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  1. ^ Well, that will take some time to get used to it.... Anyways, he looks good in it. Guess all that red kind of helps.
  2. Quick question I am sure one of you will have an answer to: There's all sorts of regulations about uni designs, logo designs, primaries and changes/rebrands and what not - are there any rules regarding center court logos like this one here, too? What I mean is did the Pistons have to tell the NBA beforehand that "Well this will be our 50th season so can we please put a special anniversary logo center court instead of having smaller logos somewhere else?" (think NBAs 50th season) Thanks!
  3. I am actually in favour of keeping the black back on the purple uni as it is nice nod to the first post-inaugural unis they started wearing in 1999. All in all, a superb concept as it combines the best looks in Raptors history in splendid fashion. Hell, I could even live with the Drake alternate, just so that he and his fans are happy (unless they'd use it so abundantly as the Cavs are now doing with their navy alt). If they'd wish to use it in a way like the camouflage uni - so be it! Great work!
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