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  1. Fleury is being traded to the Blackhawks. Vegas fans have almost completed their full “welcome to the NHL, life is pain” circuit. They’ve choked in the playoffs numerous times now, and they’ve just lost their face of the franchise (and in the process found out their front office are jerks). Once the free agent contracts start to age poorly and there’s no young depth for the team to rely on, and they slowly slip into the purgatory of cap hell, the cycle will be complete.
  2. As much as it would hurt for Al Michaels to step away from SNF, I think this is about the right time to do it. He's obviously an all-time great and still better than a lot of the play-by-play guys you hear on TV, but I feel like over the last few years it's become increasingly clear that he's lost a step or two. Feels like most of the enthusiasm comes from Collinsworth, which can work, except when it's Cris Collinsworth it's super annoying. It's funny, I feel like each of the four "A" NFL broadcast teams have issues, so I always find myself bouncing between them as to which one I like the best. There have been stretches where I seriously was thinking about Buck and Aikman as the best duo in the NFL, although that thought eventually passed. I think right now you'd have to give the edge to Nantz and Romo but there are a lot of times over the course of a 4:30 CBS game that Tony Romo says something that makes me roll my eyes.
  3. I agree. I’m reeeeally hoping the sizing just looks off cause they're not wearing pads and that it’s one of the first jerseys they made, so it’ll look better on the ice. Cause if not, woof. That away jersey is gonna be all logo.
  4. Absolutely insane hockey day. And we haven’t even gotten into OEL to Vancouver, although at this point that’s being overshadowed by Seth Jones to Chicago.
  5. I actually like the idea they were going for but someone said it looks like a bowling alley carpet and now I can't get that image out of my head.
  6. It’s pretty amazing (and also really, really cool) that in an era of shooting and superteams, the Bucks one with only one true superstar, whose main weakness is that he can’t shoot. Congrats to the Bucks and Milwaukee. This was a win-win finals for the neutral so I’m happy to see Giannis go out and dominate. He’s basically got a complete resume at age 26. Incredible.
  7. Gorgeous kit. Good enough to tempt me to buy it during the season they wear it (I usually try and wait until after the season to get good deals). Glad we get a good looking change kit after that abomination of a home kit.
  8. After doing some more reading, the Caps subreddit seems convinced he’s not going anywhere, but their main reasons for thinking that are 1) assuming the Caps have an under-the-table extension already agreed with Ovechkin, meaning they don’t have to protect him from Seattle, thus opening up a forward spot to protect Oshie, and 2) Oshie saying he wants to stay in D.C. 1 sounds plausible, even likely, but obviously we won’t know until after the expansion draft, and in terms of 2, I trust player statements like that about as far as I can throw the players themselves. So while I think it’s unlikely Oshie is left unprotected, anything is possible.
  9. Fantastic jersey. Only bad thing is the dumb “Rams” clothing tag on the left shoulder but I can live with that. Make a home uniform based on that, drop the gradient, and you’re good. It’s not hard, Rams.
  10. Excellent thread name. As for the trade, LOLOILERS remains in full effect. This franchise has done basically zero things of note since 1990, is continually rewarded with #1 picks and yet is still stuck spinning their tires in the mud. They don’t deserve Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, much less Draisaitl or McDavid. In terms of the expansion draft, there’s about five different guys I could realistically see Seattle snatching from the Caps, and it really all depends on what they’re prioritizing. If they want an immediate veteran leader who can be the guy to market right out of the gate (basically their Fleury), they could snatch Oshie. If they want cheap depth scoring they probably take Sheary or Sprong, and I could easily see them taking either one of our young goalies. It will be very interesting to see.
  11. This is the first sports final in years where I legitimately want both teams to win. Either a modern legend of the game finally gets a ring after years of excellence or a bright young star silences his already-a-bit-too-loud critics. And the teams themselves are evenly matched as well. This is very refreshing.
  12. Absolute disasterclass from Southgate there. Goes into park the bus mode after scoring an early goal where an extra goal or two could have been the dagger. And then throws up three of his youngest players for pens, including a fricking nineteen year old who he asked to shoulder the burden of 55 years’ worth of hurt. England had their chance to win their first trophy in over a half century and they biffed it.
  13. I know I'm 48 hours late, but the thing I enjoy most about Bobby Bonilla day is that it helps keep it the most infamous deferred payment contract in MLB history. Yes sir, you'd be hard pressed to find another MLB team who gave a quote unquote slugger a deferred contract across multiple decades just to have him completely disappear as a player, yes sir indeed. Can't think of one other team who did something that stupid. No sir.
  14. If he is, then the air he’s punching is showing more fight than the teams he’s coached.
  15. It also took him about a week to come up with that one apparently
  16. That’s a big bet to make man, if I were in your scenario I don’t think I could risk that much. Especially if we’re talking a gallon of cookies and cream.
  17. I’m not a sharks fan so I can’t tell you, but if Reddit comments are to be believed (dubious, I know), then this is what we call a “Pete DeBoer special.”
  18. Goated video game right there. Give me an MLB Power Pros 2021 and I’ll buy it over The Show 21 every day of the week and twice on Sundays.
  19. It’s also way, way overused in soccer. Every decent young player is labeled a generational talent, either by the media or their own fans.
  20. If my grandmother had wheels, she'd be a bike.
  21. I don’t really watch the NBA a lot (I’ve been following these playoffs though cause they’ve been freakin’ amazing). And even I know that when you can’t play one of your “stars” in the last minute of Game 7 because of limitations in his game, that’s brutal. That’s not the kind of stuff you want to be paying max money for. On the flip side, I’ve been kind of bandwagoning with Atlanta because I absolutely love the swagger Trae plays with. It’ll be interesting to see how they handle the Bucks.
  22. It’s not dumb in and of itself, it just gets thrown around so often nowadays it’s lost its meaning. It’s just like people who call every team who win a championship a potential “dynasty.” I think it comes from a generation of people (myself included) who grew up in a world where there were dedicated sports channels and content companies, so we all watched documentaries and shows about old teams and those “dynasties.” And we so desperately want to have modern “dynasties” and “generational talents” that we slap that label onto anyone and everyone.
  23. Oh my god, Pierre McGuire saying MAF’s puck-handling has “made a difference,” only for the game-tying puck to end up in the net not 15 seconds later directly because of said puck-handling has got to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen happen in an NHL game. Might be one of the worst announcer’s jinxes in history. Also, it keeps getting said, but it is true so it should be repeated - the refs are either truly that bad, or they’re being told to not call stuff on Vegas. What other explanation is there for crap like this? Montreal is literally skating 6-on-5.
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