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  1. I've been approached to design merchandise for a band. They want to make sure I get credit for the designs, we will write up contracts, etc. I've never done something like this before, I've always just fooled around with designs but they really liked the concepts I came up with. I need some advice though. Do I create a company name? How do I protect the designs for t-shirts, cd covers, etc? What's the going rate for merchandise design work? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. So the NHL comes out and says that players can't tuck in their jerseys anymore. Wasn't that what the Edge jerseys were designed for in the first place?
  3. Pictures do not do justice to these jerseys. The green is sweet looking in person.
  4. If the soon to be former Stars logo is considered boring, what about the Steelers? Not much difference to me.
  5. So what about the new Stars logo on this? Basically a recolored Whalers jersey.
  6. Nice job. Question, though... (I am slightly color blind, so forgive me....) These have an element of teal in them. I was expecting Kelly green. No way that's Kelly green. This is Kelly green, no? I agree that the green doesn't look Kelly or Celtic green but I used the same green that's in the logo that was leaked.
  7. A tweet from Mike Modano yesterday. Have to agree with Cole regarding a Modano jersey retirement.
  8. The shield logo is not the new logo according to those in the know.
  9. Personally I think Cuban is doing his own personal market research. Why hire a consulting firm to come up with an idea like a trash bag when you can get an idea of what the fans want for free.
  10. Per Mike Heika of the Dallas Morning News the Stars expect to unveil their new logo and uniforms the first week of June.
  11. I don't quite understand what that means. While my parents would not do it, I definitely knew plenty of people in the TCs with cable in the 1980s. I was just a kid so I probably did not have a clue, but I thought they had decent support. But a look at the attendanceshows some shockingly bad years. Nevertheless, I think they could have survived. Norm Green caused a few problems. This was a different era so the 1991 Stanley cup finals were stuck with local coverage. And Norm put them on ... Pay Per View. That was awfully short sighted in terms of relationship-building with fans. Even in Minnesota, the NHL cannot touch MLB or the NFL. Then there was his sexual harassment charge. As for attendance, I think it was a secondary cause of the team moving. There was some serious bandwagoning going on (particularly after the finals appearances)...part of the issue was the ol' Tampa Bay Rays excuse: the location of the arena. Had they moved downtown, they'd have probably drawn better. It was a great arena from a sight line perspective (still often considered the best to this day), but the location was less than convenient...yes it's by that stupid mall, but it's still an awful location for anyone in the north metro (or those working downtown) to get to for a 7:00 Tuesday game. And they were apparently getting serious about a move to the Target Center. According to this book (I think a quote from Lou Nanne), the North Stars and Timberwolves were hung up on revenue from the advertisements placed on the boards. Ugh. I really believe that downtown location would have helped their numbers. But the big thing was that Normy wanted public money. The Met Center, as great as it was for Joe Fan, had no luxury boxes and was even by then probably a lower-revenue arena. The Target Center move, along with increasing overall attendance, would have helped with revenue. But that did not work out and nobody was willing to build him an arena or provide money (I want to say it was only like $15 million) for Met Center upgrades. So in true Minnesota fashion, we called his bluff and spent a bunch more money to acquire a different franchise (with a silly name) a few years later. They also spent most of their history (including their last nine years) mired in mediocrity. Yes they had a finals trip in 1991, but that was with the 17th best record in the (23 team?) NHL. A Tale of Two Cities... Norm Green is vilified in Minnesota for moving their beloved North Stars to the hockey wasteland of Dallas. Norm Green is given standing ovations in Dallas for delivering their beloved Stars from the unappreciative Minnesota hockey snobs. No matter which way you look at it the team is more successful in Dallas than it ever was in Minnesota. Like any owner Green wanted more money. Minneapolis/St Paul would not help him, much like they wouldn't help any other owner. Dallas was more than happy to accept them and filled the arena. I understand the bad feelings about the team moving. It would break my heart if the Stars moved to another city. But no one should blame the fans or city of Dallas. They did not steal the North Stars away. If it wasn't Dallas it would've been Kansas City or some other city. Fans need to accept the fact that both cities now benefit, even though now one benefits at the cost of the other. You seem on the defensive about...well nothing. Nobody has said anything about Dallas or its fans in this thread. In fact "unappreciative Minnesota hockey snobs" is really the only shot hurled at fans regarding this topic. That and admiral's barbs about how much people in Minnesota like high school hockey. Admittedly, it was a bit of salt in many of our wounds to lose our team to a place like Dallas. At the time, sun belt hockey (outside of the Expansion 6 Kings) was fairly new (maybe the Lighting had been established) and it was odd to see the team packing up for a place where nobody skates on a pond. I was a teenager and did not understand one plain truth. Dallas was a better NHL market at the time. Even now with our nice new arena, it probably still is at least as good of a hockey's not about how many fans have played hockey or about hockey knowledge (which I doubt is equal even now, but what do I know). It's about the ability to make money. And it was there in Dallas. Now it's there in both places. Yes the Stars were better upon their arrival to Dallas. Yes, some other team would have won the cup in 1999 had the North Stars survived in Minnesota. I know all this. Additionally, Dallas's four teams are historically better than Minnesota's (with the possible exception of MLB, but even then it's roughly even), Texas has better weather, better barbeque, more knowledgeable hockey fans, and should I go on? I guess the main point of my replay is to ask what the hell you are whining about. I ripped the owner a bit had the gall to suggest that it could have worked in Minnesota, and said nothing about Dallas or its fans. And I don't think anyone else in this thread did either. I was trying to make a point about how the situation has two different points of view from the two fan bases but I didn't do a very good job. Then it turned into a bitch about how Minnesota fans rip Dallas because they lost their team. I shouldn't have quoted you, it made it look like I was directly replying to you when in fact I wasn't.