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  1. orange I'm in baltimore and i’ve got browns-colts
  2. c o o l a n o t h e r g r a y u n i f o r m s o u n i q u e
  3. haha that is a totally fair point... i was just referencing the quote from snyder in the article about “we’ll keep the name if the fans dig it”
  4. the fans are not “embracing [washington football team];” i don’t think we need to worry
  5. the rams uniforms look like practice jerseys, right down to the random patch on the chest that looks like an ad
  6. i thought the same watching the chargers highlights earlier. even though i didn't necessarily love the white over yellow, i still appreciated the vibrancy of the uniform (to clarify, i am a huge fan of LAC's overall set)
  7. popular opinion: those tie-dye nets uniforms looked like butt then, they'll look like butt now
  8. the end zones are burgundy; the WFT instagram shared a photo of the field
  9. in their defense, the future-RedWolves were wearing the throwbacks pictured in the first panel during the game in which he was injured. i still say they won't erase the logo and whatnot when honoring the past. i've watched a few clips of their training camp coverage on YouTube, and their channel has no problem showing highlights from the past season with the logo/name/field visible
  10. who even cares anymore? each NBA team releases 1-2 (min.) new jerseys every season. the uni reveal has become so watered down it barely registers (for me, atleast). which is a shame, as obviously as a member of this board, i used to get really excited about this kind of thing edit- to be fair, these are a clear upgrade and do look nice, if a little bland - the creative side panels not withstanding.
  11. I’m not going to do your dirty work for you, you go ask Buffalo