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  1. Yeah I chuckled when I noticed that, also in relation to what someone said a page back. 2012 JAGS did make the change to black primary late but they got a waver due to new ownership. Because that set never even had black uniforms until Shad got here.
  2. This logo reminds me of the one I seen in the weight room of the Jags locker room a while back, still very interesting. ? and even more so with the Jags in the mouth.
  3. Yeah it's the Minneapolis Lakers uniform from the 1947-52 era, I wanna say 6 or 8 teams are getting a 5th classic uniform.
  4. No it's not, I screwed up. I meant to say all teal which of course would be a first but I still wouldn't 100% rule out a flux-back of sorts for the color rush but if that's the case id imagine there would be no throwback in that case.
  5. We shall see, still a lot of time. I've had the feeling beyond the scuttlebutt I've been hearing that change was coming in 2018 but the word way back was that the teal was being phased out. and would almost be gone after 2018... But after commercials then when we got our tickets, Teal Deals & even the Collector series cups at the Bank have been very heavy teal, white, black which is attention grabbing because in recent years it's been Black, Gold with some teal (if any.) On a lot of the promo stuff. ( I'll post a picture) still had teal merch but it was definitely mitigated compared to past years until this season. The word is it TC's obliviously has an influence on the direction of the change and the revival of the teal now & also wants something more traditional. Now how true it is that I am uncertain but I also do know the Bold Rush merch doesn't sell anything like they had anticipated, you can go to a lot of local places and there is alotta stock sitting, it's caught on with some but not a whole lot. I'm thinking it's still gonna be black as primary I'd love for it to return to teal full-time but I just don't see it. H- Black Jersey, white Pants - Lots of Teal Northwestern Stripes to the OK State stripes a few years ago. A -White Jersey Black Pants - More Gold Teal Jersey White Pants Color Rush Throwback This is simply a guess.
  6. Well it''s not gonna happen now because they would screw themselves out of a whole lot of merchandise sales between now & the holiday season, So i'd expect it to be sometime after the first of the year with the full unveiling in April before the draft. Just a guess nothing more.
  7. This is a fantastic looking series, Keep it up.
  8. Well this explains why they wore the yellow decals so long last week, I'm a bit pissed I got screw out of seeing one of the best uniforms in the NFL.
  9. Man, I'm gonna be watching an abomination of a game from a uniform stand point Sunday. LA vs JAX silver lining both uniforms will be much different ( hopefully better) when the teams next play 2021 in LA.
  10. Just heard, it's also becoming much more noticeable in marketing items which in recent years had a heavy emphasis on gold. This season there has been alot more teal & white from tickets, to souvenirs cups and other items. It's also had been pointed out to me that the color rash gold doesn't sell has well as they had hoped, A lot of it just doesn't move.
  11. Mostly just conversations with some in the know & that have been on these stadium tours ( which I've got one coming up) and a local sports merchandiser, so it's slow but it's there and slowly trickling out.
  12. it's true, glad it's out. TC is def making his mark on the Jags once again.
  13. A lot of bold and impressive work, it's different and different is good at times.
  14. I do like the concept of cities having a certain color or colors that kinda brands the city, IE the Knicks & Mets in NYC and the Pittsburgh sports teams and the Washington sports minus the football team.
  15. They have shown a lot less imagination in the draft hats the past couple of years, lack of originality.
  16. "Vantablack fabric is not suitable for use in fashion clothing or for applications where it contacts skin."
  17. Sadly some of their best years were while wearing the white helmet. But still none the less it would be pretty dumb but at this point what does it matter. The next option is relocation or contraction the current club and spinning off part of the Ravens organization back to Cleveland hoping and just pray that breaks the curse.
  18. This isn't the first time they've bounced so it's a bit different and a bit more like the Rams, Not to mention the brand is unique.