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  1. ^ Well, that will take some time to get used to it.... Anyways, he looks good in it. Guess all that red kind of helps.
  2. I agree. How comes you thought the Gladbach away kit is blue? When you posted the new Monaco and Gladbach kits right next to each other, it looked to me like the main colour was some kind of blue-ish green - not blue, per se (like, say, Schalke). So there might be something wrong with my display settings or the blue from Monaco sort of "carried over" to the Gladbach kit. ;D
  3. Bayern's new away kits looked quite good in some silly tournament today. My only gripe would be that I'd prefer the block in the middle to be made up of different shades of red (sort of like on the Germany kit), instead of some red and mostly dark grey tones and navy (which looks almost like black on TV - or is it?). But I can live with that. Gladbach were also sporting their now road kits. Liked them too. They don't look all that blue-ish actually, it is some kind of dark green and the other elements are a lighter cream-ish green (there must be a name for that colour).
  4. Just today I read that Köln would be having a "Heimattrikot" instead of a "Heimtrikot" this year with the Kölner Dom put somewhere on their home kit. Now I saw this and kept looking for it and let's say ... it's subtle. Third line from the bottom. Nevertheless, so far I am liking most of what I am seeing for the Bundesliga this year. Good job.
  5. Yes, it is a roundel. Which is kind of boring considering the trend as of late. Still, other than that, I really like it. It is a good mondernised logo. Only quarrel would be the "Basketball Club" at the bottom. I am not fond of that, but that's just a minor thing. So I will say: Good job, Hawks.
  6. What was the deal with the Schalke kits today? With the green stripes on blue and everything. Is that their new home kit? If so, that is rather shocking. I am talking Barca going horizontal territory here ... or is there any historical predecessor for that kind of color combination on their home kit? EDIT: I just checked and found out it was their new clash kit. I was watching the games in some bar and there the kits didn't look as dark as they actually are, hence the confusion.
  7. First of all, great concepts, all of them. Awesome work! Just my two cents on Germany: I like what you were doing here. But I would make the green kit the normal away jersey and use the black one as a third. Of course, for some time black and red away kits have been reality but I am still in favour of the traditional green one. And speaking of tradition, please use black shorts on the white home kit. It's just the way the German national team is supposed to look. But now, what with the World Cup victory and all, I am afraid the white shorts won't go anywhere soon... well they really havent worn green since 2012 euro's and that has been the only green kit since 2002, so the green is definitely a dying kit. So it will remain the third, and then in terms of the shorts, I did struggle with what shorts to what top, but I went with the fifa rules and did all black and all white. so while i respect your opinion, I'm gonna have to say no to both those ideas. Okay, I see your reasoning. Thanks for taking the time to reply and explain it to me. Spectacular designs, all of them!
  8. Quick question I am sure one of you will have an answer to: There's all sorts of regulations about uni designs, logo designs, primaries and changes/rebrands and what not - are there any rules regarding center court logos like this one here, too? What I mean is did the Pistons have to tell the NBA beforehand that "Well this will be our 50th season so can we please put a special anniversary logo center court instead of having smaller logos somewhere else?" (think NBAs 50th season) Thanks!
  9. That looks like an ugly 90s youth soccer shirt. Horrible. This looks so 90s it hurts .... which means I love it! ;D But I see that it won't go over nicely with the Gunners and their supporters.
  10. Wow. The combination of oval sponsor logo and vertical stripes combine to make those two guys on the right look like they have potbellies. What are those shirts going to look like on fans? I like what Bordeaux are doing. All of these look sharp. Didn't they have a rather crazy third last year too? Even though I have to agree that the one with vertical stripes does make it look like the players are a bit out of shape. ;D Also, I totally forgot that Contento went to Bordeaux...
  11. Very unpopular opinion, but the gradient kit is my favourite Barca kit of all time. Just imagine the outrage if this had been horizontal! ;D Not only is it not vertical stripes but it is a gradient! But I liked that design too, also the before mentioned half and half kit. Barca usually have nice designs.
  12. I cannot say I am feeling the Hawks logo. Not yet, at least. Looks to me like a knock off of that one Suns alternate. I don't think a coloured version will change that. On the other hand, I dig the uni mock ups. I agree, the colour combination is kind of brutal (just think of a lime green/volt alternate!) but I like it when teams go a bit out there and risk something - which I am seeing there. It is not completely going back to my beloved 90s madness, but it surely stands out in the league of today. For that, I give my thumbs up.
  13. Leverkusen and Bremen were wearing their new home kits today, too. I have to say Leverkusen looked really sharp. Bremen, I don't know, really. I see they are going back to the older shade of green, which is okay with me. Yet, I thought they'd be going with white shorts instead of all green. I think it would look better. What's more, today it wasn't even a necessary move as they faced Gladbach who wore all black. Oh, and that new Hoffenheim kit is interesting, to say the least. Some kind of 90s feel to it, which I like.
  14. First of all, great concepts, all of them. Awesome work! Just my two cents on Germany: I like what you were doing here. But I would make the green kit the normal away jersey and use the black one as a third. Of course, for some time black and red away kits have been reality but I am still in favour of the traditional green one. And speaking of tradition, please use black shorts on the white home kit. It's just the way the German national team is supposed to look. But now, what with the World Cup victory and all, I am afraid the white shorts won't go anywhere soon...
  15. Here's the thing: When I first saw Bayern's new home kit, I thought it looked really nice. Clean. Kind of elegant - fitting the club. Having now seen it in action I am not so convinced anymore. You could hardly make out the burgundy stripes (which I really dig as an idea!), so in the end it just looked like a plain red shirt. Maybe it'll grow on me, though. That being said, I am all with you guys, when it comes to clubs wearing their new kits already on the last two or so matchdays of the old season. It makes no sense to me. Especially in a case like Bayern's where they often win the championship and all the pictures you see from the celebrations will be them wearing a kit they had not worn all season long. I found that to be especially strange in 1998 or whenever it was, when they had the blue and red striped jerseys but all of the sudden on the last matchday when they were given the trophy they were wearing those weird new dark navy (almost black-ish looking) kits. I also thought it was strange when they wore the new kits in the Champions League final against Dortmund. It did work out in the end, though, so that is that.
  16. I am actually in favour of keeping the black back on the purple uni as it is nice nod to the first post-inaugural unis they started wearing in 1999. All in all, a superb concept as it combines the best looks in Raptors history in splendid fashion. Hell, I could even live with the Drake alternate, just so that he and his fans are happy (unless they'd use it so abundantly as the Cavs are now doing with their navy alt). If they'd wish to use it in a way like the camouflage uni - so be it! Great work!
  17. I think it had to do with the special lighting at Barclays Center. I remember reading somewhere (probably this thread, actually) that they utilize a way of arena lighting - let's called it "showtime lighting" - where the court is highlighted much stronger and the crowd's lighting is dimmed much more, in comparison. It is supposed to give the court a kind of "stage" feel. I think the Lakers (among others?) use that too. I guess that is why the Hawks' unis popped so much. That being said, I think it was a really sharp-looking matchup. The Nets' black road unis look good at home, especially when paired with another color jersey, such as the Hawks' red alternates last night. Really nice contrast. The brightness of the Hawks' alts actually improved the overall look, to me. On the other hand, I can't say I was a fan of the other color-on-color matchup (Grizzlies in navy vs Blazers in red). I think my main issue there was that the Blazers' players went sort of invisible in the red key. Generally I am not too big a fan of color-on-color and would prefer the NBA to stay traditional with white home unis vs colored road unis. But then again, I much prefer color-on-color over that nonsense that is the inverted matchups, when the home team is in their road unis and the road team in white. That has been bothering me for years, I just don't see the point in it. To me, those games are like the "sleeved jerseys" of uni matchups. EDIT: I watched footage from the Blazers game on another screen, and "invisibilty" in the key wasn't really a problem there. Still no fan of the matchupp, though.
  18. I hear you. I wouldn't know that the changes in some German clubs have been more drastic or shortlived than in, say, England or Spain, but there have been some really, really strange excursions. Bremen, as you mentioned, surely comes to mind. Throughout all of their history they had been green and white and then all of the sudden in comes the orange. Sure, it was unique in its way, but I guess it angered a lot of fans of theirs. By the way, I do not like Werder as a team at all, but I have to say that over these past years they've never failed to impress me with their kits. They look really classy this year, but I especially liked that kit from last year. One of the German prime examples for abandoning history in favor of ... well, what actually ... must still be Bochum's mid nineties kit when they went all rainbow (them being a historically blue and white team). Well, at least for half the jersey. It was most likely in favor of their then sponsor Faber, but come on, that was just out there. And I loved it back then! (I was like 8). I also remember that directly before the rainbow experiment they went with those grey-ish jerseys that looked like squared paper - quite fittingly, I thought, as they had always been called "Graue Maus" (grey mouse) in the league for their rather inconspicuous play and "moderate" success. Bayern are looking good, I like the new kit. One question though: What's with the three white diamonds at the bottom? Subtle adidas reference?
  19. Been reading on this forum for years, hiding in the shadows, but now with all the NBA news, I'd like to share some thoughts of mine. 1. Washington Wizards Logo's a huge upgrade. Looks clean and nicely executed. Also, I have no problem with roundels, even though I despise Starbucks wholeheartedly. (Yes, Sonics fan) 2. Milwaukee Bucks I like what they've done here. I dig the color scheme, but then again I see why people long for the Irish rainbow and shades of green. For me, having been introduced to the league in the mid-90s, I do not have that connection. The first time I saw the Bucks they were sporting those purple jerseys, so that is what stuck with me. That and the deer jersey - I am very fond of that one and other "out there" designs of that decade, but I can also see how some people look back at them and find them atrocious. I kind of wish that one or two teams would dare to think a bit outside the box again and "risk" something. Failure's a possibility, but I think it could be worth it. Not everything needs to be minimal. But I digress. Good job by the Bucks. Only the blue looks out of place (just in a color sense), although it's kind of cool how they integrated it in the map logo. It will only be an accent color anyway. 3. LA Clippers Failed. Yes, they are much in need of a rebrand but what we've seen so far ... oh boy. The black is coming out of nowhere and makes it look poor. The logo is weak ( I am also seeing EA Sports game logos in there, or maybe the NBA Playoffs logo). I like that they were going for something else, but, no, it did not work. For some reason, in the LAC logo, I am always seeing the Cubs, somehow. I don't know, it's a wasted chance. I cannot see this looking any good once we get a look at the finished products in real life. 4. Toronto Raptors: Not a big fan of anything that we've seen so far. At all. Poor logo and the purple's truly missing. Again, I am a 90s kid, hence my love for that part of the Raptors' identity. I think the team would benefit from a reintroduction of that color greatly, people would still know they're from Canada, and it would connect with the franchise's early days. I expect nothing much from the uniforms, I fear it will be along the lines of what the Nets did. 5. Minnesota Timberwolves What they need is not a new shade of blue (perhaps a little darker, but not necessarily) - they need to bring back the green. I am eager to see what the Hawks will come up with. The volt might spell doom, but correctly applied it might end up looking great. I much prefer the 90s/early 2000s color scheme over the navy of today.