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  1. Thanks for your service and these are very good. Some I have trouble with figuring out what teams are which but other than that i really like these.
  2. can you make a Marquette U/Milwaukee Bucks split Baltimore Ravens/Vancouver Canucks split
  3. if you made this you should make one for different conferences. Also can you pust what teams are which I can get some but others.
  4. You should take request If you do can you do a Paul George or The Greek Freak 2k15 and 2k16 xbox1
  5. Baltimore with maryland theme would look cool and DC or Rapid City with a USA theme
  6. i like the Admirals logo but a revamped version of the early 80s to late 90s logo would look better.
  7. The only problem with the Kansas City Outlaws is if he (or you) chose that all names cant be existing pro sports teams then this wont work. The Denver Outlaws is the name of a pro lacrosse team. Personally i dont care.