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  1. NFL get's a wild hair and starts off-season NFL basketball league !! Keep that year round exposure at all cost even by playing a different sport, it would be interesting for sure especially for cities that don't have NBA teams.
  2. What if the 2019 uniform is both Navy, Yellow & White ? I mean they incorporate all the colors in the uniforms & logos, more than the regular white away jerseys. Think yellow horns outlined in white or vice versa.
  3. You rang ? I would so much love it if they wore their throwbacks here because then I would at least have one good uniform to look at during the LA vs JAX game.
  4. I'd be shocked if they roll out a new logo because of videos of the construction shows the new stadium outlined with all the current logo. But as for uniforms they can't change those fast enough IMO but these uniforms are also an Arthur Blank's uniforms because it was his first make change that I can think off after the purchased the franchise in the early 2000's.
  5. Perhaps, but i'd doubt it that NY font just screams 70's IMO I don't remember what the name of it.
  6. HAHA ! My description wasn't the best. My thoughts was take the traditional Bucs uniform 77- 96 just flipping the Florida Orange & Buccaneer Red making the primary Red but still outlined in creamsicle & white. Very Simple, but of course they needed much more at the time.
  7. I've always thought if they ever wanted to go to a retro look they could pull off an inverted version of this uniform. It would look super clean and prob a modern classic..
  8. That is def one of the better ones. I'm not one for change, But that Buccaneers brand at the time needed as much change as possible and really loved the direction they went. Now not so much.
  9. But he can finance that 650 million relocation fee to LA.
  10. Not bad besides besides the overlapping & little too much grey for my taste when the current is blue & white.
  11. No question they went with the best option.
  12. It's not bad tbh. Nice colors & I like the sword stripe a lot.
  13. I don't see where San Diego losing the Chargers to Los Angeles is relevant to Jacksonville being a capable football market ? Sorry we are not a " traditional " NFL town but we are one none the less. One with an upgraded stadium, solid core support locally & international just starved for a winner. So the teams lack of success shouldn't be an indictment on the fan-base or market. Back to topic.
  14. We've been referred to as the "Bold City" for a while after the "Bold New City of the South" slogan from the late 60's when the city and county were consolidated. The name has had a renaissance in the area in the last decade. BTW Most of everyone locally hates the name change and logo, I know I do as well.
  15. Yeah, I'm Happy he actually said something. He teal would have been nice but understands it would clash with the Titans smurf look. Said he would have even preferred an all white uniform with an all white helmet. He made sure to make a point that once color would be nice. But even went on to complement the Titans Rush Blue and said even an all red would be cool.
  16. I still yearn for the 97-07 set of uniforms. I didn't like nor did anyone I know liked the "Weaver Kmart Specials" with the exception of the flaked teal helmet. I don't mind the current set for the most part just I completely hate the helmet and Black being the primary. Because that was cool for night games, not almost every game with teal becoming a thing of a past. We've now seen a Gold uniform just as many times as we've seen a Teal in this set which is really disappointing. Lamping ( Jags pres) said it's now comparable to Notre Dames green for special occasion. So I hope to see the teal on Dec, 11th vs the Vikings when Jimmy Smith goes up in the pride because if not then it's never coming back.
  17. Great Concept. Bengals' Marqise Lee specials were great and very clean a variant of those needs to become the full time uniforms, Dolphins just seemed off and while watching I suddenly had the urge for orange sherbet.
  18. I do like that helmet. it's one of the better VT helmets I've seen in a while and it's actually using school colors.
  19. Logically there shouldn't be, But it gives the Ravens a total of 4 pants now, I don't think there is a limit on pants like there are jerseys unless there is because color rush isn't suppose to count.
  20. Yeah, My friends and I were watching it on our phones and saying the same just about how much more of a noticeable pop Buffalo had as compared to NYJ.
  21. Yeah, the schedule has been out long enough to prepare for colorblind match ups and I was hoping to not see copies of last years uniforms. As a Jaguars fans since teal isn't happening again and our Color Rush is in Nashville i would have much liked to have seen a white variant of last years and now this seasons Bold Rush jersey tbh.
  22. Alot of really great what if scenarios.
  23. Well let's be honest the coliseum is a crap hole and I mean that in the literal sense with some of it's most recent stadium issues. The A's unfortunately screwed the Raiders by extending their lease there.
  24. I'd imagine that's probably why they were one of the teams that voted against Georgia Frontiere moving the Rams to STL in the first place.