaguars are full of teal just the way we like it.
  13. Interesting how this fancy fanatics Jaguars jacket doesn’t have a two tone helmet yet has a new font script. coincidence or mistake ? Maybe.
  14. We aren't gonna hear anything for a bit, just the facts. My understand the idea behind the throwbacks is because there is already a nostalgia for those 97-08 uniforms added with the fact they've been doing alumni weekends for the past number of seasons since Shad took over the team and normally they are always dressed in teal coats/ jackets. The 25th anniversary of being awarded the team is in Nov of 2019 with the season coming a couple of years later.
  15. I'm 99.9 % positive the two tune is gone and they regretted it pretty early.
  16. Also, if the skuttlebutt is true that would be the teal color rush based on the new uniform but we would be getting a throwback uniform as the alternate which would be teal, So teal 3 times a year possible if true.
  17. Nope, i'm hoping it stays the same shade with more of the blueish tent and seems to be the case.
  18. Hearing a lot more noise about a single color helmet ( which is the obvious choice ) assuming it to be black of some style. Also the Color rush jersey is gonna be teal. This is all stuff that I've mentioned and others have but I am seeing & hearing more about it.
  19. We were all rocking our teal in support, and trying to make a statement how much we want it back. I printed a lot of signs like the ones below and took them to the game. It was also cool they tealed out lots of stuff in the stadium ( more than normal ) including changing the jumbotron & ribbon board colors to mostly teal & white.
  20. The California Gold is hands down the best option for them and would set them apart. I hope that's the outcome, just hoping they don't screw it up. It's gonna be kinda underwhelming if all they do is make the throwbacks primary in 2020, as if they couldn't have made that happen when they got the green light.
  21. it does look like NDGP but really go work, love the choice of fonts & colors.
  22. Why even add a random color that has no purpose? Overall downgrade.