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  1. Well said. I think I was just thinking that there are probably a lot of Nats fans who haven't even been fans all 14 years especially since they stunk for so long when they first got to DC... but there are definitely die hard Nationals fans out there too.
  2. delete please, merged it with my post above.
  3. Call me crazy but, despite my preference for no alternates in the postseason even if the alternate is a better option, I can see and understand why a team would continue wearing a winning jersey. That kind of stuff can add some fun and fire to the fanbase even if it's all just superstitious BS in the end. I think we sometimes forget that jersey choices and the aesthetics aren't the most important thing to the majority of the fans and a good postseason run is as much about the fans as it is about the team and if they're all having fun thinking that those navy alts are bringing them good luck then let them enjoy it. Same with the baby shark song thing and other silliness over the years with other teams. This is still just a game meant to entertain. Exactly my point... true Nationals fans (which seems weird to say considering they've been in DC for just 14 years) aren't gonna care about which jersey is being worn. All they're thinking about is how to win one more series.
  4. I think it's just more of a set rule with the navy caps that they've stuck with for a while now. They wear the navy caps vs red capped home teams regardless of what the other team decides to wear.
  5. Ever since Jeter came along they only wear black jerseys on Fridays and Saturdays, with a few exceptions along the way. This is a major upgrade from the Loria years where their black jersey was possible almost every game and was usually worn on the road more than the road grays were. As long as they continue to have a set schedule on when to wear the black jerseys I'm happy with that as at least it regulates it to a degree.
  6. Wearing the blue jerseys is another big feedback that the fans have given them and, if they've heard the feedback on the black jersey, then I'm sure they've heard the feedback on the blue jersey so I'd imagine it eventually happens BUT I would think they'd actually wait until they make a new blue alternate with a wordmark first. The blue jersey gets a lot of love for it's color but it's clearly intended to be a practice/spring training jersey in its current form so I feel like they'll make more of an in-game version first.
  7. FWIW, a local Marlins beat reporter says the team is aware of the feedback regarding the visibility issues of the black on black jerseys but he hasn't heard anything about them giving in to any changes just yet. I doubt any changes happen in 2020 but, contrary to popular opinion, this new ownership has been more open to fan feedback than the previous knuckleheads so maybe if there's enough feedback on this then a tweak does eventually happen.
  8. He was still just one person with one opinion. It's ok to disagree with Tony on this.
  9. It's such a minor thing but I think the Kelly blends in with the grass too much. The darker forest green looks way better against the grass background.
  10. I have several immediate thoughts when I read this... 1. Were the uniforms really even finalized back then? He might not have seen more than unfinalized prototypes. 2. What's wrong with this guy thinking about uniforms in his decision making process when he's potentially about to set up his family and his future grandkids financially for life? 3. How awesome is it that this guy is thinking about uniforms in his decision making process when he's potentially about to set up his family and his future grandkids financially for life??? Maybe Manny is a little bit of a uniform junkie like most of us? That's a cool thought.
  11. Eh, the Kelly Green alternate is great but I'd only approve of it here if their home uniform wasn't already so great. Or maybe if they were the road team and wore this alternate. Home game, one game playoff, with home uniforms that great and classic? Stick to the home whites.
  12. Yeah I have no memory of this but it's great...
  13. Just my guess but I think the Rays yellow is just new graphics for social media. I've seen plenty of teams whose social media varies the color schemes quite a bit but it never translates to any uniform or other color changes. The social media people just seem to be more willing to try different takes on the color schemes.
  14. Eat healthier and you'll notice the difference in color.
  15. Yea this is true too... the Dolphins thing was literally just a timely joke.
  16. Why wouldn't they though? It's not the NFL (the top/most famous league despite it's faults and no matter if anyone likes it or not) and the previous XFL was such a disaster that how can anyone look at this updated XFL as anything but inferior until they prove otherwise both on and off the field?
  17. I guess the White Sox have never described it as a fauxback but someone on here used the word fauxback the other day and I was just floored that a team from 1900 would bother with a fauxback but as Gothamite says I think it does still fit the definition of a fauxback even if it isn't as obvious as what the Rays did.
  18. The Marlins did this several times in the old stadium and the Dolphins also played football over the baseball field as well...
  19. The White Sox and that new faux back wordmark. Sorry, caught up with the weekend posts this morning and sometimes forget that what I'm reading is past people's short term memory of conversations here.
  20. Why would a team established in the year 1900 create a fauxback? I got it and appreciated it for what it was when the Rays, established in 1998, put out a 70's/80's style fauxback... that was fun and creative and generally well done and was never overused either. But a team that has over 100 years of history has no business creating fake throwbacks, there's no need for it considering how many real throwback options they do have.
  21. I would love to see a young Scottish boy wearing this shirt.
  22. The W is way too imperfect, which I know was their intention but I think it actually makes the W look like an N with an exaggerated tail on the left side. There's just way too much of a difference in the two valleys at the top.
  23. I saw a lot of players going with all white or all black accessories because they were obviously trying to match the jerseys and caps. The concept of monochromatic uniforms highlighting colorful accessories never really came to fruition. It's like if the players didn't get the memo on that and just chose what looked best within the uniforms they got. Jorge Alfaro visited a children's hospital on Friday morning and took his white arm sleeve and cleats and had the kids color all over them. Gaudy as they might be from a design aspect that definitely brought the youth and color aspect together but even then you could barely notice them during the games.
  24. This is exactly what it is. It's just executed poorly.