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  1. –I actually like the Jags uniforms – but the helmet needs to go. Either do gradient right or don't do it at all. –The Rams removing the gold isn't a good idea IMO. The Colts already own that look (heck, my only complaint about the Colts is no blue pants). –I know some of you love old school unis, but they don't work for EVERY team. The Titans are one of those teams. They weren't born in that era and forcing that design on them won't go over well with their fans. That said, that logo could stand to be changed. It's out of date. –I like the Lions new word mark. My only complaint? Put a silver outline over the words to match the logo or put a white outline on both. –While the throwbacks are nice, Atlanta's unis are fine the way they are and Atlanta fans aren't complaining in the least.
  2. Very well done. The font works great and I like the fact that you retained the needle tower logo w/ a slight update. The uniforms still say "Sonics", but also brings it into the modern era.
  3. "You serious Clark?"Seriously, some scenario like that might fit into this alternate timeline, but not Jacksonville. That city has always struck me as an odd place for an NFL franchise. I'm sure they had their reasons for putting a team there but I don't like it. Also, any C&C on Indianapolis? There really hasn't been much, so is that a good or bad thing? What was the problem with Jacksonville ? It's in Florida it was an up an coming city which has always been a football crazy town w/GatorBowl especially after the success with USFL it makes since but in this scenario with no relocation tease by the Colts, Oilers, Saints and mildly the Cards maybe it would be a much different feeling or care to pro football in Jacksonville. Because people hear myths about the franchise and simply accept it as truth without doing any research. They don't care if 61,000+ fans are showing up to see a bad team play - people don't like to be proven wrong, which is why the myth about the Jaguars having no fans continues to exist. Hate to say it, but winning may not change this perception much. In fact, it may cause a lot of other fans to hate the team and its fans even more. Seeing a team, that you perceive as inferior, winning while their team isn't tends to bring out the worst in people.
  4. You should seriously consider pitching this idea to someone who has a lot of money and is looking to invest in something fresh. Arena Football started out this way and while there were bumps in the road, it's still alive and well. However, unlike Arena Football, this is something brand new and honestly has a much better chance of becoming something big if executed correctly. As for the Jacksonville team, not many people know this, but Jacksonville has one of the biggest Naval ports in the country. It also has a VERY large Jazz festival every summer that occupies a large part of downtown. Jax also hosts the biggest kingfish fishing tournament every year, the AT&T Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament. Just a few things to possibly help with a team name in case you're having any trouble with it.
  5. While I'm not a pure traditionalist, I certainly do not like it when some teams go nuts with their uniforms. I honestly like the Jags uniforms, but I HATE the helmet – they should have stuck with the last helmet that changed colors when light hits it from a certain angle. The Bucs new uniforms aren't my cup of tea, but I could have tolerated it had they not used that garbage font that looks like an alarm clock. Jags - I like your 1st and 3rd concepts, minus the gold pants. As for the 2nd one - it's not bad, but I don't think it works for a team like the Jags. The strips look good on older teams, but not for the relatively newer teams (Browns don't count, of course). Falcons - I Love the first concept (on page 2). Falcons should have never gotten rid of the gray. However, the latest one you posted without the black would never fly in Atlanta, even though the concept isn't bad. Black is simply a part of their identity - getting rid of it just doesn't feel right for that franchise. Titans - Your first concepts are great. The gradient one is one that I hope never sees the light of day. Bucs - Now THIS is what the Bucs should have switched to. The number font retains a bit of the old school block, but has a bit of a modern twist to it. Love the red pants on the away uni's. This is quite possibly the best Bucs mock-up I've ever seen, period. Rams - While I'm not sure about the yellow being so dominate for the primary, it's still an excellent concept and would work perfectly as an alternate jersey. The font looks a bit similar to what the Vikings currently have, but that's not a bad thing seeing that I like that font in the first place. Patriots - (in Post #65) I honestly can't believe someone didn't come up with this concept sooner. The uniforms look very similar to the American flag. I also like the red jersey as homage to the original ones. Great concept. Bills - While I like the current ones better, these a very good as well. The previous uniforms that Buffalo used were just plain awful. Chargers - Love the concept, but some Charger fans may view the powder blues as too special to use as a primary. Packers - Under most circumstances, I would NEVER touch the Packers uniforms but in this case, the green pants work very well since it doesn't alter the core form in any way. Broncos - This is a very interesting design. I'll admit that the light orange is a bit strange on a Broncos uni, but strangely enough, it actually works. Not sure how Broncos fans would feel about it, but it's a good design that would work well IMO if the Broncos wanted to try something new. Chiefs - Getting rid of the black here was a great idea since it was only found in the logo and not on the uniform itself. Not sure about the yellow jerseys, but then again, I'm not a fan of yellow and it is apart of their uniforms. Color bias aside, the yellow would work well as an alternate. PLEASE tell me you have an idea for the Dolphins. The jerseys are ok (albeit a bit plain), but that logo has gotta go
  6. Thanks guys. The suggestions posted here really helped! The timing is a bit odd seeing that the subject of an NHL in Seattle is sitting on the front headline at the main site... Jrvegeeta
  7. Age 32 Music Preferences: LOTS of Hard Rock, well-done game tracks, some R&B, some Smooth Jazz, some old school rappers (LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, etc) Music Dislikes: Today's Rap (50 cent, for example). Brahs really took things downhill after the turn of the century... Clothing Preferences: Nylon T-shirts, cargo pants (or shorts), loose-fit jeans, sports jerseys (especially football and hockey) Sports Uniform Preferences: Although I lean slightly towards modern styles, some teams shouldn't EVER be touched (examples: Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Montreal Canadians, Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs). It also goes the other way - traditional doesn't work with some teams. Trying to make the Jaguars, Panthers (NFL), Predators, etc. look like the Packers or the Canadians just isn't going to work, no matter how much you want it to. Long story short: I like a good uniform, traditional or modern. Sports Uniform Dislikes: 1) Bucs new uniforms. That's TOO modern. While the jersey is "OK" and I can somewhat live with it, the number font is flat out horrible. 2) Jaguars helmets. I actually love their uniforms, but I HATE the helmets (although it's not quite as bad as the Bucs new number font). They really should go back to the previous helmet (the one that changes colors when hit with light at a certain angle) with the new logo. At the very least, if they really want gradient helmets, at least get it right (like the Arkansas Razorbacks). 3) Dolphins current logo. The damn thing looks like a tattoo - and not even a manly one at that. The uniforms, while a bit simple, are not bad, but the logo and font make it too much to overcome.
  8. I think this looks nice. Yes, I wish the shape had been a bit more lively, but the lion logo is absolutely fantastic. Simple, but effective.
  9. Some minor changes: Part of main logo has more white in it so that it doesn't drown in the home jerseys. "M" was changed to green. Secondary logo - "S" changed from white to gray. Comments? Jrvegeeta
  10. Actually, I'm quite sure the MLB NY Mets aren't going to say anything about it, since the team could be called the Metros, not the Mets. It's the Thunderbirds name that might hit a snag since there already is a Seattle hockey team with that name. While I do think Thunderbirds is the best name, that's only my opinion. Besides, I don't live in Seattle (although if I got offered a good enough job, I certainly wouldn't mind moving there), so I would imagine that Seattle folks would have more control over the naming of the team than some outsider like myself. Also, Metros does sound rather cool, so long as the logo works. In other words, avoid doing with the Oklahoma City Thunder did - dear lord that logo is terrible.
  11. I really like this concept. The presentation is top notch and very easy to follow. Nice touch on adding purple in - which is considered to be the color of royalty. Love the primary logo and the "California Republic" logo (very unique and outside of the box for sports). The "LA" logo seems to fit better with a city like New Orleans. Still, it's nicely done and could still work anyway. For the most part, I like the uniforms. The away jersey is the most complete one and looks great. The home jersey, while solid, doesn't seem to have enough contrast IMO (adding a bit more white or gold would be nice). The 3rd jersey is really outside of the box, but in a good way. The lighter purple "sash" is a very nice touch. The sleeves are a bit confusing as they don't seem to match each other, but it's not really that bad - just different. Not sure how I feel about getting rid of black. It's been a staple of the franchise for a while, so some fans may object to it. Still, this may be one of the few designs where someone could get away with such a thing. Overall, great design
  12. Thunderbirds is the best, but the Western Hockey League (WHL) might have an issue with that. Totems and Metropolitans doesn't sound bad, with Totems never being used by any team (NY Mets is - unofficially - short for Metropolitans). The second-tier teams I'm a bit hesitant on. Cutthroats will never be used since this country's government would whine and b**** about it (one reason Washington DC changed the name of their NBA team from "Bullets" to "Wizards"). All that said, if the WHL doesn't mind, again, Thunderbirds is the best name IMO.
  13. You should see something in a bit. Crazyboy brought this up in an earlier post and both of you are right - too much green-on-green. I'm honestly happy that people care enough to make suggestions to help improve my work. Thanx dude!
  14. Strangely enough, I think that would've worked in the NBA. I'm also pretty sure the logo would have been 5 times better than what the Thunder are currently using, which has gotta be one of the worst logos across all 4 leagues (NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB). I didn't really think about it being so "WNBA", but now that you mentioned it, it does sort of fit with that league. Would actually like to see a logo with an alligator snapping turtle since nobody's ever done it before. lol sorry - that wasn't a serious question. Actually, I was born and raised in St. Louis (Florissant), so I'm quite aware of what's going on. At first, I thought it would be easier to move the Jags than the Rams....until I actually did some research on the subject - and I absolutely didn't like what I found regarding the Rams. Apparently, they can get out of the lease if they don't have a top-of-the-line stadium. What's worse is that I'm hearing that the city refuses to help finance a new stadium or even renovate the EJD. I honestly don't know what's going to happen and it scares the hell out of me as a St. Louis-born citizen. I don't want to see my city lose a 2nd NFL team.....because we may not get another if the Rams leave. Strangely enough, I found that the Jags are virtually impossible to move due to them needing to prove that they lost money for 3 straight years (which means going to court and opening up all financial books - something NO business of ANY kind is going to do). In today's NFL, you'd actually have to work harder to lose money than make it. Also doesn't help that the least runs through 2030 - which means a lot since the NFL no longer allows teams to break leases ever since the Browns incident occurred in the mid 90's. Why the hell couldn't the ownership in St. Louis come up with something like this?
  15. Ok, so I re-did the logo and the uniforms. I've replaced the teal with navy blue and the kelly green with lime green for more contrast. I tried to come up with a "mountain man" logo, but all the attempts seemed to come out looking kind of like the logo from ASU (Appl. State) - which doesn't work at all since I needed something that felt more "Rocky Mountain". I decided to simplify the logo so that it doesn't look so much like a minor league team logo.