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  1. Hitmen look great, as usual your secondary logos are on point. I've never been a big fan of the wrestling themed jerseys myself and was happy when they went to black-red-copper but I definitely prefer them without silver like you've got here. The flames just seem a bit off to me, a bit too jagged and busy so I'm getting more of a claw mark vibe like the raptors logo.
  2. This series has been excellent so far, great job! You’ve done really well to take a lot of the teams away from the RBK/NHL templates that have plagued their jersey designs for so long. I also love the eccentricity of some of the designs since I feel like minor/junior teams have a license to be a bit more off the wall than the pros. A few comments I had: - Spokane: Great evolution away from the old branding. I almost think the road would look better with red numbers outlined in white and blue on the back although it might make the sleeve numbers hard to read. - Portland: Man, that sash looks so cool and unique. Definitely getting some 1996 Canucks alternate vibes from it (in a good way). I’d prefer forest green pants then red socks for the home just to stay a bit closer to their more traditional look but I guess if anyone could pull off a “weirder” look it would be Portland. As for the logo the unshaded primary definitely looks cleaner to me. - Kelowna: Love love love that logo and the diamond design. I would just change the black player name on the home jersey since it gets a bit lost and maybe add black outlines to the numbers on both - Victoria: I’m a sucker for purple in jersey designs and these are no exception. I think I prefer the look with grey over lavender but they’re both so good its tough to decide - Prince Albert: I love all the locally inspired design elements, and the primary logo is really striking. The black on the logos just seems a little out of place considering its nowhere on the rest of the uniforms. Can’t wait to see what you do for Calgary!
  3. Awesome! Either those colors or the flying skate era one would look great on an alternate
  4. Great look for the Canucks, I like that you made the bottom of the away jersey blue. The inconsistency between that and the sleeve ends has always bugged me. That top left Johnny Canuck looks awesome, as would the one in current colors but I don't know how well it would mesh with the millionaires colors. I know it's somewhat loathed around here but I've always liked the maroon and blue color scheme they had in the early 2000's (the first jerseys with the whale). That scheme might make a cool looking Johnny, just a thought. Great work!
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