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  1. Gleyber Torres probably could've beaten us all by himself.
  2. John Elway is one of my personal favorite sports figures in terms of schadenfreude. Watching him trade for Joe Flacco after it was painfully obvious we were going to cut him anyway, then have the audacity to say he’s entering his prime at 34 years old was particularly enjoyable. The man built a defense that could’ve won Nathan Peterman a Super Bowl, and has been coasting on that for years. You love to see it.
  3. The trouble is, in regards to the officiating, what is the NFL going to do about it? The answer is not a gosh darn thing. Why? It’s not affecting the bottom line. People will still watch football despite bad refs, and that’s been proven for years. As long as people still watch, the NFL won’t care.
  4. @Kramerica Industries just noticed as I was looking at the sheet, Rams80 at 58-33 is sitting a few spots below his fellow 58-33’rs. Just thought you’d want to know.
  5. Brandon Carr continues the Proud Ravens Tradition of standing 10-15 yards off of every receiver. 1st and 10? 15 yards off. 3rd and 5? 10 yards off. It never fails. Every game the opposing offense gets a few easy completions on Carr which just makes me shake my head. Once Jimmy Smith comes back, Carr will be the fourth cornerback, which is ideal. Saw a tweet listing every QB drafted in the Top 5 since 2006. In general, it’s not pretty. From Winston down (aka the QB’s that it’s not too early to make the call on), 8/12 were busts or disappointments. Only Luck, Newton, Stafford, and Ryan turned out well. Yeesh.
  6. The more I think about the Peters trade, the more I think it’s a great move for the Ravens. A Ravens film guy I trust called him a high risk, high reward corner, which certainly seems accurate based on how he’s gotten toasted in the past. That being said? Like I said in my previous post, he’s an obvious upgrade on what the Ravens had in the secondary. What really seals this as a great deal though in my eyes is what we gave up (or didn’t). Kenny Young had a great rookie season but fell hard and was clearly in the doghouse, hadn’t played on defense in two games (had a few ST snaps against Pittsburgh). And the pick we gave up was the one we fleeced Minnesota for in exchange for a kicker that was kinda okay in preseason. So you essentially gave up nothing to get an upgrade in an area of need. Yes please.
  7. Lovely. Just what the doctor ordered for an absolute joke of a secondary (outside of Humphrey and Thomas). I’ll take Peters over Maurice Canady or Anthony Averett though, who were starting. It also means less playing time for Brandon Carr, who is incredibly, deeply overrated.
  8. Kansas City vs. Denver San Francisco vs. Washington Houston vs. Indianapolis Jacksonville vs. Cincinnati Miami vs. Buffalo Oakland vs. Green Bay Arizona vs. NY Giants Minnesota vs. Detroit LA Rams vs. Atlanta LA Chargers vs. Tennessee New Orleans vs. Chicago Baltimore vs. Seattle Philadelphia vs. Dallas New England vs. NY Jets
  9. I was watching that live. Truly incredible.
  10. I think the Ravens are a small tweak away from having a virtually perfect identity - there should be a stripe on the black pants. They look way too close to yoga pants/leggings imo. Other than that, they’re pretty much good. The purple pants are brilliant, especially with the white and black jerseys, their integration of the MD flag is clever and not too in-your-face, the number font is unique and fits, I like the primary logo, just about everything is perfect. And I’m so glad the gold pants stayed as a one-off idea. It was good to see them experiment with pants since it was just white and black for the longest time, but gold was definitely not the direction to go in.
  11. Cousins’ deal is over next year. Goff’s extension means he’s locked up until 2024, and they ain’t trading that contract. Goff seems like the definition of a system QB and now he’s even struggling in that system. Good point. That one looks especially egregious with all the injuries and stuff. All goes to my point that the Rams’ potential NFC dynasty looks like it’s over even before it got started.
  12. That Goff contract was a bit of a head-scratcher when he signed it, it could very well be the worst contract in the NFL by the time it’s done. It might already be there. It could very well be one NFC Title for this Rams team and that’s it.
  13. Remember last year when it looked like the Chargers were legit Super Bowl contenders? Me neither.
  14. Tony Romo watching the Cowboys lose to the winless Jets from the broadcast booth: