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  1. Really liked City's and Southampton's 3rd kits. Nice touch having retro adidas with United's 3rd. Good to see Boro back with a hoop. Really like Sunderland's home and agree with @JosiahWVU that you done a great job making the three red/ white stripe kits unique to each club. Swansea's are pretty nice, interesting choice going for a white hoop for the away kit
  2. I can understand if it's just an unfortunate bunching of all the white away kits haha. Tbh I'd say for Everton (team I support) you've put the away and third the right way round. Liverpool - home kit is sound, third kit seems good too. Like the idea of incorporating the Shankly gates into the away but I don't think it sits right. It interferes too much with the badge and manufacturer logo. Having said that I'm not sure what can be done about it, perhaps moving the gate motif further down the shirt, along with the sponsor
  3. Palace - Really like the separation of colours on left and right of shorts and socks on away kit Everton - Nice home kit similar to this year's, away kit is very 90s with sublimated pattern, not sure about the hooped effect on the third kit Hull - Solid home and away, but third kit I really am fond of. Unusual colour combination but works dead well Leicester - Big fan of the collar, nice home and away, great throwback with the third but might look better with black shorts (although not historically accurate) Would be nice to see some teams with an away shirt other than white... just my two cents
  4. Arsenal looks very good. Bournemouth Home and Away solid too, not sure having a red third kit would work well (although like the idea). Would work vs WBA but might run into problems vs Palace. Look forward to seeing future work
  5. What a pleasant surprise about Everton that home kit is brilliant and love how you can interchange it with the away. I also like how you went for a radical untraditional design for the third but I do agree with Aggie, the Chang logo should be centred and numbers/ sponsor colour in white. Judging by the map, I predict the three remaining teams could be a selection of: Leeds, Forest, Sunderland, Swansea, or perhaps a Bristol team (City) P.S. Really liking the tower motif on the socks, but id place them on the front where the intro logo currently is
  6. I fear that Everton aren't gonna make the cut judging by the map. Hopefully still room for Leeds United Interesting choice with Oldham, I like the home and third but don't like the curved horizontal band on the away
  7. Sad that this series has come to an end... very enjoyable throughout. Wakefield's badge would look better with a solid white W. Like what you've done with Salford, nice and straightforward yet good looking. Their playoff jersey is too similar to the home kit I think... all in all well done Pulv! !
  8. All of these kits are solid, really like the Liverpool and City away kits
  9. Good home jersey, pretty similar to this year's but that's hardly a bad thing! Really like the away and the playoff kit is a nice revival of a colour scheme that Leeds have done a few times. One thing though, Leeds isn't in East Riding (Hull), it's in West Yorkshire!
  10. Nice kit designs for Warrington, buuuuut from a kit clash point of view a tad problematic. You got a home kit of blue and yellow (rightly so) but going with blue away clashes with the other two blue teams in the league, Leeds and Wakefield. For Wakefield I guess the playoff jersey could be worn no issues but for Rhinos (blue and amber) I think the playoff jersey would clash too much too. Just my two cents... keep up the good work really liking this series!
  11. Saints Home kit is really good, liking the throwback too. I'm not feeling the away kit though, the Pilkington's logo should be 100% in white, and the chest band doesn't sit right, the crest isn't centred. I'd consider either reworking the band so that it's thinner or losing it altogether, I think the colour combination of light blue and orange is striking enough to justify a relatively laid back template. Also the new Cas away shirt definitely works better second time round comparing the two.
  12. Really like the Hull FC away kit, and the Cas kits are all solid
  13. Nice to see some RL on here. Black sleeves definitely worked better for the Widnes away strip. Wigan's home strip doesn't sit right with me with Navy shorts, should be red or white in my opinion. Away kit works well with inversion of colours. Good work so far, looking forward to your design for Leeds Rhinos!
  14. The away kit is brilliant for Oaktown, those two kits make for a great set. Nice to see another series of hand-drawn soccer kits!
  15. The thing I like about my fictional country is that I've been slowly developing its identity ever since I was in elementary school (I'm a high school junior now), with these concepts putting the final polishing on these regional identities. I've always liked Mt. Lee's colors as well as Rattick's kits, so I can't disagree with you there! Also, my decision to use mostly European names at first (I've been slowly changing names here and there) is because 1) I won't have to worry about too much naming, just naming the cities is all, and 2) it kinda helps add realism to this league. Glad you liked this series so far and I'll be sure to incorporate a royal blue team in here somehow. (Got any sponsorship name ideas, perhaps?) Nice one, glad to know I'm not the only one with a fantasy country! For sponsorship, assuming there isn't a ban on alcohol(?) I'll put forward "Fohlenblut Lager"
  16. Great series! I think for Union having three kits where blue is the prominent colour creates too much of a clash. I'd have the third kit as a different colour, maybe gold or white?
  17. Some of the kits you're posting here are great, I really like the fact so much has gone into creating the identity of the regions the clubs come from and that it manifests in the clubs' designs. So far Mt Lee Utd has been my favourite home kit for the pinstripes and colour combo, but City SC of Rattick has the best overall set of kits in my opinion, even if they're not the most extravagant. I also like the fact the clubs take more to the European convention of naming rather than the likes of NFL, MLB etc., makes it feel more authentic to me. Keep it up! Would love to see a royal blue team in this series