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  1. If the falcons wore black pants today this could have been a nice looking game. Sadly when they got out of bed this morning they just kept their onesies on and threw a helmet on top for the game.
  2. I’ll just say what we’re all thinking..... why can’t the lions just make their throwbacks as their primary uniforms.
  3. The Falcons and Saints persistence with unitards is visually and mentally grating. Of all the NFL uniform rules, a ban of unitards should be introduced and heavily enforced immediately.
  4. The Saints persistence with wearing as much black as possible is tedious. It’s ruining what could be a great look.
  5. Raiders @ Browns might just be the uniform match up of the year. It looks absolutely beautiful.
  6. I really hope the Browns surprise us and break out some orange pants this season.
  7. The Cardinals & Bengals both look desperate for an update. Meanwhile the Chargers, Browns and Bucks look absolutely wonderful today.
  8. Never thought I'd say this but the Browns have shown the way. When you have classic templates in your locker that age beautifully what's the need for a radical departure. The helmet is the only redeemable asset of this whole look. Hopefully the 5 year rule gets canned so the Rams and Falcons can rectify this mess.
  9. I spy brown numbers on the white jersey and white numbers on the brown jersey with no drop Shadows. Good start........
  10. So you're saying there's a chance for happiness? I'll take it. Lord knows we need optimism after this. I assume when the Falcons are using the flame emoji on social media to describe the uniforms its to represent a dumpster fire?!
  11. The Bucs saw the error of their ways and have a simple, beautifully executed home and road look (I'm ignoring the colour rush pewter). Meanwhile the Falcons had a tremendous base to use either with throwbacks or previous red colour rush and completely screwed it up. Assuming the Browns actually go traditional which would be to most peoples liking...anyone else scared witless what the Pats, Chargers & Rams will produce?
  12. Yikes, that uniform change is lost on me already. My bad, I'll get back in my box. As you were.
  13. I'm really hoping they drop silver from their pallet. The colour rush set is a winner so I'm hoping for a white helmet to complement the look. Just my opinion of course but I think it would be an improvement. The only downside with this is that the entire AFC East would have white helmets.
  14. Has anyone spotted the Ravens have built in hand warmers to their jerseys today? Looks like a pouch on a hoodie.
  15. Has anyone spotted the Ravens have built in hand warmers to their jerseys today? Looks like a pouch on a hoodie.
  16. I'm struggling to understand why you'd have the same stripe pattern on the Jersey and pants, then ruin it by mismatching the sizes. Would prefer some consistency to balance the look.
  17. On first blush, I really like them. Personally I'm hoping they will do what the Seahawks do and mix and match the jerseys and pants for variety. Alot of folks on this board enjoy the navy over wolf grey. Looking at this I see some opportunity, especially teal jersey over white pants.
  18. Hi Guys, Sorry if this is late to the party or in the wrong thread but has anyone seen these Riddell alternative blaze helmets that are available now? Wondered (hoping) if maybe it's a prelude to a rule change allowing an alternative helmet next year perhaps with color rush?! http://www.nfl.com/photoessays/0ap3000000822910
  19. Seahawks in all white would probably be the best we can hope for. i also think the giants should wear their grey pants against the bengals if cincy are going with white on white.
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