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  1. the browns need serious help

    Dude, you're high! The Browns have have some of, if not THE best uniforms in the league, especially when they wear their striped socks! And this is coming from a Bengals fan!

    I can tell that you're an old school kind of person. I'm more of a new school kind of person, but I, for one, would be against any major changes to teams like the Steelers, Packers, Bears, and so on. I also don't like unis that go WAY over the top (I'm looking at YOU, AFL).

    That said, small upgrades won't hurt (think San Diego Chargers)

  2. I like it..but the green is too Philadelphia Eagles...It's a great start...Hopefully the Jets will play as good as they look someday..

    I like the look. It brings the Jets into the 21st century without competely redesigning the whole thing. I personally want to see a refresh of the logo (something like the seahawks did), but it's not that big of a deal.

  3. the loch ness monster could work really well for the right company, i like it a lot. That fox and cheese logo worked for them, and thats fine, but i don't understand it, just like you it sounds like. i would have liked the road a lot better, because it would make more sense, but thats up to them and you, not me. the dalmation is missing something, but i don't know what it is. it seems stagnant and he's just kinda staring, not looking mean or anything, just staring. i'd say that longhorn is finished, and it looks really good, but nobody can really get away with that since texas pretty much has that look on lock. this is still great looking. that orca logo is amazing and it looks really menacing even though it doesn't have a real eye. i really like it. keep up the good work.

    Those are definately baseball style logos. They aren't bad, but the cartoony look would only be suited for A,AA, and AAA teams, not the MLB teams.

  4. This is an Eagles concept I have been working on. I tried to incorporate the curves of the wings into the uniform design. I made the green more kelly green, instead of midnight snot. Black was necessary for the uniform, silver drop shadows do not work. C&C welcome.

    Eagles Uniforms

    I like it. Bringing the silver pants back into the fold gives them a nice retro look (unlike those blue and yellow unis we saw earlier in the season.......).

    My only problem with it: Image is too small.

  5. Kinda reminds me of Temple, if anyone knows what I mean. Personally I love their current look with diamonds and warrior tattoo look. Their current look just goes so well with the team name and the culture of Hawai'i that it will be pretty hard to improve on it. However, with June Jones leaving maybe they'll get a new look new year, if so I hope it's nothing too drastic.

    Anyway, you got a solid looking concept here, it's just that I think the current Hawai'i look is perfect.

    Also note that they put Hawai'i on everything, instead of Hawaii.

    I agree. It looks too much like Temple, which isn't a team I would mimic at the moment. The problem with the logo is that it doesn't really show off any features unique to Hawaii.

    That said, the concept isn't bad at all, just not the right team to use it on.