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  1. The bright tones on the Marlins and Rockies roads look a little odd to me, but I do love the Marlins new colors, and that cap logo for the Rockies is very nice. I like the way you set it apart from the Cubs with the motion lines. I also want to mention that I love the desert scheme for the DBacks and the sleeve pattern on the Indians. It's miles over the boring set Cleveland has right now.
  2. That Clippers set is incredible. Although I do think the i in the logo looks a little awkward, I really like the identity that has been lacking in their recent history, and that you chose powder blue over royal (Clippers execution of red white and blue has always seemed off to me for some reason).
  3. I really like the look of the 90s/2000s copper, black, and blue Wizards and Capitals. Maybe because I grew up with it, but it looks unique and I think it would make for a perfect throwback look.