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  1. i have nothing to add, other than to say this is a great thread idea.
  2. scotty burrell played 29 games for the dubs darrin hancock played 12 games for milwaukee (that's why he chose to wear #12) todd "night &" day played 5 games for the heat
  3. i like SAC and Miami. Otherwise these are - and i don't want to be that guy, but - terrible. team identities are so muddled and inconsistent, now. it's a bummer.
  4. wilt chamberlain (i can't remember if i saw this picture here on a previous page in this thread or elsewhere)
  5. it's hard for me to really tell, but it looks like the knicks removed the silver from their uniform?
  6. peja stojakovic played two games for the raptors in 2011 (bonus iggy if you consider the sixers/having hair a wrong uniform for him)
  7. but didn't they have their success in the original horizontal stripes uniforms that their current look modernized? yes, the shorts had stars, but if you compare their 'successful' look with these stars/stripes, they don't look alike at all not at all. i'm also not upset about this stars/stripes wizards jersey, i just don't understand why people seem to like the look so much.. i think it pales in comparison to their unique primary uniforms, personally. i was honestly asking 'what am i missing (aka 'why do people like the look so much?')' in my original post. yeah, of course - but that doesn't explain the love these uniforms get. that's what i was referring to.
  8. what am i missing with these stars and stripes wizards uniforms? i hate them, and think its just more of that pandering patriotism that sports teams do to wring out a few extra bucks from their fans.
  9. i don't own the card myself, i just used the best image of monk on the eagles from a google image search. i went back and checked for you, and the card is apparently a custom that some guy made: http://condition-sensitive.blogspot.com/2012/12/custom-card-1974-topps-art-monk.html "A "Card the Never Was" style custom with Hall of Famer Art Monk who spent the last 3 games of 1995 with the Eagles before retiring."
  10. as long as we're on the subject of chris carter as long as we're on the subject of old WRs who had no business being on the eagles sorry if both are repeats
  11. mavericks, too. **edit - i see kimball beat me.. atleast this is in the home version of the uniform + special cameo by young dirk sticking with the dallas theme and the random knicks from afew pages ago, dennis scott this thread may have jumped the shark for some of you, but it's still my favorite on the board. it allows me to challenge myself to remember/reminisce about the roster minutiae of the 90s' nba and all the cards i used to collect. atleast with this thread, i now have a purpose to waste brain space thinking about all the teams tony massenburg played for, haha.
  12. derrick harper, lakers derrick harper, magic (what's up with the ball?)
  13. juwan howard - bobcats tim hardaway pacers tim hardaway mavericks tim hardaway nuggets tom gugliotta celtics
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