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  1. why are the bengals’ color rush jerseys so popular? i didn’t realize they were so well received and i’m unfamiliar with the connection to the cincinnati zoo. ive always loved their look, so i’d be slightly disappointed if there was minimal orange on their new road jersey, but i think an orange helmet + (hopefully) orange numbers would really “pop” on a clean white jersey and could look really nice
  2. but yes, please everyone continue to tell those of us who are frustrated by the nba’s jersey program that we are “old heads” and need to get over it because jersey sales and
  3. edit: i'm bowing out of this conversation, haha. i've made my thoughts clear a few pages back. i hope everyone enjoys the rest of the season
  4. i mean, if you're going to respond to our (valid) criticisms and frustrations with a blanket response of "you're old and times change" + can't see the difference between what the pistons, hornets, and others were doing with alternates in the 90s to what is happening today, then we're just going to have to agree to disagree. you can enjoy whatever the hell pelicans wearing city flag pinnies vs. the bucks in multiple shades of blue is supposed to be and i'll continue to be bummed about the league trashing their aesthetic history and tradition for a quick buck.
  5. can you see the "ORL" or "Raptors" on the jerseys in the screenshot?
  6. i find it utterly baffling that anyone is defending the nba's convoluted, gluttonous on-court identity program. i mean, i am personally offended the league has truly :censored: all over any semblance of the visual identities and traditions that were a part of what made me fall in love with the sport + the league. the yearly disparate new uniforms for every single :censored:ing team make it abundantly clear the nba's front office doesn't care about you, the fan - your respect for the league's history or your loyalty to your favorite team's theoretical brand (i have a connection to the knicks' orange and blue, not KITH brand and black) - they only care about your wallets. as other nba die-hards on here have mentioned, it is borderline impossible to simply turn on a game and see who is playing at a glance. that is straight up bush league. why defend the indefensible? yes, a more accurate scorebug could theoretically make it a fraction of a second quicker to solve this bewildering issue (why am i arguing that it shouldn't be difficult to know which teams are playing when i turn on the tv?). for people who read about the league on a daily basis, watch highlights every morning, and will make an effort to catch a game every few days (to say nothing of the casual fan), it shouldn't be an issue in the first place. maybe it makes me an "old head" (wut?) to want teams to ensure today's branding maintains some, however small, connective through-line to their past. but, sure, because it happens to be the year 2021 (which, uh.. doesn't matter), "old heads" (wut?) just need to get over it. i'm not even that old! haha. not to mention 90% of the statement or earned (did i get the nonsensical naming conventions right?) look like ass.
  7. thank you! i just hopped on here to say that.. it’s not even just the casual viewer who finds it confusing; i am a die hard knicks fan of 25 years, i watch a ton of games every season... and several times today it took me a second to realize the knicks were the team in black. it’s such a joke
  8. these are all terrible.. i can’t believe you guys/gals are into this brand dilution nonsense. an irredeemable, brand damaging cash grab, all of them. i know that may sound dramatic, but branding, team identities, team’s visual histories are currently just a total mess. looking at classic game photos or videos 50 (or whatever) years from now, we’re going to see teams wearing 5 different disparate uniforms, just totally convoluted and disorganized.. and amateur. at least today when you watch old footage, you can immediately tell which teams are playing - even in the era of alternate jerseys, before jerseys went completely off the rails like they are now, there was some tie-in to the standard home/away look (not this icon/association or whatever BS.. how dumb do they think we are) years and years of brand equity down the drain so they can get a few thousand dip 14 year olds replying “” on their team’s insta stories what a shame. i don’t consider myself a ‘get off my lawn’ kind of guy, but i guess i am when it comes to this particular topic because it’s something i’m clearly maybe too passionate about, haha
  9. it looks like they’re playing in red half shirts on top of body-length black tights
  10. orange I'm in baltimore and i’ve got browns-colts
  11. c o o l a n o t h e r g r a y u n i f o r m s o u n i q u e
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