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  1. I was watching that live. Truly incredible.
  2. I think the Ravens are a small tweak away from having a virtually perfect identity - there should be a stripe on the black pants. They look way too close to yoga pants/leggings imo. Other than that, they’re pretty much good. The purple pants are brilliant, especially with the white and black jerseys, their integration of the MD flag is clever and not too in-your-face, the number font is unique and fits, I like the primary logo, just about everything is perfect. And I’m so glad the gold pants stayed as a one-off idea. It was good to see them experiment with pants since it was just white and black for the longest time, but gold was definitely not the direction to go in.
  3. Cousins’ deal is over next year. Goff’s extension means he’s locked up until 2024, and they ain’t trading that contract. Goff seems like the definition of a system QB and now he’s even struggling in that system. Good point. That one looks especially egregious with all the injuries and stuff. All goes to my point that the Rams’ potential NFC dynasty looks like it’s over even before it got started.
  4. That Goff contract was a bit of a head-scratcher when he signed it, it could very well be the worst contract in the NFL by the time it’s done. It might already be there. It could very well be one NFC Title for this Rams team and that’s it.
  5. Remember last year when it looked like the Chargers were legit Super Bowl contenders? Me neither.
  6. Tony Romo watching the Cowboys lose to the winless Jets from the broadcast booth:
  7. I’m rooting for the Nats. A lot of O’s fans hate the Nats cause they came in on “our” market and made a whole stink with MASN (which I honestly have neither the interest or patience to understand that mess), but I mean come on, do you seriously expect the MLB, a sport that bills itself as the “national pastime”, to not want a team in the nation’s capital? D.C. should have a baseball team. And after all I have a soft spot for D.C. teams that could never get it done in the playoffs who are able to get over the hump. Plus beating the NL Yankees is always a positive.
  8. So the biggest rule change of the offseason, and one of best rule-related changes the NFL has made in recent memory, was all for nothing because refs are too old and stubborn to admit when they’re wrong. Cool.
  9. Pre-2018, sure. But now they couldn’t be further from the same. The Caps actually won the big one and Ovechkin played like an MVP while doing it. The Dodgers/Kershaw have done neither.
  10. Phillies get in on the fun by firing Gabe Kapler.
  11. When is it time to start talking about these Dodgers among the biggest playoff chokers we’ve seen in a while? I think it’s right here and now. One of baseball’s biggest payrolls for years, the best pitcher of our generation (plus some really good starters behind him), and a lineup that consistently featured really good hitters, tons of division titles, and yet could never win the big one.
  12. I was kind of rooting for the Braves cause they’re young and fun and Nick Markakis, but it’s hard for me to fully get behind the Tomahawk. I’m indifferent with the Nats-Dodgers series bc on the one hand, D.C. and all, but on the other, the Dodgers are alright and I don’t really mind them despite the gargantuan payroll. In the AL, obviously, anyone but the Yankees. My hatred has been rekindled because thanks to @thisdayinsportsclips on Instagram, I was reminded that today is the anniversary of Jeffery Maier in the ‘96 ALCS. Fan-frickin’-tastic.
  13. Danny Mills trying to say that the Super Cup is on the same level as the Community Shield, and that he’s “not sure” if what Klopp has accomplished puts him next to Liverpool’s best ever managers. Liverpool fans are given to hyperbole (see: calling Naby Keita a “generational talent”), but if you’re still trying to claim what Klopp’s done at Liverpool is somehow not impressive you’ve clearly not watched Liverpool over the last few years.
  14. NY Giants vs. New England Carolina vs. Tampa Bay Washington vs. Miami Houston vs. Kansas City Seattle vs. Cleveland Cincinnati vs. Baltimore New Orleans vs. Jacksonville Philadelphia vs. Minnesota San Francisco vs. LA Rams Atlanta vs. Arizona Tennessee vs. Denver Dallas vs. NY Jets Pittsburgh vs. LA Chargers Detroit vs. Green Bay