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  1. These are looking pretty sweet, great idea! You should do Gonzaga.
  2. Holiday bowl on point! Thanks for making these!
  3. I really like this idea and looking forward to see what you come up with for the rest of the logos/uniforms. The only thing I would think to change is to make the under armour logo quite a bit smaller on the jersey.
  4. Here are the logos and word marks for the Toronto Troopers.
  5. I made all of the templates myself using an outline of tbdaniel15's mach speed template. The Adidas techfit template on mockup arena is different than mine. Here is Carolina by Jordan Adidas Minnesota coming soon StaatsBrett I might do some fauxback uniforms in the future osctheg
  6. I want to spread the 3 brands fairly equal across the league and so I just choose what template fits the team best or what is suggested with the request. The reason Nike has 3 templates is because I think they are all good looking and it creates more diversity in the designs. Clintau24
  7. In this series I will be re-branding all 32 NFL Team's uniforms with either Nike (Mach Speed, Pro Combat, Vapor Untouchable), Adidas (Techfit 2016), or Under Armour (Diablo). Nike/Jordan Carolina Panthers New York Jets Adidas Tampa Bay Buccaneers Minnesota Vikings New Orleans Saints Under Armour Las Vegas Raiders Atlanta Falcons Leave comments and requests of what team with what brand/template you want.
  8. Love the template. Great work!
  9. These are great! I really like the bus design.
  10. Really like ASU! For the cougs the only thing I would change is the facemasks to the same color as the helmets. Overall really awesome designs!
  11. What if College Football Teams got Jordan Uniforms like Michigan? Leave Requests! Oregon State Iowa
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