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  1. As much as I'd like to, I can't believe the Ducks will go with Wild Wing breaking the ice. I think they'll just use their current D-foot logo in purple and jade.
  2. I think all this pretty much confirms that Mackinnon’s gloves are to be worn with a Nordiques-inspired Avalanche throwback. Maybe with Bigfoot feet in place of the fleur-de-lys?
  3. Chris from Icethetics wrote an article about the Sabres colors, and he mentioned that "a trusted source revealed to [him] that one of Seattle's base colors will be a very dark navy blue — the darkest they could go without it looking black." What do you make of that? https://www.icethetics.com/news/buffalo-sabres-show-signs-of-returning-to-royal-blue
  4. Why? The Canadiens have a C logo and aren't ashamed of their hometown. What about the Avalanche? The Canucks? The Ducks? The Los Angeles Angels? The Pacers? The Bengals? I don't think any of these teams are ashamed of their hometown. Even the Whalers' logo, one of the most beloved in sports, puts the focus on the W and only uses the H in negative space.
  5. But WHY is their gear black?! It doesn't make sense. It really should be blue, THAT would be perfection. I'm sure it's black because when the Nordiques relocated, the team didn't have time to prepare blue pants and helmets. But 20 years later, they should have fixed it.
  6. The Knights mannequin wearing white gloves is a joke, right? The actual players won't wear that, right?
  7. Why? It's the same as before, without the piping and pit stains.
  8. OMG you're right! So the set is even worse than it was! I can't believe I'm seeing this.
  9. Why is the Sharks away jersey so white? Would it kill them to add a bit of their awesome and unique color? Jesus Christ.
  10. If the Wild had no half chest stripe and instead repeated the sleeve stripe on the hem, they would have, in my opinion, a top 5 look (with the away jersey). Maybe top 3.
  11. Nope, the ugly side panels are still there. What a missed opportunity.
  12. Oh god WHY did the Avs go back to black pants and helmets?! They got rid of the black in the striping! Should've gone with blue pants and helmets, they don't need black.
  13. I like the Knights' jersey a lot more than I thought I would. The red is a bit out of place, but the gold looks great. In my opinion this is the best expansion team jersey since maybe the Mighty Ducks (although I like Minnesota's first set).
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