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  1. Dude this are amazing. How long do they take to create?
  2. I've been following along on the other site and omg. The new Duluth and Baudette threads are sweet I T I S B A C K B A B Y
  3. Tears come to my eyes as I realize this high of a thread is over. I love everything about it. Just need a video game, with all these amazing jerseys
  4. The Denfeld Away is clean as hell like holy.
  5. I really like St Clouds, Home and ALT, not a fan of the red roundel on the away. Willmar is clean and simple, with a touch of spicy with the added black in the ALT. Overall clean set. The Little Falls cartoon plane is one of the best things in this thread. Also P U R P L E! The ALT takes the my top spot over Sauk Rapids. God i never want this thread to end
  6. I think the irl storm away actually says SRRHS, for Sauk Rapids-Rice High School. but this is a very appealing set to me. This ALT is one of my favorites
  7. Man i really like how simple John Marshall is, it works so well. Side note, what will happen to your MAHL series now?
  8. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF ALL OF THESE ARE SOO GOOD! I seriously need these in a video game. You consistently have unique striping designs for each each, and its f-ing awesome. Owatonnas black on black looks fresh af. plz never stop making concepts for this or your MAHL series (which i still look through from the beginning).
  9. Mankato East is VINTAGE AF also fyi the info on the Minneapolis set has a different school on it.
  10. H A L L O W E E N M A C H I N E looks great
  11. WTF THIS IS SICK! I love the multi colored stripes
  12. O.O THAT ALT SCRIPT THO ugh i wish I could have all these in a video game and play to win the tourney
  13. Duluth East just has a phenomenal set overall, but this, this is even better. Im glad to see you kept their current away and set it as an ALT. That jersey is a Tourney classic
  14. Okay so it looks like ive missed a bunch in the last few days. Rogers - I need those shoulder stripes in my life. You are so far in this series and still have unique ideas. St Franics - The Combined SF is really clean, striping is fantastic. STMA - The Knights home has always been one of my favorites. AHA - Yeah I love everything about this set. The gold really ties in well. BW - So uhh I actually had to google where this school even was, I've never ever heard of them before. Id go see them if they wore that set, love that color set. DC - Yeah i cant decide if its blue or purple and its hurting my brain.
  16. Everything still looks amazing! I didnt realize SPA got new jerseys, im bummed, i LOVED their old look. Buffalo is fire because P U R P L E
  17. Shakopee looks really clean! I really like BSMs current home, so I would rather of had that as the ALT.
  18. So I've never seen the Farmington ALT before. That thing looks fresh as hell. Please bring Lakeville North back to the Nordiques, but please dont make them Blackhawk rip off
  19. Everything has been sweet lately! I gotta ask, whats the beef with Eagan and Eastview
  20. Dude ER is awesome! I wish that there was a MN HS video game with all the schools and with all the jerseys you have made.
  21. Well its not like they havent won a game at state or anything, . . . wait a minute. Praise the lord for fixing their home jerseys. I saw them plat 3 times this year, and I couldn't figure out what jersey the stripes were based off of. It just looks messy. These on the other hand are soooooooooooooooo much better. The ALT is nice and I think it would pair well with the HM ALT you made. We dont have to worry about seeing the Bears at the X for another ten years so its a shame these jerseys outmatch the current ones. - Sincerely, A Still upset Pioneer Fan, who laughs at 0-20. Id like to see Woodbury with blue as a main color rather than black. Keep up the good work!
  22. Dang I love the current Stillwater home jerseys. Their current road jerseys are awful. For the first time this series, I'm not a fan of a set. No hate on you its a well done set. I do really like the ALT. I always liked that jersey. I just dont think it works well with the home and away.
  23. so the real question is, who do you got to win the tourney this weekend?
  24. Mounds View looks nice. My one gripe is the the striping looks a lot like East Ridge. Also as a fellow hockey jersey designer, how do you get the letters diagonally on the chest? Is there an easy way to do that or do you have to line it up letter by letter?
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