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  1. i think atlanta would join then cause its closer
  2. If anything move the pirates to the NL east,
  3. For NL centeral and AL centeral switch the pirates and twins.
  4. Im kinda mad, out school managed to get the #1 Running back in the state. And they were supposed to play him for trick plays last night. Insult to injury we lost to our school rival.
  5. WissX

    Wiss's Feilds

    I think the rectangle is photobucket but yeah I had conflicting data for hockey
  6. WissX

    Wiss's Feilds

    surprisingly not.
  7. A team name should be their brand. What Nic was saying, It should be somewhat professional and creative.If you cant guess the team I am all for it with a good name you need good branding
  8. WissX

    Wiss's Feilds

    Any ideas? Or some criticism?
  9. WissX

    Wiss's Feilds

    Give some C and C? I made a pool table, Lacrosse field, and tennis court as well. if your wondering why im doing this, its to learn illustrator for class.
  10. WissX

    Wiss's Feilds

    Im gonna be making fields. This shouldn't fail like my other threads now that it isn't logo design. Essentially what ill be doing is making fields for various sports. Everything is either 1/10th scale or full scale depending the size. leave ideas? I did a few already, hears a hockey rink
  11. This reminds me of my pepsi rebranding I did in art.
  12. id just give milwaukee a new look
  13. In 100 years when you win your next world seriess? but to the point All 3 different teams
  14. You see the cubs fly the flag when an "L" is taken. The two logos show no coloration, if you made it a dark blue instead of light blue id be agreeing And whos winning the division?
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