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  1. I just noticed this today so I wanted to see if anyone can confirm this or am I seeing things and is this intentional or just a happy accident... the 1971 California Angels cap, which I believe was a one year only style, is the lower part of the a meant to be a C for California?
  2. Unclear. In the past they have added some missing jerseys and caps but they've also recently maintained that "spring jerseys are released too late to be added in." That seems like an garbage excuse but it's possible there's a more concrete reason behind it because if they could add them I would think they would. I realize now that there are actually no 2020 BP or ST specific jerseys in the game. Every jersey in the slot labeled BP is from 2019 because none of them have the Nike check. Also most have the colored side panels of last season. Even a team like the Marlins who have a BP/ST specific jersey have the 2019 version in, not the 2020 one. And any team that wears a regular season alternate in ST (such as Pittsburgh and Milwaukee) has that jersey in as a 2020 alternate.
  3. Turns out I was wrong on this as not every uniform added was with both home and road versions. Some yes but some not. Here's something I did notice though. A few weeks ago we realized that many teams didn't have a true BP/ST jersey such as the Pirates and Brewers who were wearing a regular season alternate in ST. For those teams the jersey is listed as an alternate and in the BP spot is the 2019 BP tops which don't even exist this year. For some teams like the Padres they have their 2019 BP top in there but they don't have their 2020 ST top at all probably since it was unveiled late. I'd imagine it gets patched in though. Toronto's new blues aren't in either but their royal blue top is in twice which I assume is a placeholder for when the powder blue gets patched in.
  4. It's the white vest with a black undershirt underneath.
  5. The game used to be limited to a certain number of uniforms per team, it was only like two years ago that those limits were abolished and that the designers could add in as many uniforms as they wanted/or as time would allow really. In the last two years a multitude of throwback uniforms have been added with virtually none being removed. Last year they added over 60 and this year they've added over 80. Even then there are plenty of teams in the game who have less throwback uniforms than others. I highly doubt this has anything to do with the Giants specifically.
  6. This is great but a thought, it could actually be 82 new uniforms? I don't know this for sure but I do know that when they add a throwback uniform in that game they add both home and road version for each so whatever they say they've added it's most likely double that.
  7. I can only speak for the Marlins team store but I feel like I see A LOT of exclusive items there that are not sold online. I would actually say it feels like a whole different inventory than the online store with the exception of the official on field stuff. Plenty of more options and variety of things.
  8. Anyone know if this top is anything official that might be available to fans or anyone seen other teams using this? It's definitely not a regular dugout jacket. Looks like a warm up top but it's actually long sleeves, it has a front number, and the contrasting sleeves which is what made me inquire about it. I posted the video below if you wanna see it in motion and zoomed out farther as this is just the screengrab...
  9. I don't know if it was today and I didn't see the cap but I know the Angels were gonna wear caps to honor that baseball coach who passed away in the Kobe Bryant accident, his name is slipping my mind at the moment. Maybe this is the cap you saw?
  10. This is a good point too. I know I've seen both the Marlins and Cardinals do this.
  11. I gotta be honest... I don't think I knew Gritty until this thread starting talking about him. Maybe I've seen him in the past but I have no memory of it.
  12. I asked because I saw the Brewers wearing their home primaries in a spring game and it stood out since they just rebranded but now that I looked at a few more teams I see that several teams including the Twins and Marlins have worn their home whites in spring games along with colored alternates and many of the colored alternates are the same ones seen in the regular season so yeah it looks like way less teams have a specific ST/BP jersey that "can't" be used in a regular season game. And fyi I did notice the Brewers wore the navy Milwaukee alternates in a spring game too so maybe that one is their "primary ST/BP jersey."
  13. The Brewers don't have a BP/ST jersey?
  14. That definitely feels like some kind of mistake that will be fixed. Like maybe they actually had an issue with shipping the new socks or something. It seems too weird that they'd get everything so right yet leave out the socks.