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  1. Now that someone mentioned the Yankees, I'm thinking there is no way for the Yankees to have a successful city connect uniform. The Yankees home uniform is already the city connect uniform for the Bronx, if not the majority of the state of New York except for obviously Queens.
  2. Agreed. There's some positives but this is very little about Hispanic heritage and Arizona and is more just "a desert jersey." In that sense I guess it works, the reveal video pretty much nails how it looks best, blending in with sand and rocks and a couple of cactus. This would also be Luke Skywalker's favorite CC jersey. It could pass for the jersey of the Tatooine baseball team.
  3. Suggestion, what if the Cubs outlined the Wrigleyville letters in red? That would mimmick the white letters being against the red sign, obviously it's the red of the 6 point stars as well, and of course it would provide a spark of color to the whole uniform.
  4. Have they said why the Cubs are using navy? There's no navy on the Chicago flag.
  5. The only thing I don't like about the White Sox one... it feels like this is for a very specific target audience, like more specific than usual. I can't see a Chicago businessman grabbing one of these jerseys when he visits the ballpark after leaving the office early to catch a game. It's too "street" for my tastes,
  6. One thing I've noticed with both Miami and now the White Sox City Connect, even if the uniforms have faults, the really strong wordmarks are making for some excellent hoodies. I'm a Marlins fan and can't see myself wearing their city connect jersey but I'd love to eventually grab the hoodie version, and I can see the same for the White Sox one. The hoodie displays the best part of the CC jerseys and let's you get away from whatever doesn't work about the jerseys.
  7. Not sure if anyone realized it but Miami had new pants, they just had a single blue stripe, Miami's regular pants have a blue, black and red piping normally.
  8. There's probably no use trying to figure out any of this but anyone have any idea of the logic behind choosing the World Series patches on the side of a lot of the caps? Why certain years were chosen over others with teams that have multiple championships?
  9. Marlins and Rays had the exact same designs too and that's two cities like 5 hours apart from each other. Anyone check if the Dodgers and Angels or other similar cities had matching designs?
  10. Yeah this is all true but there's a lot of bad hats out there that get plenty of criticism and hate especially through social media and they don't get pulled. So the backlash on this one had to be beyond bad for them to pull this thing within hours.
  11. Does anyone have images for all 30 caps? I'm dying to know what's on several specific ones now.
  12. Those dates are the dates of the first games the unis are to be worn, those aren't the unveilings.
  13. I think two tone caps look immensely better with the brighter color on the brim than the crown. As a kid I loved the Marlins teal crown/black brim a lot because it's the cap I owned and wore more than any other cap but now I own an inverted one like the one above and it looks way better to me.
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