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  1. the worst pick they can get is 5, so they won't be "losing the lottery." Considering there are several non-"Duke guys" mocked to be drafted in the top 5, not getting the non-Zion "Duke guys" may not be a bad thing. how many teams "properly tank," anyway? one a year? They drafted porzingis at #4 (their highest pick since Patrick Ewing, which wasn't a bad pick), that was pretty successful.
  2. yes, these rainbow skyline jerseys are the best in the league, but it's still such a missed opportunity with how washed out the colors look with the thin lines. and yes, the purple does look good here
  3. man, i love all three of these uniforms so much
  4. the corporate logo is as big as the tiny numbers whoever on here said the tiny numbers is to reserve more ad space at the bottom of the jersey is probably right ?
  5. those sound terrible. i never thought i'd say this, but nike has given me jersey fatigue.. yearly new uniforms (+ the dumb names for each uniform and sneak free for all) that are not tied to a team's identity/history is head-spinning. - a lifelong nba fan who has always had an interest in uniforms
  6. these are much better than the current uniforms, too.
  7. don't care for how small the city/team name (shouldn't those be swapped on the home and away?) and numbers are on the front, but i do like how big they are on the back. i don't love the name being under the numbers, either. the 'asymmetry' is dumb, too. all that said, it could've been worse and i like the inline in the #s.
  8. this is the one that immediately came to mind when i saw the thread title
  9. i cant imagine they'll release the logos and/or uniforms during game 3 of the finals ?
  10. https://hoopshype.com/2018/05/25/you-almost-didnt-remember-these-nba-stars-played-for-these-teams/ some of these have been covered here, but still a fun read-through
  11. i think the spurs uniforms took the biggest hit with the move to nike. the numbers on their uniforms are SO small. vs
  12. isaiah thomas douglas mcbuckets devin harris dante cunningham and bonus nikolai mirotic
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