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  1. Gold: 13 Silver: 22 (the logo screams 1967) Bronze: 1
  2. Haha, exactly. I would always choose to wear a long sleeve shirt, but I think the short sleeved make better concepts for sure.
  3. Thanks a lot! I have to be honest, it was tough to stay away from the Ohio St theme (thought about a tribute 3rd jersey) but ultimately decided against it for the reasons you mentioned. I am working to finish the remaining 10 concepts (as they take a bit of time) but if I can get around to it, I will definitely give your idea about the Nationwide Eagle a shot and thank you for the feedback.
  4. Football Cooperative of Columbus Check out the club brand book here: FCC Brand Book. Or here if that link doesn't work: Issuu Club History When the NACL announced that Columbus would be one of the founding members in the top flight of North American soccer, the investors lined up. Because of the huge influx of potential buyers, the NACL made the controversial decision (at the time) to set up the club as a cooperative--meaning the owners would also be operating the club. As with most co-ops, the social aspect of the business was hugely important and FCC poured over half of their profits and earnings back into the Columbus community. With so many parts of the city flourishing in part thanks to the soccer team, the supporters continued to grow and grow. With revenue booming, the club could also invest in star-caliber players and the success on the the pitch followed the success of the city. The Archers finally made the breakthrough in 2011 when they finished 3rd in the group and qualified for the Continental Cup. The frenzy culminated in 2013 when The Archers rode a magical season to the top of the table finishing as Champions. Although they have never made it past the quarterfinals, FCC has won a game in each Continental Cup they have been to. Voted as the top supporters in the NACL, and a team on the pitch to match, Columbus is synonymous with soccer success in North America. Club Stats Seasons in NACL: 10 (2005-present) Best League Finish: Champions (2013) Continental Cup Berths: 3 (2011, 2012, 2013) Best Continental Cup Finish: Quarterfinals (2011, 2012, 2013) Current World Ranking: 8 Kits Home: The home kit features thick red and white stripes with thin black stripes in between on top of black shorts and socks. The club traditionally wears black on the primary kit as the other colors of the club are reserved for the third kit (also worn at home). Away: The away kit is always a perfect contrast to the home kit featuring blue and white in order to contrast the other two kits. Although the current kit features a blue shirt with white hoops and white shorts/socks, the amount of each color varies by year. Third: The third kit is typically loud and unique considering FCC color's scheme but always features all three of the club's colors. This year's kit features red stripes on a yellow shirt with blue accents shorts and socks. Despite being a third kit, the club never wears it on the road and instead reserves it for all home weekday matches.
  5. Thanks! I am definitely partial to simple designs for soccer crests since they tend to be traditional and have a longer history but there is always a fine line between simple and underwhelming -- so I'm glad it came across well. Thanks a lot -- glad you think the Art Deco worked. Its a little bit of an older style so wasn't sure if the crest would look dated or not.
  6. Miami Beach Soccer Club Check out the club brand book here: MBSC Brand Book. Or here if that link doesn't work: Issuu Club History Founded in 2005 by a real estate tycoon as a present for his art and football loving wife, Miami Beach Soccer club has been one of the more successful clubs in the NACL. Finishing in the top half in 7 out of 10 seasons. In 2008, the club finished level on points with the eventual champion and finished as runners-up solely based on point differential. The heartbreak ending to that season led to a bit of a letdown in the next few. Feeling that the club had come so close, the club did not invest in new players and instead relied on a team virtually unchanged for four years. The group was characterized by slow starts and late charges but ultimate fell short of the Continental Club each season. Finally, in 2012, some new blood helped the club put together a complete season and Miami Beach went on to win the Championship by a comfortable margin not only scoring the most goals, but also conceding the fewest that season. Despite the club's success domestically, Miami Beach Soccer Club has never made it out of the first round of the Continental Cup. Club Stats Seasons in NACL: 10 (2005-present) Best League Finish: Champions (2012) Continental Cup Berths: 3 (2008, 2012, 2014) Best Continental Cup Finish: First Round (2008, 2012, 2014) Current World Ranking: 15 Kits Home: The home kit is all blue and has remained all blue for 10 seasons. The kit is usually clean in order to really show off the unique blueish green color of the club and this year's version has a coral collar and accents. Away: The away kit features coral stripes on a white shirt and coral-hooped socks. The team usually plays with the level of coral on the away kit, sometimes using an entire coral kit, while other times opting for just coral shorts. Third: The third kit shirt features MBSC's turquoise accent color with black socks and shorts. The striped zig-zag pattern is meant to invoke an M while featuring a pattern of lines that one would find in vintage art deco designs.
  7. Totally agree -- that raccoon head is awesome and would make a great hat. Its got a bit of a Timberwolves vibe, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Only feedback I have is that the blue dot on the eyes seems a bit disjointed (like the blue dot was the last thing that was placed and was just kind of placed on top) -- not saying that is what happened, but I think there may be a better way to incorporate. Maybe the eyebrow line is the top layer (so that it cuts off the top part of the blue dot)? Really like the secondary logo.
  8. This is great stuff -- and I think the jersey swaps turned out really really good. It definitely adds a layer of realism and there is nothing like seeing a 2D uniform design come to life. I especially like the Zephyrs concept -- a unique color scheme to baseball for sure, but one that works pretty well. Keep up the good work and can't wait to see more!
  9. I really love the idea of heraldic supporters here and think you executed it beautifully. I would suggest going back to the circle shield design though because the tree design doesn't really fit with the new shield shape. Or change the tree design. As for as the name goes, banners either above or below (or both) might be a really nice option and would fit in really nicely with the heraldic supporters. If you went this route, you could downsize the tree/cross a bit more. Nice progress so far!
  10. Stanford Cardinal Home Kit: The home kit as a super clean all-white kit with red accents and a red stripe on the shorts. The inside neck reads "Fear the tree" the schools motto. Away Kit: The away kit is the exact color opposite of the home kit, a cardinal color with white accents and a white stripe on the shorts. Third Kit: The third kit as a "Cardinal Green" alternate that plays up Stanford's tree design. The kit is all-green with sublimated trees along the back bottom of the shirt. The S crest is also changed to feature just the tree and the back of the socks also feature the tree in white.
  11. Wow -- thank you so much! Those are extremely kind words. Would you mind if I answered your questions over DM? They would probably be a little lengthy so I'd prefer to keep it off the thread, but happy to do whatever!
  12. Thanks! I actually made versions with both navy shorts and white shorts (and even light blue shorts) and really liked the white look but ultimately went with yellow just to do something different. As I mentioned, the club normally wears navy or white shorts and this is the first year they have gone with yellow, so perhaps the fan outcry will cause them to return to the traditional look.
  13. I really love the red outer design and the stylized tree but the L and squirrel seam pretty out of place. For me, they are too large and overtake the rest of the unique elements and feel as though they have just been arbitrarily placed on the top. I would work to incorporate them better so they gel with the other elements. You could make them smaller and work to center them better to get more balance because right now the elements place a lot of weight toward the right side of the logo. You are also using 6 colors which is quite a few so I would also find a way to simplify your color scheme as well (maybe instead of having brown and black, you pick just one). This is a pretty interesting start though and I think the logo has a lot of potential.
  14. Thanks again for the comments -- darker gray and a green outline on the home have been updated in the post above. I definitely agree that the Ducks usually go edgy and I had originally planned on doing that (you should have seen a few of my early ideas) -- but they all ended up looking not that great so I chose to go for clean and classy as opposed to radical for radical's sake. Oregon State Beavers Home Kit: The home kit is a muted all-black color with thick white and orange racing stripes down the front (similar to their football helmets) and extending to the back. The back neck features the script Beavers logo and the inside collar reads "This is our state", a dig at the in-state rivals Oregon and a nod to Oregon being nicknamed The Beaver State. Away Kit: The away kit is all-orange and features a black double stripe that goes down the sides of the shirt and extends to the shorts and is repeated on the socks. The inside collar also reads "This is our state" and features the Beaver script on the back neck. Third Kit: The third kit is an Nike N7 designed kit with all proceeds going to the Nike N7 Native American fund. Oregon St's association with this program extends back to 2010 when Joe Burton was believed to be the first Native American to receive a basketball scholarship in the Pac-10 (now Pac-12). Since that time, Oregon St has remained a part of this program and that continues with this turquoise kit. The pattern that goes along the shoulders is modeled after the Soboba tribe icon and the back neck features the Nike N7 logo. The inside neck reads "Define tomorrow", one of the N7 slogans.
  15. Hey guys -- I think I am going to post the real application of the kit below the overview photo just in case people miss out on it by not checking out the brand book. Let me know if this is too much clutter to the post and I will go back to leaving it out. Cayman Islands Football Club Check out the club brand book here: CIFC Brand Book. Or here if that link doesn't work: Issuu Club History For the first 5 seasons, Cayman Islands Football Club was a middling team in the North American B League. Despite the large amount of money flowing into the territory, nobody was willing to invest (the club was sponsored by the Cayman Islands Tourism Board on a very small deal aimed at reaching potential tourists at the club's away matches) and CIFC looked doomed to fall to even lower leagues. However, in 2010, the club was more success than anticipated and on the last day of the season, a last minute win saw them finish 6th in the league which meant they would participate in the tournament of the final promotion spot. Buoyed by the success, the Turtles scored 5 goals on aggregate in both matches and earned promotion to the top flight. With the influx of TV money brought on by the promotion and an increase in sponsorship dollars, CIFC stayed up the following year when many tagged them to be relegated right back down. They have stayed up since and are now a regular fixture in the NACL. Each year, the club plays two home matches at each of the sister islands, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, in an effort to bring football to the entire Cayman Islands Population. Club Stats Seasons in NACL: 4 (2011-present) Best League Finish: 13th Place (2013 & 2014) Continental Cup Berths: 0 Best Continental Cup Finish: N/A Current World Ranking: N/A Kits Home: CIFC's home kit features the traditional navy blue shirt with gold stripes on the sleeves but this marks the first year that the club has worn primarily yellow shorts at home (in the past they have either been white or navy). Away: The away kit is all-yellow and features a star pattern that wraps around to the back. The club generally chooses between a yellow change kit or a white change kit from year to year. Third: The third kit for the 2015 season is a white shirt with green shorts and socks. The green color represents the tropical plant life of the Islands and features an all-green badge on the front and an all-green turtle logo on the back neck.
  16. Thanks for the comments guys -- I made a few of your suggested changes to Cal and posted it above -- specifically I went with the dot pattern fading into navy colored shorts in order to bring more blue into the third kit. For the away, I wanted to keep it as clean as possible, so I added a yellow stripe on the socks and yellow outlines to the numbers. Here is the second school ... Oregon Ducks Home Kit: The home shirt is green and gold rugby-striped on both the shirt and the socks to go along with all-green shorts. The back neck features the old interlocking UO logo and the inside collar reads "It Never Rains", a nod to the famous phrase about Autzen Stadium. Away Kit: The away kit is white and gray with volt accents, a color used pretty widely throughout Oregon sports. The back neck features the Oregon wing pattern and the inside collar reads "We will guard thee", a line from the school fight song. Third Kit: The third kit is all black with yellow numbers and logos. The socks feature "WTD" which stands for Win The Day, the motto of Duck sports. The inside collar reads "Fly Together".
  17. I am not sure how apropos having two threads going at once is, but I have been so excited by the start of the college football season just around the corner and the EPL in full swing that I couldn't help but do a few soccer kit designs (don't worry, still have the NACL going and in fact have another club to post tomorrow). Also, shouts to Nas1787 for the template. Not sure I have ever seen this on the boards so hopefully this is something new but I have created kit concepts for each of the teams in the Pac-12. They are all completed already, so I will release one a day for the next 12 days. So, without further ado... California Golden Bears Home Kit: The home shirt is navy blue with gold trim and features a "California" word mark on the cuffs and "Bear Territory" on the inside collar. The white socks feature a navy and a gold stripe that are actually made up of the word "California" repeated around. Away Kit: The all-white away kit features a the new Cal bear logo sublimated on the front of the shirt, "Bear Territory" on the inside collar, and "CAL" written on the socks Third Kit: The third kit is all-gold with a gradient dot pattern on the bottom of the shirt, as a stripe on the shorts, and on the top of the socks. Just as with the home/away, "Bear Territory" is written on the inside of the collar.
  18. Love the colors on the away kit -- a great compliment to the all-red home kit. I agree with CRichardson that the Quaker face looks a little strange on the home. Also, there appears to be a gray box around the Quaker logo that looks strange. Not sure if that was on purpose but I would suggest removing it.
  19. Thanks! I was skeptical about the brown and yellow, but glad it is being received well. As for Chicago, what do you think it is about the Kraft logo that doesn't work? Is it the color on the away kits? Is it just the general style of the logo?
  20. Los Guerreros de Monterrey Check out the club brand book here: LGM Brand Book. Or here if that link doesn't work: Issuu Club History Sitting at the foothill of the Cerro de la Silla, one of the famous symbols of the Nuevo Leon state, CF Los Guerreros de Monterrey are one of the more unassuming clubs in all of the NACL. Born and raised in Monterrey and determined to bring world-class football to northeastern Mexico, Los Guerreros' owner Santiago Ortiz Alcalde purchased the team with the help of his family members making it the only family-owned and operated club in the NACL. After becoming ill in 2009 (with the club experiencing its worst season ever) SeƱor Alcalde decided to step down as chairman and left the club to be run by his daughter, Alicia Alcalde. Within the year, Alicia decided to bring in a former Guerreros player to build and coach the team. With an emphasis on fundamental defending and possession focused play, Monterrey began finding success, and as one of the feel-good stories of 2013, went on to win the league and earn promotion to the top flight. With the promotion, Alicia Alcalde became the only female director in the NACL. LGM avoided relegation in 2014 making 2015 the first time they will play back-to-back seasons in North America's top division. Club Stats Seasons in NACL: 2 (2005, 2014-present) Best League Finish: 16th Place (2014) Continental Cup Berths: 0 Best Continental Cup Finish: N/A Current World Ranking: N/A Kits Home: LGM traditionally wears brown at home (despite the many colors of their crest) and 2015 will mark the first time they will have hoops on their socks. Away: LGM has a reputation for having some of the most outlandish change kits from year to year (think Marseille in real life) and 2015 is no different. The pattern on the away kit is a pixelated mosaic of the various colors of their crest blending into brown-red shorts. Third: The third kit always features orange in one way or another depending on the color of the away kit. In 2015, the kit is a clean white strip with orange accents and a gradient sock that debuted on the USWNT at the 2015 Women's World Cup.
  21. Yes they in fact do. Shoot I'm sorry about Kompany's name. I always get swapped between Kompay and Kompany when I'm saying his last name. They actually don't wear the premier league font in the UCL. Teams wear the original manufacturers font. See this: versus this: Although I am a United guy, I have always had love for the City uniforms. Nike does a great job keeping the kit simple and classy and you definitely captured that. Nice job!