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  1. While the changed colors absolutely make it look better, it doesn't fix the primary problem....which is pretty much everything in relation to the logos. You can polish a Ford, but at the end of the day....it's still a Ford.
  2. Ya, I know you were most likely joking. Moving the Clippers to Seattle would be a MONUMENTALLY stupid business decision by Mr. Ballmer.
  3. Man, the NBA really needs to look at the playoff seeding format. It isn't fair to either team in the LA-SA series.
  4. Did you ever do one where the ball was white? Getting rid of green was an absolutely stupid move by the organization. Their logos look a million times better with a splash of green thrown in. 100% agree. Green was a great secondary color that lightened the whole set and further connected them with the Forrest imagery the push so much. It also was a nice unique color scheme. They should really go back.
  5. Hmm, big Angels fan and I was never aware of that logo. Actually is really nice. Does anyone know if they're currently around as a different team?
  6. While it could probably be simplified a little bit just to translate better at smaller sizes. This is a million times better than what they went with and definitely the direction they should be going.
  7. Being a Clippers fan, this is horrendous on every level. Even as a secondary its a rather weak logo. Even with tweaking this is a disaster. They really need to start completely over.
  8. LONG time lurker(like years and years). Now trying to actually become a bigger part of the community haha, so figured I would chime in. I actually really like what the Wizards have done here. Not perfect, and a little sloppy in the execution, but the connotation with the campaign badge is a nice touch. Also, for people saying there is no Wizard imagery anymore, am I the only one that sees a Wizard's wand being made by the Washington Monument and the Star in the basketball? Yes, it might be a bit of a stretch, but I just graduated with my graphic design degree and to me at least it looks pretty intentional. Was just curious what any one else's thoughts are. Am I just seeing things? Or could it be a legitimate design decision? Hoping to have a good time discussing logos and sports with you guys in the future.