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  1. Hitmen look great, as usual your secondary logos are on point. I've never been a big fan of the wrestling themed jerseys myself and was happy when they went to black-red-copper but I definitely prefer them without silver like you've got here. The flames just seem a bit off to me, a bit too jagged and busy so I'm getting more of a claw mark vibe like the raptors logo.
  2. This series has been excellent so far, great job! You’ve done really well to take a lot of the teams away from the RBK/NHL templates that have plagued their jersey designs for so long. I also love the eccentricity of some of the designs since I feel like minor/junior teams have a license to be a bit more off the wall than the pros. A few comments I had: - Spokane: Great evolution away from the old branding. I almost think the road would look better with red numbers outlined in white and blue on the back although it might make the sleeve numbers hard to read. - Portland: Man, that sash looks so cool and unique. Definitely getting some 1996 Canucks alternate vibes from it (in a good way). I’d prefer forest green pants then red socks for the home just to stay a bit closer to their more traditional look but I guess if anyone could pull off a “weirder” look it would be Portland. As for the logo the unshaded primary definitely looks cleaner to me. - Kelowna: Love love love that logo and the diamond design. I would just change the black player name on the home jersey since it gets a bit lost and maybe add black outlines to the numbers on both - Victoria: I’m a sucker for purple in jersey designs and these are no exception. I think I prefer the look with grey over lavender but they’re both so good its tough to decide - Prince Albert: I love all the locally inspired design elements, and the primary logo is really striking. The black on the logos just seems a little out of place considering its nowhere on the rest of the uniforms. Can’t wait to see what you do for Calgary!
  3. Busy may have been the wrong word. I just think some of the details on those crests would get lost when they were resized to fit on a jersey. Like the stars on Bostons's would pretty much disappear. The detail on the sword and wings for Washington may wind up the same way. I'd go in a Liverpool-like direction and have a super-simplified version of the crest on the jerseys, but the full version in presentation. You could even try and intersperse other details of the crest on other parts of the jersey, like how Liverpool puts the torches on the back neck for the Hillsborough memorial. Whitecaps looks solid, it'd be cool to have a tweaked version of the Crest though, similar to their farm team Whitecaps 2.
  4. Good job on Calgary! I actually like the logo you designed, but I'd make it silhouetted and single-outlined like the original.
  5. I'm back! Sorry about the delay, been pretty busy moving back to school. I'm finally finished with the Guelph Gryphons, sometimes referred to as "Oregon North", a dubious distinction that refers to their staggering variety of uniform options. Seriously, a couple years back they were able to wear a different jersey for each game. New OUA rules have since limited the number of jerseys teams could have, but the Gryphons still used six jerseys and helmets last year. Here are their current logos and uniforms (Wikipedia only shows four, there is an additional white and additional red jersey) My favorite part about the Gryphons is their colour scheme. Red, yellow and black is really unique and looks great (They also share colours with a certain NHL team, which can't hurt). However, their uniforms are a bit too inconsistent for my taste, and the logo is pretty horrible. It wouldn't be so bad without the weird, abstract wing on the back, but it has to go. Logos The first thing that comes to mind for me when I think of a Gryphon is it's appearance in heraldry. I traced the gryphon from this picture, a shield from somewhere in Poland. I tried to find an area in Europe with ties to the University or the city of Guelph, but in the end just went with one I liked the look of. I simplified and cleaned it up, then added a similar outline to their current logo. Conrad's Highlight Factory font is used for the wordmark. Uniforms Though I like an insane amount of jerseys as much as the next guy, having two jerseys of the same color is a bit overkill, IMO. I limited myself to four jerseys, one in each color. I took the striping of their current white and yellow jerseys, expanded it to cover the whole sleeve, then applied it to all of the jerseys. The real variation now comes in the helmets. The black and yellow helmets have the new Gryphon o them, while the white helmet has the same logo but silhouetted and with a bolder outline. I decided to continue with a throwback red helmet, but instead of the Packers/Georgia "G" it features an updated version of the logo used on Guelph's helmets starting in 1996 (the middle helmet here). 1996 happens to be the last time Guelph won the Yates Cup (conference championship), and with the 20th anniversary of that next year I thought it would be appropriate. The Gryphons coaching staff has some cool rules regarding the combination of uniform they wear. For instance, the all black set is reserved for homecoming and if they make the Yates Cup. They are also reluctant to wear a uniform combo if the team has lost wearing it in the past. While I've presented the uniforms monochromatically, they are supposed to be mixed and matched freely, so while Guelph can't wear a different jersey for each game they can at least be unique with their uniforms. C&C is appreciated, thanks for looking. I'll get to work on the Gee-Gees.
  6. Atlanta: Solid look, crest looks good. However, for a team named Harlequins I think it could be a little bit more bold. Maybe try and incorporate some of that striping from the crest. Minnesota: Also pretty good. I like the simplified crest. I think a blue jersey would look good too, maybe as an alternate. Washington: Great uniforms, but the crest is too busy. I like the colors though, it has potential. Boston: Crest may be a little busy again, but good job tying it in with the New England culture Pittsburgh: Great look. Maybe move the sponsor below the checkerboard as it gets a little lost
  7. Not a fan of the vikings yellow alt but good for you experimenting if it could work. I LOVE those war paint shoulder stripes on Washington, that's a really unique touch. The font works fine for the numbers but I think it should be different for the nameplate. Not big on that W logo but I guess if it only appears on the gloves then whatever. Solid work
  8. I don't think the Duck's logo is all that bad, but their uniforms are a little questionable. While I'd sort of like to see what you'd do with their current colors, these are pretty solid
  9. Thanks a ton for the comments guys. I've reverted back to the original Q for the standalone logo, but removed the bevel and made it blue on the helmet. I've also shrunk the wordmark a tad, but Queen's has a history of big, bold wordmarks so it's still decently large. Let me know what you think of the changes. I'm just getting started on Guelph and don't worry, there will be tons of uniform combinations
  10. These look really good. I agree with what's been said about removing the words from the primary. I'm also not crazy about that number font, something a little blockier and maybe notched like the word "galaxy" in the primary would work better and fit in with the whole space theme
  11. Thanks for the responses guys! I'm officially turning this into an OUA football refresh thread. I might do some other conferences later if I have time, but I'll try and tackle Ontario first. I'm taking requests for what teams to do next, but for now I thought I'd round out the rivalry and try my hand at redesigning the Queen's (Golden) Gaels. Here are their current logos and uniforms. As much as I hate to admit it, Queen's has a pretty good look. They only wear one uniform, a full yellow set, for home and away. Logos I used Conrad's Invader 2014 font to recreate the current Q logo and wordmark. I removed the bevel-thing on the Q and cleaned up the outline on the wordmark. Football Uniforms I didn't do anything very drastic with the uniforms except for adding a blue "alternate" jersey, which is just the primary yellow with a blue body. It would only ever be used if the yellow jerseys clashed with their opponents (I don't think this ever happens in Ontario, but maybe if they went to the Vanier or something idk). I changed the yellow logo on the yellow helmet (which has always bugged me) to blue, matching the rest of the uniform. Striping consistency is the name of the game on these sets. I took their traditional thin red-blue-red stripes and applied them to the helmet and pants, and removed the blue side panels. The back of the collar has the word "OILTHIGH", which is gaelic for University, and is the fight song of Queen's. I used Conrads Golden Bear font for the numbers and nameplate. C&C is once again appreciated, and thanks for looking.
  12. Thanks for the feeback guys! Glad to see there is some interest in Western on the boards. I guess I'll get to work on another school, any requests?
  13. Hi all, I'm here with my first concepts for these boards, a refresh of my current school, the University of Western Ontario (UWO). It is a school located in London, Ontario, and athletically they compete in something called Ontario University Athletics (OUA), a division of Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS). I may do a refresh of some other OUA schools if there's enough interest, but for now I'm starting with Western. For a little background, here are their current logos and football uniforms. A decent identity (especially for canadian college football) but it could use some work. Logos My main challenge in creating these logos was that it's hard to make a silhouette of a horse running, have a team named "Mustangs", and not look like you're ripping off SMU. For the horse logo, I basically cleaned up the current one, removing superfluous details like the eye, mouth, mane and tails (seriously, six tails? WTF Western). For the full primary, I used Conrads FAU bold font to recreate the current primary. I liked that it had the traditional look and feel of a block font with some modern touches. Football Uniforms I am mostly ok with the current Under Armour uniforms (hooray, no Nike!) but I still felt they could use some improvement. My most drastic change was in removing silver (or gray) from the identity completely. Although this color (and essentially these uniforms) were used when Western won 4 Vanier Cups (equivalent to a national championship) in the 1970's, I still think it is unnecessary. Although this is based purely on anecdotal evidence (mainly from me going to the school lol), Western students are fiercely proud of having purple as a primary color, and I think it's a really unique feature of their scheme. Therefore, I sought to focus the uniforms on purple. Western introduced purple helmets a couple years back and I really liked them. Since I was ditching silver and focusing on purple I decided to make these the full time helmets, albeit with the simplified horse logo and a white facemask. The uniforms use the bold two-stripe pattern from recent Mustangs uniforms, but obviously without silver. White pants would be used for both the primary home and away sets, with purple pants being worn for Homecoming and special games, like crushing playing Queens. With these, I hoped Western could create a really timeless look with some nice modern elements. I used lancealot's template from Page 19 of the Templates thread at the top of this board (sorry I can't give better attribution, not really sure where it's from other than that). I also used Conrad's UA Highlight font, as I wanted an Under Armor font and felt this was the one that fit best with the identity I was going for. C&C is appreciated, and thanks for looking. I'd eventually like to get better at logo design, but I'd love some feedback on my uniform designs as well.
  14. Both of those teams look great. My only complaint would be with the Angels "A", the center of the A has too thick of a stroke and you can't really see the white. I know you're probably a victim of the font not being designed for a thick outline but it looks a little wonky. Other than that those alternates are awesome as well, especially that vest-style white.
  15. Miami is great. A lot of people try and force a very bold, modern and unique identity on Miami (lots of pink, etc) but I think you showed Miami can work well with a very simple and traditional look. Well done
  16. These brand books are fantastic, love how detailed they are. Those socks on the home kit will probably catch a lot of heat but I really like them, and I think that the rest of the kit is simple enough that the bold socks really balance it out well. I also really like the gradient on the away. I'm not sure what the restrictions are for detail when it comes to soccer socks, but it would be cool if the gradient continued onto the socks, like starting brown at the top and going back to yellow. It's just such a unique design I want to see more of it haha
  17. Awesome! Either those colors or the flying skate era one would look great on an alternate
  18. Mounties look great, the red and black differentiate them really well. That VM logo is awesome too
  19. Great look for the Canucks, I like that you made the bottom of the away jersey blue. The inconsistency between that and the sleeve ends has always bugged me. That top left Johnny Canuck looks awesome, as would the one in current colors but I don't know how well it would mesh with the millionaires colors. I know it's somewhat loathed around here but I've always liked the maroon and blue color scheme they had in the early 2000's (the first jerseys with the whale). That scheme might make a cool looking Johnny, just a thought. Great work!
  20. Cool idea for the gold, I've really enjoyed seeing ND's during the tournament right now. The font on the front of the jersey is a bit too ornate I think, and I'd make it bolder or add a white outline to it so it shows up better against the gold
  21. That looks sharp! I'm not really sure if it contradicts tradition or anything, but I think the axe on its own below the collar and on the socks should maybe be solid instead of an outline. Might be a little hard to see.
  22. I like the stripe on the Chargers helmet, but yeah I agree with Dan, not a fan of the old horse logo. Might work better with just putting the numbers on the helmet like they used to, or nothing at all.
  23. Really digging the sublimation on the front of the Canes jerseys. Nice way to spice it up
  24. Those all look fantastic, especially the alternates. On the Flames home jersey you could maybe swap the black and white on the arm stripes so that the white is the more prominent one just for consistency, but it still looks great.