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  1. RT @RandallTime: If the Cleveland Cavaliers win the 2018 NBA finals I’ll buy everyone who retweet’s this a jersey...

  2. RT @GoldenKnights: gave proof through the KNIGHT vs rockets' RED glare #VegasBorn https://t.co/qX7DLBIW7c

  3. RT @Tanneryoung8: Last expansion team to make it to the Stanley cup finals the first year: Blues. Winners, not the blues (Canadians). 50 ye…

  4. @BrightSideSun Not unless you’re ready to win now. The Suns arent. Take Ayton on a rookie scale deal, keep building.

  5. @sportslogosnet .... one day perhaps, one will emerge from the shadows

  6. @sportslogosnet .... one day perhaps, one will emerge from the shadows

  7. He showed flashes too but was ultimately a major bust his first year. Plenty of time but the pressure is coming... https://t.co/ZQnJSvk57j

  8. Well done. https://t.co/bSXOvLAp3T

  9. RT @BruhReport: Three things promised in life Death Taxes LeBron beating the Raps

  10. RT @5ReasonsSports: The apparent problems in OKC between Westbrook/PG/Carmelo, the problems in CLEV that ultimately split LeBron/Kyrie/Lov…

  11. RT @StatsBySTATS: The @okcthunder are the third team in the last 15 years to come back from 25+ points down in the second half to win a pla…

  12. That said, the turning point for LeBron and the Heat was against this very Pacers franchise. Fell behind 2-1 and th… https://t.co/3xPQ7oUYAS

  13. RT @ThrowbackHoops: That ‘06 Wade feeling. #NBAPlayoffs https://t.co/UNCWkPDsSB

  14. @Dbacks @DPFreightTrain6 WITHOUT J Dingers. Man, so impressive what this team is doing. Long way to go but awesome… https://t.co/PF32noBjP4

  15. With no end in sight. Kings are a mess https://t.co/mruWO7KGkn