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  1. I’m happy for Trout getting the contract and dough he deserves, and I’m happy for Angels fans that they get to keep their all-world talent for pretty much the duration of his all-world-ness. I’m not sure if paying one dude $36m/year is necessarily a formula for a championship, but it’s how baseball is nowadays so you can’t criticize the Angels too much for this deal, if at all. Good on them.
  2. A real, actual NFL team signed Ereck Flowers. Take one guess who it was.
  3. Long overdue. No idea how he was still in the league. Someone will pick him up though. Just watch.
  4. Ravens made two splashes today, signing Earl Thomas and Mark Ingram. Always exciting to see your team go after big names, and I think both will help. Thomas' deal is for 4 years/$55m. $32m is guaranteed and $22m of that comes in the first nine months. I don't hate that structure, the frontloading lets the Ravens cut him when he undoubtedly falls off a cliff and is no longer worth the money. He also fills the need left by Weddle's cutting and helps address the fact that OBJ just came into the division. Ingram's deal is for 3 years/$15m. That's decently reasonable for a good running back, especially when the running game is going to be a huge part of the offense. Happy with both deals. But, as with any free agent, time will tell.
  5. I’ve never really been a fan of Ronaldo, but I’m less of a fan of Real Madrid’s, so if his success leads to their embarrassment then I’m all for it. Forza Juve! In all seriousness though, what a big game player. I may not particularly like him, but holy cow what a player. We’ll never see anyone like him (or Messi) come through in a long time.
  6. Torts is basically Jose Mourinho The Hockey Coach.
  7. I also feel very torn about this result, because despite the fact that Mbappe is one of my favorite non-Liverpool players on the planet, I really don't care for PSG, so this result to me is hilarious. The only thing stopping me from full-on indulging on schadenfreude is that fact that Manchester United benefited from it. But at least they've got a decently likable manager now.
  8. I agree wholeheartedly. 6-1 was more shocking, for sure, but tonight would hurt more. Countless missed chances plus both of Utd’s earlier goals were massive mistakes. With the squad they’ve got, even without Neymar and Cavani, it’s an embarrassment.
  9. 5-0 Caps in Philly. 15 still to go in the second.
  10. Don’t think we have any resident PSG fans here on the boards (if you’re out there, feel free to chime in), so just a general question to everybody. If you’re a PSG fan, which devastating UCL elimination is worse: 6-1, or tonight?
  11. PSG’s cursed. Only way to explain it.
  12. Ajax is beating Real Madrid 3-0... at the Bernabeu EDIT: Asensio literally finishes one as I type the sentence. 3-1.