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  1. HI there!, Thanks for the post! I know this site is about sorts logos... Well Minneapolis just signed a national Soccer team today so we will need a team name and logo. We will also be hosting the Super Bowl in the near future. I wanted to say Thanks for your candy land posts. I am in the VERY EARLY planning stage of a mini golf course in the twin cities and Candy Land is a Perfect option! It appeals 2 all ages, I wanted to incorporate a solor/glow in the dark theme and the colors are PERFECT for what i had in mind!! I also wanted a medieval element that had a castle and a dragon. Last but not least, your 55 and i'm 50 and it is still appealing to our demo as well as all behind us!. Glow in the dark golf balls in Yellow, Orange, Blue and Pink .. Pick your color from an old fashioned glass candy jar .. I'm loving it. Thanks for your post - even though it's 2 years old...Perfect Random Timing!!!