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  1. thank you! i just hopped on here to say that.. it’s not even just the casual viewer who finds it confusing; i am a die hard knicks fan of 25 years, i watch a ton of games every season... and several times today it took me a second to realize the knicks were the team in black. it’s such a joke
  2. these are all terrible.. i can’t believe you guys/gals are into this brand dilution nonsense. an irredeemable, brand damaging cash grab, all of them. i know that may sound dramatic, but branding, team identities, team’s visual histories are currently just a total mess. looking at classic game photos or videos 50 (or whatever) years from now, we’re going to see teams wearing 5 different disparate uniforms, just totally convoluted and disorganized.. and amateur. at least today when you watch old footage, you can immediately tell which teams are playing - even in the era of alternate jerseys, before jerseys went completely off the rails like they are now, there was some tie-in to the standard home/away look (not this icon/association or whatever BS.. how dumb do they think we are) years and years of brand equity down the drain so they can get a few thousand dip 14 year olds replying “” on their team’s insta stories what a shame. i don’t consider myself a ‘get off my lawn’ kind of guy, but i guess i am when it comes to this particular topic because it’s something i’m clearly maybe too passionate about, haha
  3. it looks like they’re playing in red half shirts on top of body-length black tights
  4. orange I'm in baltimore and i’ve got browns-colts
  5. c o o l a n o t h e r g r a y u n i f o r m s o u n i q u e
  6. haha that is a totally fair point... i was just referencing the quote from snyder in the article about “we’ll keep the name if the fans dig it”
  7. the fans are not “embracing [washington football team];” i don’t think we need to worry
  8. the rams uniforms look like practice jerseys, right down to the random patch on the chest that looks like an ad
  9. i thought the same watching the chargers highlights earlier. even though i didn't necessarily love the white over yellow, i still appreciated the vibrancy of the uniform (to clarify, i am a huge fan of LAC's overall set)
  10. popular opinion: those tie-dye nets uniforms looked like butt then, they'll look like butt now
  11. the end zones are burgundy; the WFT instagram shared a photo of the field
  12. in their defense, the future-RedWolves were wearing the throwbacks pictured in the first panel during the game in which he was injured. i still say they won't erase the logo and whatnot when honoring the past. i've watched a few clips of their training camp coverage on YouTube, and their channel has no problem showing highlights from the past season with the logo/name/field visible