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  1. RT @TroyVincent23: Welcome to today's #TV23Chat! Today I'm joined by an @OhioStateFB/@RamsNFL Legend and @ProFootballHOF tackle, @OrlandoPa…

  2. @AlexOpfer13 Still dont want to believe it ??

  3. RT @EUCFOOTBALL: Ryan Johnson (@_32rj) is your 2017 Hudl Highlight Tournament Champion! Watch his highlights here:…

  4. @GaryLill1 @EUCFOOTBALL It's great to be able to two platoon everything! Should have close to 90 10-12

  5. @aguerra3 They will probably trade him at the deadline??

  6. RT @EUCFOOTBALL: a few more

  7. You already know!

  8. I can't unsee it, will certainly have to fix that
  9. No unfortunately they only want to use blue or white on a blue helmet...
  10. I appreciate all of the comments, going to continue to work at it and will post changes soon. @LeeTraylor those designs are very clean and I like them a lot, simple but makes so much sense here. I may have to pass this coach off to you ?
  11. The School is the Durand Railroaders in Michigan, it used to be a huge railroad hub. I took your sihoulette idea and ran with it this is what I came up with thus far I plan on cleaning everything up but just looking for a basis to start. It is almost as if the circle represents the sun in this instance.
  12. Hello, I am looking for some inspiration for developing a Helmet Decal for a local school. The team is called the railroaders and the only colors they use are blue and white. The Coach really wants the word railroaders to be incorporated somewhere in the design, I am not a huge fan of big script letters on helmets so I went with a think smaller block font. He also wants to ensure that people understand that railroaders are the people that worked on building the railroads not people who worked on trains, so I am debating doing some sort of mascot depicting a railroad worker. I guess I am looking for help in which way I should take this logo. It is not apart of a rebrand just simply redesigning the helmet logo because a new coach was hired. What they had in previous seasons is below. This is just a rough mock of what I think may look good any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated!
  13. @Up4s_Take CLEVELAND!!! (LeBron voice)

  14. RT @EUCFOOTBALL: First up Cee Jay Hale (@poopieworld), He has committed to Urbana University to play Quarterback. @tyhaines16 @JimCordle63…

  15. RT @Up4s_Take: What's better than the Eagles winning their FIRST SUPER BOWL!? Tom Brady LOSING another! #SBLII #storybook