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  1. Received this earlier via text...making the rounds on twitter as well. Unsure of the authenticity (also admittedly did not go too far back in thread to see if already shared) but here ya go.
  2. Yes. These will be worn versus Michigan State. Here's a few more pics from Twitter....fan jersey was never going to translate well.
  3. These definitely have a stronger MiLB vibe which I'm okay with since the previous felt like such little effort went into.
  4. I'll share once allowed but the official release will probably come first...cant risk it unfortunately.
  5. Just saw a new one-off ASU uni (all white) that deviates from "newest" sets...likely to be worn against MSU "STATE" on Sept. 14. Helmet stripe, shoulder design (state flag) and different number/name font.
  6. Reminds me too much of the Dame Lillard Adidas logo...
  7. Not making excuses but the 6 PM time change (from 2 PM) didn't seem to help. It definitely looked empty but hopefully build up a bit here in the coming weeks. As far quality of the game, it was entertaining enough...given the regional allocation of college talent fans were familiar enough with the ASU/Arizona players on the roster.
  8. Worse than these? I'm glad to see a shift in using the team logos...might actually buy one now instead of something with a giant NHL crest on it.
  9. An upgrade from the previous but its still pretty bad...the cup portion of the logo is a mess and I am not a fan of "CONCACAF" in lowercase with "CHAMPIONS LEAGUE" in uppercase
  10. Another lackluster jersey for the Suns...no surprise there.
  11. ASU Salute to Service unis...no more tan. PT*42 on the helmet and pants, ARIZONA STATE back on chest, state flag switched out for camo.