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  1. I understand the functionality of uniform numbers, but it doesn't have to be one or the other. There's plenty of examples of basketball uniforms that balance a strong wordmark with a legible number font. My point is there is a trend in college basketball specifically where for some reason we are shrinking team names down to near illegibility for seemingly no reason. UNC is a great example. A decade ago, they had a uniform that was legible, functional, and visually balanced. Now, the lettering feels overpowered by the number, though they aren't the worst offender of course.
  2. I tweeted about this earlier but figured I'd bring the discussion here, has anyone else noticed over the last decade or so the wordmarks on many college basketball uniforms getting smaller and smaller while the numbers get larger and larger? You end up with this weird hierarchy where the uniforms just look so unbalanced. Here's a few examples of what I'm talking about. You rarely see this issue in the NBA and I think it has to do with most of these wordmarks being made for applications other than basketball unis and then being forced onto them as opposed to NBA teams who build their wordmarks with uniform application in mind. Maybe I'm crazy but this trend has been driving me nuts. You have so much real estate on the uniform and you choose the most important element to be the jersey number?
  3. Here's a few pics I snapped last night in Chapel Hill as Ohio State beat UNC by 25 wearing the 1980's script Buckeyes unis.
  4. Theres no way those things are fake. Where are you finding that many posed shots high-res enough to swap the jerseys on them, all looking at the same camera, with the helmets reflecting the same lights? Would be an unbelievable amount of effort, like an impossible amount.
  5. RT @clubtrillion: Whoa, this is insane to think about: The last time the NBA Finals wasn't Warriors vs. Cavs, some stuff that happened 3 ye…

  6. “They might leave Jeff Green in for some offense” just feels like a great way to sum up this series for the Cavs.

  7. RT @OhioStateHoops: We’re just under a month away from finding out what threads @KBD_33 will be rocking next year. Where do you hope he lan…

  8. RT @Dloading: @KBD_33 has a Kawhi Leonard type game. A great system will magnify it.

  9. @ethanmdon How was the Papa Roach concert?

  10. @theMasonRamsey @eacans

  11. RT @zackfox: https://t.co/kf7Y67S1sJ

  12. We don’t deserve basketball.

  13. RT @JeremyDarlow: Which NBA athlete has the stronger brand? RT - JR Smith LIKE - Kyle Lowry https://t.co/0PFM51qcGN

  14. Happy birthday to my big nose brother @JoeySmoke11 ???

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