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  1. Among many problems, it actually looks more like a 50 the more I look at it.
  2. I don't mind NOB for teams that have always had them but if you've gone NNOB for so long why bother going with it now? That's an awful change for the sake of making a change. And with that said, if I made this change I wouldn't even brag about it or advertise it in any way because it's gonna just upset a lot of people.
  3. I thought 50th anniversary was diamond? Why are they even doing 60th?
  4. Is there a specific reason they went to maroon that has any connection to the city or team? I'm curious.
  5. It's just a cool social media effects thing but the Marlins jersey depicted in this post doesn't exist but it would be a cool starting point whenever the Marlins want to make a regular season blue alternate, meaning having the Marlins wordmark across the chest as opposed to the current BP/ST version which has the cap logo on the chest...
  6. Pretty sure it's a sun. But it reminds me of the Cool Spot 7up Logo.
  7. I'm surprised Alonso was "allowed" to leak that information before the team announced it.
  8. Yes. This. We never "need" new BP caps but if there was ever a year that we "need" new BP caps 2021 is it. Please correct the hideous abomination of 2020 BP caps. Please.
  9. White Sox use mostly black and the Red Sox are loaded with navy blue and the Reds are heavy with black... not exactly the same but the Cleveland Blues could find ways to keep their navy and red color scheme and still be called the Blues. Also, to a less successful degree but let's not forget the how the Blue Jays were mostly in black for almost a decade.
  10. Considering that the Spiders were actually a different team/organization I wouldn't be upset if they went with Blues instead. I don't think I'd be happy with anything other than those two though.
  11. I believe he also didn't guarantee it will be changed by 2022 either. Basically they just announced a change is coming but they wanna get it right and no timetable is set.
  12. Yeah it could definitely work and maybe it would nudge the Reds into realizing that they should drop the black anyways. But I think my preference for colors would actually be to keep the same navy and red scheme. I think I want them to rename but still look like the Indians or at least resemble them as opposed to looking like a completely brand new team. I love how this still reminds me of the Indians, honoring their past while dumping the controversy and still moving forward yet with a classic name. I'm no Indians fan but I feel like this is the happy medium we need...
  13. I like this except that's the same color scheme as the Cincinnati Reds in the same state and I'd assume they want to separate themselves from them.
  14. Does anyone who isn't a sports nerd even know about the Spiders having that worst team ever record though? If they rebrand right and eventually create a winner nobody is gonna care how bad a team from over 100 years ago was. Besides this isn't really "that" Spiders team. This is the current Cleveland Indians under a new name. Becoming the Spiders doesn't mean the team is gonna suddenly go back to 1899 and be awful again.