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  1. –I actually like the Jags uniforms – but the helmet needs to go. Either do gradient right or don't do it at all. –The Rams removing the gold isn't a good idea IMO. The Colts already own that look (heck, my only complaint about the Colts is no blue pants). –I know some of you love old school unis, but they don't work for EVERY team. The Titans are one of those teams. They weren't born in that era and forcing that design on them won't go over well with their fans. That said, that logo could stand to be changed. It's out of date. –I like the Lions new word mark. My only complaint? Put a silver outline over the words to match the logo or put a white outline on both. –While the throwbacks are nice, Atlanta's unis are fine the way they are and Atlanta fans aren't complaining in the least.
  2. Very well done. The font works great and I like the fact that you retained the needle tower logo w/ a slight update. The uniforms still say "Sonics", but also brings it into the modern era.
  3. While I'm not a pure traditionalist, I certainly do not like it when some teams go nuts with their uniforms. I honestly like the Jags uniforms, but I HATE the helmet – they should have stuck with the last helmet that changed colors when light hits it from a certain angle. The Bucs new uniforms aren't my cup of tea, but I could have tolerated it had they not used that garbage font that looks like an alarm clock. Jags - I like your 1st and 3rd concepts, minus the gold pants. As for the 2nd one - it's not bad, but I don't think it works for a team like the Jags. The strips look good on older teams, but not for the relatively newer teams (Browns don't count, of course). Falcons - I Love the first concept (on page 2). Falcons should have never gotten rid of the gray. However, the latest one you posted without the black would never fly in Atlanta, even though the concept isn't bad. Black is simply a part of their identity - getting rid of it just doesn't feel right for that franchise. Titans - Your first concepts are great. The gradient one is one that I hope never sees the light of day. Bucs - Now THIS is what the Bucs should have switched to. The number font retains a bit of the old school block, but has a bit of a modern twist to it. Love the red pants on the away uni's. This is quite possibly the best Bucs mock-up I've ever seen, period. Rams - While I'm not sure about the yellow being so dominate for the primary, it's still an excellent concept and would work perfectly as an alternate jersey. The font looks a bit similar to what the Vikings currently have, but that's not a bad thing seeing that I like that font in the first place. Patriots - (in Post #65) I honestly can't believe someone didn't come up with this concept sooner. The uniforms look very similar to the American flag. I also like the red jersey as homage to the original ones. Great concept. Bills - While I like the current ones better, these a very good as well. The previous uniforms that Buffalo used were just plain awful. Chargers - Love the concept, but some Charger fans may view the powder blues as too special to use as a primary. Packers - Under most circumstances, I would NEVER touch the Packers uniforms but in this case, the green pants work very well since it doesn't alter the core form in any way. Broncos - This is a very interesting design. I'll admit that the light orange is a bit strange on a Broncos uni, but strangely enough, it actually works. Not sure how Broncos fans would feel about it, but it's a good design that would work well IMO if the Broncos wanted to try something new. Chiefs - Getting rid of the black here was a great idea since it was only found in the logo and not on the uniform itself. Not sure about the yellow jerseys, but then again, I'm not a fan of yellow and it is apart of their uniforms. Color bias aside, the yellow would work well as an alternate. PLEASE tell me you have an idea for the Dolphins. The jerseys are ok (albeit a bit plain), but that logo has gotta go
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