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    The New USFL

    NP Wow. Honestly, man....you need to contact someone in the New USFL and try to sell your logo. No way in hell those concepts get turned down.
  2. Most of them aren't bad at all. The Locos logo needs work, but the Tuskers logo looks great. That said, a good amount of us could come up with something better. The problem is that a lot of us aren't head of an established graphic design company, which is what companies look for. They don't like to take chances with people who are unproven in their eyes. It sucks, yes, but that is how corporate America operates.
  3. I updated the concept today so now there should be a gold outline on the numbers. About the suggestion on the white pants - I'll experiment with it to see what it looks like, but keep in mind that gold is not a primary or even a secondary color. Most people associate the Jags with teal and black. That said, I don't like the fact that they took the gold out of the current uniforms and I wanted to come up with a concept that allows the gold to be present, but not over powering.
  4. Thanks for the honesty guys. When I posted the concepts, I realized that the outline for the numbers would have looked better with a little gold. I will update the concept with your suggestions as soon as I can although it could be a little bit since my workload at my jobs have increased lately.
  5. Don't get me wrong - the Jags current uniforms aren't THAT bad, but IMO, they didn't have enough on them. I liked their previous number font, so I used that instead of the new one. I actually like the current wordmark, so I didn't change that. I don't like the fact that they left out the gold on the new unis so, I added it back in. The helmet design won't show it, but I would keep the color changing helmets. This team should have had teal pants LONG time ago, so I fixed that by putting them on both of the alternate uniforms. I'm actually thinking about putting the teal pants with their home uniforms. Tell me what you guys think. Constructive criticism please.
  6. Absolute hotness, dude. That's the kind of stuff that should be on page 1 of your portfolio.
  7. I like this a lot. Sometimes, it doesn't matter if people can see what it says or not. If your work is good, people will identify that logo with your quality of work.
  8. Here is my personal logo, C Graphics (the "C" stands for Chuck, my name).
  9. Hmm...you might be on to something there. I'll toss that around with some other friends in my field and see what they think (a few of them happen to be from Orlando).
  10. Thanks for being honest guys. I suspected that the names weren't all that good, but some people kept telling me that they were good names. When I asked why, they couldn't answer. I hate it when people sugar coat my designs which was the main reason I decided to post here. At least I can get an honest answer out of people here. Now that I know for sure that those names won't fly since reasons were given, they will be scraped. Again, thanks for the inputs. You guys helped me more than you realize.
  11. This is my first time posting logos here, but I do want honest inputs. My future post will probably have my company logo attached to it along with a presentation design. Jrvegeeta
  12. Jaguars look good. My only issue is the pants. Less gold since that color is not as popular as teal and black. The design also looks good and isn't over the top like some that I have seen people do with the Jags (spotted jerseys? That's a little to AFLish) Chiefs - I like the red jersey/black pants and the all white unis. Not so sure about the black jersey/red pants. The updated number mark is nice. Panthers - Honestly, I don't think the color scheme is going to work. The fans in Carolina like that blue. They will NOT let that blue be taken out of the uniforms. The design itself though, isn't bad. The number mark is certainly better than the one they currently use. Edit: Bucs - I REALLY like these. Like the Jaguar uniforms, they aren't too over the top and the number mark is perfect. Good job.
  13. jrvegeeta

    Jaguars Concept

    ............... I actually like this. My only complaint is the all white - make the pants either teal or black. Other than that, this is a surprisingly good concept.
  14. ............... ........................... .......................................... I can't even BEGIN to describe how bad of an idea this is.....
  15. I love this design! Like someone said earlier, you should try and pitch that to the Saints organization. At the very least, SOMEONE in the NFL is going to notice and may want to hire you to do their uniforms and logos.
  16. I actually like that. The black pants go quite well with the original jersey. The white pants aren't bad, either although I don't think Pittsburgh fans are going to go for those being a primary set.
  17. I like those a lot. It's modern and at the same time not over the top like some recent teams.
  18. The Bears unis are NOT ugly. The Browns are much harder to defend.
  19. I like it. Simple like the official one, but your's adds in some of Tampa's elements to it (sun and palm trees, warm colors, and light cool colors).
  20. It's called criticism and as far as I'm concerned, it looks like something that was thought up and done within an hour - although it would be by a graphic designer, not some kid with a box of crayons. Either the NFL didn't make a good decision or there weren't alot of good designs that were officially in the running. No, it is not required to pay total homage to the host city, but most of the logos have at least SOME kind of element tied to the city. Yes, he was a little out of line with the 9-year old crayon comment, but he has every right to criticize the design. It's too simplistic for this kind of event.
  21. I prefer Illustrator. Yes, it is expensive and it has the learning curve from hell, but as a person who graduated with a BS degree in Graphic Design, Illustrator is well worth it. Bohob hit the nail on the head - using raster-based stuff is a real pain for this kind of work. If you can't get Illustrator, go with CorelDraw like bohob suggests - it's the best vector program not named illustrator.
  22. I like all of those except Sacramento, which I would replace with Austin, TX or Columbus, OH. Sacramento doesn't have a stadium that is up to pro football standards.
  23. You can't be serious. That's if there's one thing I would keep, it would be the logo on one side.