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  1. They can doubt it if they want, but no one is denying them either. They're the real deal. But nothing will prevent leaks from the sneaky guy within the Browns personnel. apparently the leaks have been from people who work at retailers like Dicks
  2. did you really expect people to read all of that?
  3. i think they only trademarked blue turf, and it didn't include end zones.
  4. Just report the op for the poll, I would but I'm on phone
  5. It looks amateurish, when it's only done in college it looks amateurish. It doesn't look bad in college, but looks out of place in the NFLIt's not an opinion, that is an attribute that is clearly associated with the college ranks, and is thus amateurish
  6. Looks good so far, no complaints
  7. I say eliminate the yellow circles from the goals, one thing that I love about lacrosse is that the goalie can run up the field if he wants to as long as a midfielder stays back
  8. It looks amateurish, when it's only done in college it looks amateurish. It doesn't look bad in college, but looks out of place in the NFL
  9. Fake as a $3 bill. See how it uses the venting from the 2014 Nike shirts, rather than the 2015 Nike shirts.When did they change the venting, and what does it look like a ke now?
  10. It's more of a warm gray. Most people think cool gray when they hear gray. Its sand. It looks more yellow than gray. Its sand. Its not gray. Google PMS Warm Gray. Warm Gray has more of a warm feel to it, or as you may call it, "sand". Who gives a crap what color it is, it's not a team color and should not be used on the uniform.
  11. You would think a school who's coach that likes having "dogs" on his team that doesn't care about how they look like "cats", would just want to have green turf.
  12. that is one of the reasons why I hate the high cuffed look, when teams do it you will end up with 2-3 different styles of socks outside of throwback games. If you go high cuffed you need to wear the same socks as the rest your team mates or you won't be allowed to play or be fined. The NFL has the same problems with their socks but atlas their players get fined when they want to be different than everyone else and put their own style above the team.
  13. If this bothers you even a little bit, then perhaps the internet isn't for you. I think I'm going to go troll on the Hawks page for a while. The internet is for me. Go ask anyone my age who is a sports fan and follows their favorite team on Instagram and they will tell you that they see people talking crap about their team. They will definitely tell you it's annoying. How much of a life could you possibly not have if you actually spend the time to mess with people on a freaking Instagram page?or you could do this revolutionary thing called ignoring it. who gives a flying :censored: what some person on the internet says on the internet.
  14. that logo looks like some type of prototype USPS logo
  15. can you do some alternates so we can see some creativity?